Used citroen c5 and features in the care of him

It is believed that the French cars are not very reliable, but whether this is in fact, we now find out, because we will consider Citroën C5 with hydropneumatic suspension.

Citroen C5 car top view

Prices for these cars are quite low, so it will be interesting to find out how reasonable the purchase of this car is.

The body of the Citroen C5 is very good, galvanized, with a high-quality paint and varnish coating, it resists perfectly to rust. Chrome elements may eventually appear reddish after 3-4 years of operation. With regards to the cabin, so for a long time he will be able to stay in great shape, no squeaks, the seats do not sit out and do not loosen.

Hydractive Suspension

This is the third generation of the Citroen C5, it has an improved air suspension, it has become more functional, but in a constructive way it has become easier: before there were mechanical body position adjusters, now instead they are electronic position adjusters. This means that under the bottom of the car there are fewer different hoses and tubes, and now, even on a bad road, not a single pipeline can be damaged.

But still there were hoses at the joints of which the working fluid appears. In the 3rd generation of the Hydractive suspension, it is necessary to fill in an orange synthetic liquid LDS, which does not freeze even in extreme cold. It’s really necessary to change this liquid 60,000 km run. For the past generation LHM mineral liquid was used in green color, since it did not differ in special frost resistance.

Repair suspension Citroen C5

In the previous generation, the hydraulic pump worked from the engine and at the same time serviced the power steering and brakes, and in the Citroen C5 now the electric hydraulic pump works only for the suspension. If you properly operate the car, then the hydraulic pump can easily serve about 200,000 km. Reduces the service life of the hydraulic pump with a maximum clearance of 23 cm. If the hydraulic pump fails, this does not mean that the car will not be able to drive, it will be able to drive, but only with a ground clearance of 9 cm. with such a low ground clearance, there is a greater likelihood of damage to the rack. To change the hydraulic pump it is necessary to leave approximately 630 euros.

There are cases that the suspension control unit or its position sensors break. Then the system will inform about it - on the screen of the onboard computer a warning will appear that the suspension is faulty. In this case, the machine itself can squat or rise, it can just rise its nose, but there is no feed, or vice versa. But such a case is quite rare.

In Citroen C5, the role of elastic parts and pressure accumulators is performed by spheres, they are made of metal, in the form of balls, inside them nitrogen is under high pressure. They are fairly reliable, usually serve about 150000 km. Over time, nitrogen can evaporate through the membrane, which transmits the pressure of nitrogen to oil, then the suspension will begin to "tan". In this car these areas can be 5 or 6, it depends on the configuration. But even if at least one sphere becomes empty, then it will not be possible to drive, because the overflow valves of the struts and other suspension components will quickly fail due to water hammer. Racks can not be repaired, they can only be changed, each rack costs 100 euros. New original areas will cost about 100 euros for each, but if you take a non-original, you can save about 25%.

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Clearing Citroen C5 Parts

As for the other parts in the suspension, it is advisable to pay attention to the barely audible clicks and creaks of the roller bearings of the trailing arms on the rear of the suspension. As a rule, they may appear through 80,000 km. If these sounds are ignored, then after about 20,000 km. These bearings, which cost only 25 euros, will break up their landing sites, and it will be necessary to change the levers, which cost 500 euros. Bearings are still anthers, if you monitor their safety, it will significantly extend the life of the bearings.

After about 60 thousand km. it is time to change the stabilizer bushings and their racks. Bushes cost 12 euros, and racks - 40 euros. After 80,000 km. mileage will have to change the steering rods with tips, traction will cost 35 euros, and tips - 40. It happens that for this run it is necessary to change hub bearings for 80 euros. Next, you may need to replace the silent blocks of levers, each side will cost 45 euros. As well as ball bearings will require replacement, they cost 35 euros, as a rule, can serve about 100,000 km. But the steering mechanism can serve около 200,000 km, but its replacement will cost 1000 euros.

За тормозами тоже желательно следить: если не делать регулярную чистку суппортов, то они начнут закисать от дорожной грязи примерно через 6 лет. Уже после 80,000 km. надо менять тормозные диски на передних колесах, они начинают коробиться к этому пробегу, колодки передние надо менять раз в 40000 км. Тормозные диски стоят около 170 евро за пару. Ручной тормоз блокирует передние колеса, но бывает, что тросы ручного тормоза заклинивают, это доводит тормоза до перегрева.

Used Citroen C5 appearance

Even in a mechanical gearbox, cables are also a weak link, they often have to be changed if plastic tips are jammed or broken. Each cable in the box costs 50 euros. It happens that to 80 thousand. Km. The release bearing starts to crackle, which means that it is better to change it as soon as possible, because if it is worn out, it can break and completely damage the clutch, as well as the crankshaft position sensor. Even in the transmission after 100,000 km. the drive wheel bearing may crunch. In general, the manual will serve about 200 thousand km. But her weakest link is plastic parts, in the speed selection mechanism.

But with an automatic box on the Citroen C5, there can also be problems. There is an AL4 box from PSA Peugeot-Citroen and Renault. This is their joint development. This box does not like to be loaded until it is heated. Also, this machine requires that the oil level was normal, and you can check it only by lifting the car with the help of a lift. There is a traffic jam. And already through 80,000 km run it is time to change the hydraulic valve unit, such an event will cost 450 euros along with the work. Automatic boxes ZF on 6 steps are considered more reliable. They are installed on cars with 3-liter engines. Also quite reliable are the Aisin boxes, which are installed to diesel engines.

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Diesel Citroen C5 in Russia is very small. If the 3-liter gasoline engines are reliable enough, diesel engines start to create problems for their owners after only 150,000 km. thanks to the Russian fuel. Injectors and high pressure fuel pumps fail.

Old Citroen C5 Photo

Also, fuel pumps do not stand for a long time and on 2-liter petrol versions with direct injection. In addition, spare parts for their repair is difficult to find. Also, low popularity and 1.8-liter versions. Basically, most of all buy Citroens C5 with a 2-liter engine.

These low-powered engines used to have problems with ignition in the cold. But the problem was fixed - the motor control unit was reprogrammed. After 100,000 km. oxygen sensors often broke down. And after 150 thousand km. neutralizers failed. Also, the ignition coils do not serve for a long time, and the candles themselves make sense to change at every TO.

It often happens that after 80,000 km. the lower support at the motor fails, and the rear crankshaft oil seal needs to be replaced. Once in 70,000 km. it is advisable to clean the throttle valve and the idle valve.

Do not forget about the cooling system, it happens that radiators flow, which cost 290 euros, and the cooling fans do not cope well with road dirt. And closer 100000 km. thermostat and pump that pumps coolant may fail. In addition, one of the reasons for overheating can be a sensor that monitors the level of coolant in the tank. If he broke off the mount. Also not very durable and plastic fasteners at the mechanism of windows. Especially if you lower the glass, which froze, this fastener can break in the place where the drive cable is fixed.

Citroen C5 car with mileage photo

In order not to break the weak plastic lever of the hood lock, you need to open the hood carefully.

To change the lamps, one must remember that the left headlight must be changed after the battery is removed, and the right headlight has to be changed without seeing it, because the hydraulic pump of the suspension closes the view.

In addition, a rather fragile plastic is also used in gears of the speedometer motor-reducer. If these gears break, the speedometer will twitch or fall. To fix this, you have to buy a whole new instrument panel for 500 euros. By the way, the arrow can lie if it moved on the axis during shaking. It often happens that the resistive sensor of the level of the washing fluid shows inaccurate data. It is better to pour the Total non-freezing brand liquid. If you pour the usual water from the tap, it will disable the washer pump.

And on dry it is better not to use the wipers, because the windshield is quite soft and immediately covered with scratches. And such a new glass will cost 250 euros. It may also happen that the rain sensors start to fail, after which the brushes can start working on a dry one and spoil the windshield. And on the cars that were released before the restyling, there were very often cases that the rear windows were changing under warranty, which just flew away. After restyling the rear windows were reinforced.

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Citroen C5 bumper crack

In general, do not be afraid to buy Citroen C5 in the secondary market, хоть он и не самый надежный автомобиль, но и серьезных дорогих проблем данный автомобиль не создает. Hydractive Suspension может начать требовать к себе внимания только после 120000 км. Да и ремонт этой подвески не особо дорогой. Оптимальный вариант для покупки – 2-х литровый двигатель с механической коробкой передач. А для тех, кто хочет автомат, то обязательно надо выбирать модификации с 3-х литровым мотором V6. Тем более, что эти модификации быстрее всего дешевеют.

For example, the 8-9 year restyled version can be bought for about 500,000 rubles. It is also possible to consider as a bargain the versatile person for which ask no more, than for a hatchback. But the most popular Citroen C5 are versions with a 2-liter engine aged 8-9 years. These machines will cost about 400,000 - 480000 rubles. Well, the cheapest are modifications with a 1.8-liter engine, they cost about 40,000 cheaper than 2-liter versions.

Other cars in this class are about the same, but Citroens on their background are distinguished by originality.

Citroen C5 with mileage car photo

Feeling driving from Citroen C5

It is very comfortable to sit in the cabin, because the seats are soft, the skin is pleasant, it is comfortable to sit in such a seat. Also very pleased that there is power seats in all directions. This is very convenient especially for large people. Rear passengers will also be comfortable, because there is a flat floor, there is no central tunnel. What is good about a 6-cylinder engine is the fact that a car with such a motor accelerates quickly, responds well to the gas pedal.

Citroen C5 rides very confidently, it will not even bring in with sharp maneuvers, the rear wheels can start to slip, but stability will quickly recover. It creates the feeling of a smooth and reliable car.

It is possible to switch the suspension to Sport mode. Then, even at high speed, the car will confidently hold the road and enter the corners perfectly. The only thing that may not like is the fact that the steering wheel is not sufficiently informative here.

But the car goes very smoothly, even in the pits and the bumps the car sways slightly, it is very pleasant to ride it even on the harsh Russian roads.

Do not forget to watch the video from the 2002 Citroen C5 - this is the newest format of the transfer about cars, it delays - do not come off: