Chinese upgraded byd s6

Китайцы проапгрейдили BYD S6 Китайский BYD S6 crossover debuted 5 years ago at the Beijing Auto Show. Since then, this five-seater, with a rather bulky trunk, the SUV has firmly won the sympathies of car enthusiasts around the world, including in Russia. The Chinese have upgraded the model, in the updated form of BYD S6 will be presented in December 2015 at the auto show in Guangzhou. Externally, the SUV after restyling has not changed much. Engineers tweaked the grille a little, upgraded the front bumper, and ground and rear optics were polished to a greater degree of elegance. From the inside, all leather. Just for the sake of these cosmetic procedures, it was not worthwhile to start a modernization. The main change is under the hood. Restyled BYD S6 now it is completed with three gasoline engines, one of which is now fully produced at the company's "native" automobile plant. This is a two-liter 137-strong unit. A 4-range automatic or five-speed manual gearbox is used as a transmission. Китайцы проапгрейдили BYD S6 The crossover has six airbags, in this sense, not only the driver, but also the passengers are well protected. Heated seats no. Zado high insulation. There is a cruise control service, there are rear and front-view cameras, the multimedia device is synchronized with the smartphone through the Blue tooth, nine audio speakers provide a harmonious sound.

Wide BYD S6 occupies meter eighty one centimeter, in length 4810 mm. Clearance as much as nineteen centimeters. SUV weighs in an adult: almost three tons. To get to the bottom weave, the Chinese need twelve seconds. Maximum BYD S6 can accelerate to 185 km per hour Китайцы проапгрейдили BYD S6 The city motor eats nearly eleven liters, and on the highway - eight per hundred kilometers. The gas tank holds 72 liters of fuel. All-wheel drive after restyling did not appear, the crossover remained front-wheel drive. In China, the car is sold a little more than ten thousand dollars, how much will it cost BYD S6 crossover we do not yet know.

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