Which is better: toyota rav4 and volkswagen tiguan


Large SUVs are not in high esteem - despite the sharp reduction in oil prices, the demand for such cars has not increased significantly due to their inconvenience for city driving, as well as the significant damage they cause to the environment. Aware of these trends, Volkswagen has already released the Tiguan, which has a look similar to the large Touareg, but it is compact and economical. The Japanese company Toyota responded with a delay - its crossover RAV4 acquired an appearance similar to the LC Prado, only in 2012. Maybe, really, the time of the huge land "tanks" is gone, and it is time for us to change to compact cars, remotely resembling SUVs, but with less fuel consumption and ease of operation? This we will find out by comparing the RAV4 and Tiguan.

Toyota RAV4 and Volkswagen Tiguan - crossovers that have become an excellent alternative to off-road vehicles from their respective manufacturers.

Toyota RAV4 and Volkswagen Tiguan - crossovers that have become an excellent alternative to off-road vehicles from their respective manufacturers.

External examination

But is the Toyota RAV4 small enough? After all, at the end of the 70s, when the first Jeep Cherokee gained popularity in America, its length of 4.5 meters was considered a sign of a full-size SUV. Indeed, the latest generation Toyota crossover already resembles the larger models of the Highlander and even the LC Prado 150. With the first, the similarity can be traced when viewed strictly from the front or from the rear - “slanting” lighting technology, characteristic of the latest generations of passenger cars, as well as an angular fifth door and large fog lights are very similar to similar elements of a mid-size crossover. However, from the side, the Toyota RAV4 looks simply enormous - in many ways, this impression is achieved due to the elongated rear overhang and swollen wheel arches. In addition, in this generation RAV4, the roofline has become almost straight, which makes the car more similar to larger models of the company.

The appearance of the car Toyota RAV4Читать далее о сравнении автомобилей Toyota RAV4 и Volkswagen Tiguan-->Если сопоставить Тигуан или РАВ4, автомобиль от компании Volkswagen выглядит более компактным — действительно, его длина меньше на целых 15 см, чем у японского кроссовера Toyota. Однако машина не выглядит чересчур маленькой — напротив, ограниченные габариты делают облик Volkswagen Tiguan гармоничным и сбалансированным. Конечно, сходство со «старшим братом» Touareg прослеживается очень хорошо, однако у автомобиля своё самобытное оформление передней части, которое придаёт его внешнему виду динамичности и лёгкости. Наиболее запоминающимися элементами экстерьера являются угловатые фары со светодиодными полосками внутри, а также небольшие пластиковые рёбра рядом с противотуманными фонарями. В отличие от Toyota RAV4, Volkswagen Tiguan выглядит не уменьшенным внедорожником, а легковым автомобилем повышенной проходимости.

The appearance of the car Volkswagen Tiguan

Salon overview

The impression that the Toyota RAV4 is a full-fledged SUV increases when you get to the salon. The front panel consists entirely of straight lines, which are diluted only with round baffles, located closer to the doors, and the regulators of the climate control unit. If we compare the RAV4 or Tiguan with each other, for the convenience of controlling all the onboard systems, the cars will be equal - both have large touch screens that control multimedia, as well as auxiliary buttons on the steering wheel. True, Toyota's last came out not so successful due to the use of slippery plastic and the lack of a limiting border. Fans of luxury in the Toyota RAV4 will like the skin of the middle part of the front panel with leather, as well as branded "optitronnye" devices with asymmetric digitization, also used on sports cars.

Saloon car Toyota RAV4

I remember that earlier Toyota cars complained because of excessively high landing - now this problem is in the past. The chair in the RAV4 can be regulated in a very wide range - and these settings are infinitely variable, therefore, anyone can adjust it to themselves, regardless of his height and build. Back in the Toyota RAV4 is also very spacious - the car confidently bypasses its competitors in the room for the legs and the width of the sofa, although it distresses a little with a rather low ceiling. Opening the trunk, you realize that the car took over from the Toyota LC Prado not only looks, but also negative features. With a huge vehicle length Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru useful volume is only 320 liters, and the loading of large things is hampered by the enormous height of the floor.

By arranging a comparison of the Tiguan against the RAV4, we see that the German car, whose design has not changed since 2007, is not inferior to the Toyota crossover. The most remarkable element in the cabin are dual round air vents - such a technical solution not only looks stylish, but also allows you to more precisely adjust the distribution of air flow in the cabin. An interesting look and door trim Volkswagen Tiguan, harmoniously merging with the handles and the control unit windows. But the rest - simplicity and boredom, although the functionality and ergonomics are at a height unattainable for competitors.

Salon car Volkswagen Tiguan

If you take a closer look at the front seats, the comparison will again show the full parity. The shape of the back in the Volkswagen is just perfect, and the range of adjustments allows you to place any person on the driver's seat. But the back of the Tiguan was not without problems - in terms of the width and height of the car, the three riders would be quite satisfied, but the distance between the two rows of seats is clearly not enough to achieve the required level of comfort. But passengers in the Volkswagen Tiguan can take advantage of a variety of useful accessories - at their service:

  • Folding tables, like an airplane;
  • Air deflectors that are absent in the Toyota RAV4;
  • 12 V socket for connecting additional devices.

The useful volume of the trunk in the Volkswagen Tiguan is even smaller than in the case of its direct competitor - it is only 284 liters. However, it can not please the perfectly flat floor with a low loading height.

Hit the road

If you compare the Toyota RAV4 and Volkswagen Tiguan, you can not even look at the engine size. The Japanese crossover is equipped with a gasoline engine 2.0, whose power only slightly falls short of 150 horsepower. At the same time, experienced owners of such a vehicle say that such a restriction was made specifically to avoid the increased tax rate - and with chip tuning the power unit can be “overclocked” to 170 liters. with. Whatever it was, you believe in a huge potential right away - the car is actively accelerating and is excellently kept in the stream at any speed, allowing for quite bold overtaking. Of course, the Toyota RAV4 crossover is not a sports car - after 120 km / h it accelerates quite sluggishly and makes you want to move on in an unhurried uniform rhythm.

Test drive car Toyota RAV4:

If you pay attention to the suspension, then the RAV4 will seem to many even too soft - however, this impression disappears as soon as you get on a broken road. The car from Toyota passes very well through all the irregularities, only occasionally annoying passengers with small shocks. The main problem lies elsewhere - in this mode of driving, the steering wheel significantly deviates from the chosen direction, which makes slowing down regardless of sensations.

Choosing RAV4 or Tiguan, do not pass by Volkswagen, if you are a supporter of active driving style. Thanks to the turbocharged motor, the car accelerates to 100 km / h in a little more than 9.5 seconds, and also passes the “190” mark on the speedometer. In the city, Volkswagen Tiguan sets the driver to actively maneuver - his character makes you go for overtaking, and also the first to start from a traffic light, enjoying the coordinated work of the power unit and 6-step "mechanics". But on the highway you can quickly get on the top gear and just slowly roll into the distance, saving fuel. By the way, the fuel consumption of Toyota RAV4 and Volkswagen Tiguan is full parity - both the world's largest manufacturers were able to keep it within 10 liters in the city.

Test drive a Volkswagen Tiguan:

But for the comfort of the suspension comparison will be quite appropriate - after all, the Volkswagen Tiguan shows itself even better than Toyota. It is without any extra shocks and noise passes even large irregularities, while maintaining the steadfastness of passengers. In addition, the handling is also at the maximum height - when driving on a road with poor coverage, the driving stability remains unchanged.

Off-road abilities

If the cars look like SUVs, maybe you need to compare the RAV4 and Tiguan and in the field of terrain? In the Toyota RAV4 crossover, a multi-plate clutch is used to transfer torque between the axles, which is blocked only at speeds up to 40 km / h. In this case, the node is prone to overheating, as a result of which it can completely shut off, leaving the driver alone with mud and snow. However, the other is much worse - namely, the geometric cross-country ability of the RAV4. Despite the fact that the manufacturer claims a clearance of 197 mm, under the exhaust pipe it has a clearance of 180 mm, and if you order a version with a 2.4-liter engine, the figure will be only 160 mm! For this reason, the manufacturer bashfully silent about the clearance in their booklets, publishing information only in the instruction manual.

Car model:Toyota RAV4Volkswagen Tiguan
Producing country:JapanGermany (Assembly - Russia, Kaluga)
Body Type:CrossoverCrossover
Number of places:55
Number of doors:55
Engine capacity, cubic cm:19871390
Power, l. c./about min .:147/6200150/5800
Maximum speed, km / h:180192
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:10,79,6
Type of drive:FullFull
Fuel type:Petrol AI-95Petrol AI-95
Consumption per 100 km:In the city 10.0 / Outside the city 8.0In the city of 10.1 / Out of town 8.0
Length, mm:45704422
Width, mm:18451809
Height, mm:16601703
Clearance, mm:197200
Tire size:225/65 R17235/55 R17
Curb weight, kg:16101621
Full weight, kg:20802170
Fuel tank capacity:6060

Если мы будем рассматривать Volkswagen Tiguan, сразу стоит оговорить, что для бездорожья следует использовать комплектацию «track&field», которая отличается бамперами, обеспечивающими угол въезда, равный 28 градусов. Клиренс в 200 мм «честный», и никаких деталей ниже этой отметки не обнаруживается. Кроме того, применяемая в конструкции транспортного средства муфта Haldex, в нормальном режиме она передаёт на задние колёса 5% крутящего момента, а на бездорожье Volkswagen Tiguan получает распределение тяги в пользу задней оси. Поэтому A car from Volkswagen can cope with moderate off-road conditions - the only thing to be afraid of is hanging the wheels, which electronics cannot always cope with.


Both cars proved to be very worthy. However, Toyota RAV4 is somewhat inferior in comfort, control accuracy and maneuverability. At the same time, its price is no less than that of the Volkswagen Tiguan. So the main advantage that the Japanese crossover can offer is the spaciousness of the passenger compartment and the representative appearance.