Chinese great wall hover in the secondary market

In 2005, Great Wall Hover first appeared, which combined many elements of the Japanese car industry - the body and chassis were taken from the Japanese reliable Isuzu Axiom SUV of 2001, the engines are also Japanese - from Mitsubishi, but despite all this, Chinese cars are not considered . Great Wall Hover does not come together in one factory. Initially, the release was in the Chinese city of Baoding, then this model was produced in Cherkessk, and now in the suburban city of Gzhel. In 2010, there was an upgrade, after which the Hover became known as the Hover H3, then this model experienced a restyling in 2014. In 2011, the Hover H5 also appeared.

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The main problem of Chinese cars - the body is poorly protected from rust. Already on the car with an age of 5 years, red spots are noticeable on the body. The paintwork is quite delicate, so chips quickly appear on the car and start to rust if they are not painted over. Corrosion primarily appears on the lower edges of the doors, on the thresholds. On wheel arches, a trunk lid corrosion appears already in 5 years.

In addition, chrome eventually begins to peel off, glass is erased, optics become cloudy. The salon is also over 5 years of operation, it is especially clear that there are bald spots on the door armrests, the steering wheel looks worn, and during driving on uneven roads there are creaks and other extraneous sounds that come from the front suspension, the backs of the rear seats and the door trim also creak . Externally, the interior of the car 3-5 year old car looks as if the car is already 10 years old. There are cases that on cars assembled in Russia are weak seals on the doors, that after heavy rain or washing there is water on the floor mats or in the trunk.

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The electrics in spite of this works well, the generator gives a stable charge, the head unit is responsible for the music. Of course, it happens that these parts fail, but this does not happen often - about once every 6 years, the new generator costs about $ 150, and the head unit costs $ 450. There are also power surges in the on-board network, due to which one of the dimensions may not turn on or may even blow the dimensions. Therefore, in order for the lamps to last longer, it is necessary to turn on the engine with the headlights turned off.

Hover also has more serious problems, for example, lighting contacts may disappear, the instrument panel or other devices start to work incorrectly. And all due to the fact that the contacts disappear and many connectors can simply rust after 8 years of operation.

There may be a BCM electrical control unit that costs $ 100. In 2012, the dealers reflashed it, but after a while it still required a new flashing. There were cases that the car just goes and suddenly the windows themselves begin to fall. Here, the cause of the problem is considered to be the modules of window lifters, which are inside the door, they cost $ 25 each. Just after some time on these modules, the protective coating cracks, after which the moisture gets on the electrical circuit. Therefore, in order to prevent, you can remove the door trim and process these modules with sealant.

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Great Wall Hover H3

In addition, once in 4 years you can disassemble the janitor's trapeze, and lubricate the bushings there. Then there will not be a situation when in winter the car will remain without janitors, trying to move the brushes that were frozen to the windshield.


More than half of the cars is a real engine from Mitsubishi, the volume of which is 2.4 liters. This is a time-tested Sirius engine, which has a cast-iron cylinder block. This motor even on a Chinese car will be able to serve at least 300,000 km. run Then you can easily make overhaul with a conventional cylinder bore.

Great Wall Hover Motor

This engine is quite complicated timing drive with 2 toothed belts. These 2 belts need to be changed every 60 thousand kilometers. You also need to change the oil on time and with the motor will not be problems. Since 2010, the Hover H3 installed 2-liter engines of the Sirius series, cars with this engine about 37%. There are no balancers, unlike the older motor. In 2014, a rarer turbocharged engine with a volume of 2 liters appeared. This engine is installed on about 1% of cars. There are no problems with it either.

Sometimes there are problems such as floating idling, the reason may be in the injectors, temperature sensor, idling regulator, dirty throttle valve. And on a 2.4-liter engine, the lifters are quite gentle and it happens that they fail at 100,000 km. run

It also happens that the gasket of a cylinder block is already destroyed by 80,000 km. run, especially it happens on cars produced in 2007. This gasket is worth 10 dollars. But it is better to install a more expensive gasket - for $ 40, made in Japan. Also, all rubber seals are better to install more expensive from Japan.

Diesel engines

A rather rare diesel engine with a volume of 2.8 liters from Isuzu, with Bosch fuel equipment was installed in the Hovera in 2007. These motors serve for a long time, but they have rather weak overclocking dynamics. A turbocharger is installed in the car, which costs $ 560, but it serves no less than 200,000 km. Approximately the same service life and the pump, and if it fails, then it can be easily repaired. The injectors here are quite capricious, often starting to fail after 100,000 km. run A weak link - capricious nozzles, even with decent fuel, sometimes starting to fail before 100 thousand kilometers. This will tell a long start of the motor. But there are cases that on the run of 70 000 km. blame are glow plugs.

Great Wall Hover h5

There is another diesel engine with a volume of 2 liters, this is the Chinese engine GW4D20, which is installed in the H5, it is found in about 16% of cars. But the nozzles on him are expensive - $ 450 for each nozzle. It also happens that after about 60,000 km. driving around the city clogged and wedged the USR valve.

You also need to monitor the coolant temperature arrow so that the temperature does not exceed the norm, because the cylinder head gasket on diesel engines is of the same quality as on gasoline engines, so if it overheats, it may go cracked or lead the cylinder. If cold air comes from the stove, it means that not everything is in order.

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With a 2-liter diesel engine is a manual transmission. It happens and the automatic box 5R35 is a Korean five-speed box from Hyundai, the A5 series, it is used on many Korean cars, and even on Mitsubishi cars. This box is quite a long time, 300 000 km. she will easily serve. True overhaul will cost quite a lot of money, you will need to buy new clutch packs for $ 200, a new planetary series for $ 200, a differential gear for $ 400 and a new oil pump for $ 300.

great wall hover 2009

The manual gearbox, which is installed in cars with a 2-liter engine is quite reliable, it is made in China, 6 gears - Zomax ZM016BF, it is also installed on cars with a turbocharged gasoline engine. After about 140,000 km. will have to change the clutch. If you often drive off-road, the clutch life is significantly reduced. There are also 5-speed manual TAGC 5DYM26, it is not as reliable as 6-speed, because it uses quite weak bearings on the shafts.

On the Hover H5 with a diesel engine and automatic transmission there is an AWD TOD all-wheel drive system: front wheels are connected using a multi-plate clutch with solenoid control. The BorgWarner chain transfer box is used, it does not have a reduction row, but the transmission is reliable and rarely fails.

On other trim levels, the front axle is rigidly connected and there is a 2-speed transfer case. Initially, the Hover was a regular transfer case control lever, so there were no problems with the drive, except for leaking glands. But then the transfer box control was entrusted to the buttons, so the four-wheel drive may suddenly stop turning on. Here is the reason for the electrics, the sensor enable all-wheel drive is not reliable, it is inexpensive - $ 8.

We must also remember that it is possible to drive with a four-wheel drive on an asphalt road at a speed not exceeding 60 km / h, because if you drive faster, the chain of hand-outs will quickly fail, and such a new chain costs $ 350. Only on the rear wheel drive is also not recommended, it is necessary to periodically turn on all-wheel drive, so as not to sour the crosses of the front propeller shaft. If about 100,000 km. running at a speed of 80 km / h, the vibration is felt on the cardan, this means that the crosses of the rear shaft are broken, because the joints are not particularly fond of driving through slush.

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Body structure

At the base of the hover, the frame structure is the same as in Isuzu, with a torsion bar in the front and springs in the rear. Classic off-road design. You can repair the suspension, but since the car is Chinese, the service life is not particularly long, but spare parts are cheap. The stabilizer bushings wear out after 40,000 km., Costing $ 1.5 each, about 60,000 km. racks fail, each of which costs $ 15.

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When buying a hover with mileage, you need to carefully check the suspension, especially if the mileage is more than 100,000 km. Approximately at this mileage, the shock absorbers fail (the front ones cost $ 20 each, the rear ones cost 30 each), silent blocks, ball bearings, tie rods, tips, hub bearings and anthers for the CV joints.

In 2014, the suspension was improved, the shock absorbers, brackets, which are attached to the rear shock absorbers, stabilizer mounts were changed. So on these cars there are less squeaks in the suspension. But still after about 100,000 km. power steering pump begins to create hum. It is necessary to change immediately the bearing of the pump GUR, which costs only 10 dollars.

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The weight at Hover is 2 tons, the pads withstand approximately 30,000 km., And the emergency brake must be adjusted every 15,000 km. You also need to periodically clean and lubricate the guides of the rear brake calipers, so that they do not soured earlier than necessary. If this happens, the disks are deformed, and each disk costs $ 20, if everything is good, then their lifespan does not exceed 60,000 km.

In general, the reliability of the Great Wall Hover to the Japanese car does not reach, but can be considered an alternative to the Korean SsangYong Rexton jeep. Hover at 10 years of age can be taken in less than 300,000 rubles, about the same cost and the first-generation Kia Sportage, which turned out not very successful. Newer Hover H3 can be bought for about 400 thousand rubles, H5 - for 500 000 p.

Hover H3

Feelings driving Great Wall Hover

The engine with a capacity of 2.4 liters after 3000 rev / min works quite loudly, transmissions are long, especially the 3rd and 4th. Ergonomics in the cabin is taken from Isuzu Axiom, so that everything is fine with her. The landing is almost passenger, the seat is comfortable, there are electric adjustments, the steering wheel is trimmed with leather. Transmission levers work smoothly and smoothly, driving does not feel tired even at long distances.

The car rides confidently on smooth roads, holds the line perfectly, responds quickly to the actions of the wheel. Banks are present, but not very large. And when Hover goes on a rough road, it is not particularly pleasant impressions of the ride. Suspension does not like driving off-road, if the hole is found, then it is immediately felt. The overhangs are large, so the throughput also leaves much to be desired, and there is not enough torque in the downshift transmission. Therefore, for off-road driving Greet Wall Hover is better not to use, but on public roads it is even nothing.

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