Rating the best car alarms


When choosing a car alarm car owners try to do without the difficult procedure of selecting the right equipment. This is understandable, because in many terms and concepts a simple person does not understand corny. We have to delve into all the subtleties and nuances of car security systems, which is not so easy to do. Therefore, many rely on a special rating of car alarms, which is regularly updated by experts, experts in the field of vehicle protection, and is also based on the feedback from car owners. Ratings simplify the search for answers to the questions about which signaling is best to put on your car. Therefore, we offer an actual top, which included security complexes of different price groups. They were divided into special subcategories that will allow you to better navigate the range and understand what requirements you place on alarms.

Best car alarms

TOP best car alarms.

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Optimum performance

When choosing the best car alarm systems in 2018, it is almost impossible to cover the entire market and analyze each of the proposed security systems. A large role in the choice of equipment is played by the budget that the car owner has and the tasks assigned to the security system for the vehicle. Let's say at once that the models that are not in the rating of car alarms fully correspond to the optimal parameters. This is mainly due to the cost of some complexes. The low price does not allow to rely on the whole complex of functional capabilities. Therefore it is necessary to limit the minimum set of options. But such devices also found a place in the 2018 car alarm rating. But still, if you are not very limited in budget and can afford a more advanced and modern security system, when choosing, be guided by the following characteristics:

  1. Signal coding. To decide which of the alarms to put on the car, look first at the encoding. This is the main component of the overall safety for your car. Modern requirements include systems equipped with a dialogue cipher and autorun at a signal frequency of at least 2.4 GHz. The conversational code is the only one that is now considered protected from a code grabber, that is, from intellectual hacks. Outdated charms with a range of 433 MHz gradually lose their relevance, and the developers are switching to 868 MHz and 2.4 GHz. Due to this, many code grabber physically cease to be useful and effective.
  2. Personalization. Previously used car alarms were synchronized with keyfobs only. Modern systems have advanced functionality, and the car owner can put additional measures of protection, such as special tags, personal access code, etc.
  3. Remote engine start function. Many believe that the best alarms for cars are those that are equipped with the remote start option. This is the prerogative of complexes with extended functionality, since this option does not perform any defensive tasks. This addition is to ensure the comfort and convenience of the driver. So you can program the machine to automatically start the engine by timer, at a certain time, when you press the button, in case of a voltage drop in the network, or depending on the temperature of the motor. Here it is important to know at what distance the radio signal is able to act to give a command to start the engine.
  4. Telematics. Not everyone understands which alarms should be put on the car in order to guarantee maximum safety of the vehicle. We give a hint. These are systems with GSM and GPS navigation. But they are considered the most expensive complexes, since these devices are designed for accurate and fast determination of the location of the car. Using satellite and cellular communications, you will always be able to track the position and condition of the car. Such alarms are usually put on more expensive cars.
  5. The function of locking the wheels and engine. These are different modules that are responsible for the inability of attackers to start the engine or move the car from its place under its own power. The use of CAN tires allows you to increase the level of protection and safety of the vehicle. Even if the criminals manage to get into the car, they will not be able to move it.
  6. Protected areas. Their number determines the number of potential reasons for alarm activation by car alarms. Typically, the standard kit responds to opening doors, hood, luggage compartment, starting the ignition and sharp blows. But in modern security systems, it is also recommended to use sensors capable of responding to tilting and rolling machines. So the car owner receives a notice that someone is trying to lift the car with a jack or take in tow.

The ranking of the best car alarm systems includes worthy candidates with many of the listed functions. But here you need to take into account the individual characteristics of each system, as well as the personal needs of car owners. Not everyone can afford the most expensive and up-to-date alarm systems, and therefore it is not necessary to count on maximum equipment and the entire list of sounded functions.


Each motorist decides for himself what alarm is best specifically for his car. After all, some are completely satisfied with the system with high reliability, but basic functions. Others will require maximum equipment, where the price does not play a significant role. To meet the needs and demands of different categories of car owners, the rating was divided into three categories:

  • budget reliable security systems;
  • security systems with two-way communication;
  • telematics systems.

Now we will determine which alarm is better for your car in one category or another. Practice shows that it is not always high costs to protect themselves justified. There are categories of cars that are most susceptible to theft and theft. These are mostly expensive cars, for which attackers can really help out good money. Either these are cheap domestic cars and low-cost foreign cars, on which they rarely put a full-fledged alarm system. They go for spare parts, because it makes no sense to resell or distill them.

Budget solutions

Even with relatively low financial costs, you can provide your car with a decent level of protection. Here you should not rely on highly efficient and most advanced security systems. But they are coping with their tasks of deterring potential thieves, as well as ensuring restrictions on access to the car. The representatives of three companies got into the rating of budget car alarm systems:

  • Tomahawk;
  • KGB;
  • Sheriff.

We will meet each of the candidates separately.

ZX 750 P filtration

If you are thinking about which budget alarm is the most reliable in terms of anti-theft protection, then you can opt for this development from Sheriff. A fairly simple basic alarm system with the necessary set of functions. The keychain looks nice, the main mass of protective systems works well.

ZX 750 P filtration

The complex supports interactive code and is optionally equipped with a wireless lock relay. This allows us to consider the model as an excellent and inexpensive anti-theft system for cars. But install the device should be only with a seriously limited budget. With a price of 4,000 rubles, you should not count on maximum safety and security. Griping is a shock sensor. It implies the presence of only one sensitivity regulator, and it is impossible to set up a separate warning and alarm activation.

EX7 Dialog

Further, our rating is a model of car alarm from KGB with a dialogue code, as can be seen from the name of the device. Quite a good system, given its cost of 3.5 thousand rubles. It uses the 433 MHz radio band. But with such a budget, it was hardly worth counting on more. But it uses a narrowband transceiver, which makes it quite convenient to control the system. Alarm standard on the configuration and equipment. But reliable and trouble-free. It copes well with its tasks, so there are no particular complaints from users. Optionally, you can get more and CAN-module, GPS and GSM interfaces. Only they will have to be inserted not into the slot of the central unit, as on the more expensive and advanced car alarm models, but through the flat cable of the external unit into the corresponding connector. It is due to the expansion of the functional - and quite good, as for the budget category, basic equipment, this system falls into the general top 10 alarm systems for cars.

KGB EX7 Dialog

Tomahawk 9,9

Yes, if you compare this model with modern security systems, it looks a bit outdated. But on the other hand, at a price of 4.8 thousand rubles, signalka is able to largely satisfy the needs of the buyer. The key fob looks standard, the shock sensor is equipped with a manual setting and it is an external type, but not the built-in one. Similarly just looks like a siren that comes in the kit. But with a limited budget, such a system can significantly increase the level of safety and security of your vehicle. Do not forget that the interactive code that operates at a frequency of 868 MHz is used here, and this favorably distinguishes Tomahawk from the competition in this price category. The set of functions is standard for a budget class, but in addition you get feedback. Cars that involve the use of budget alarms will be well protected with the Tomahawk system. Among the low-cost solutions tops the rating of car alarms in 2017 - 2018, the development of the company Tomahawk. But the rest of the candidates look good, considering their combination of price, quality and reliability.

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Two-way communication systems

Next, we look at the mini rating of alarms for cars that are already with feedback. This category is represented by two companies:

  • Pandora;
  • Starline.

These are the leading manufacturers that occupy an impressive share of the Russian market. Each company offers 2 alarms, which fell into our rating.


When choosing which signaling is better to buy for your car, many experts advise to pay attention to the model A63 manufactured by Starline. The predecessor of the system was already quite outdated model A61. But now the A63 is equipped with an improved modular platform, which has become the main advantage and advantage of the device. It is important to note that the model received its place in the rating due to the possibility of expanding the functional. In the basic configuration, the system is not able to show its best qualities and capabilities due to limited characteristics. In this case, the starting price is 6.8 thousand rubles.

The device is equipped with a modern crypto-resistant coding system, a convenient and ergonomic control panel, and a good two-way communication even in the metropolis. Users note flexible channel programming for additional functionality. Signalka is able to fold mirrors, carry out the finishing of glass, etc. Additional expansion modules were installed on the board, due to which the A63 received such a diverse functionality. But it is available for a surcharge, with the result that the total cost of the complex will be noticeably higher than the initial 6.8 thousand rubles. Among other things, LIN and CAN modules are available here, as well as GSM and GPS. So from the standard car alarm you can create a full-fledged telematics complex that allows you to control the equipment through a smartphone or computer.

Starline A63

DXL 3945

Excellent security system from the company Pandora, which includes almost all the necessary functionality to create a protective complex. Car owners say that the developer was able to implement integrated security with a fairly convenient and simple control. A prerequisite for starting the engine is that the driver has a special tag. The system also supports all current telematic services. Management applications are offered for smartphones with Android and iOS operating systems. Those who bought such a signal, note a very accessible and intuitive control function using the phone. Another device comes with an autorun relay module.

Signaling can be connected to the engine compartment and the radio relay for blocking. But they are only available for a surcharge. The starting price of the security complex is 29 thousand rubles. This protective complex for cars is focused on premium and business classes. Therefore, experts recommend taking the device in the complete set. The purchased unit will provide comprehensive protection, because there is no doubt about the quality and efficiency of the equipment. The high price is fully justified, as evidenced by numerous reviews and expert opinions.

Pandora DXL 3945

E66 2CAN 2LIN Eco

A relatively new development of the company Starline, which can be attributed to the category of inexpensive but reliable solutions. But this device’s alarm rating is more than deserved. The price is about 8 thousand rubles. But for this money you get a new generation security system, which is characterized by the presence of LIN and CAN support. Also here is the function of indirect blocking of engine start using a digital bus. Another worth noting is the intelligent bypass system of staff immobilizers without the use of crawlers. In the basic configuration, this model of alarm does not have an autostart engine. But since there is a modular platform, it will allow you to gradually supplement the equipment with everything you need. First, you can take the basic version, and as you accumulate money, install here what you consider necessary.

Users note that in the case of the E66 it is very important to use the telematics module installed for a fee. Modern protocols developed by Starline specialists will allow turning the alarm system into an additional entry-level diagnostic center. It is enough to install a special application on your phone where the corresponding notifications will come. Alarms function in the range of 868 MHz, which is important for large cities and megalopolises. Add a narrowband transmitter here, and get a completely trouble-free radio channel of communication with the car, even in conditions of clogged parking lots.

E66 2CAN 2LIN Eco


Motorists often complained that the Pandora company does not produce something average. After all, their assortment was attended by systems that were significantly limited in their functionality, or ultramodern and multifunctional units. The middle management at an acceptable cost from the manufacturer was not observed. But the appearance of the model DX90BT fixed everything. Thus, the company has managed to attract a large number of potential customers. It was also an important step in the fight against serious competitors in the face of Starline.

It uses a keychain with OLED-screen, operating in the 868 MHz band. Also, the car owner can use a smartphone to control the system, on which it is enough to install the appropriate application from the manufacturer. It is also interesting that for control they use not ordinary GSM channels, but Bluetooth. Therefore, for the operation of the alarm system in normal mode, that is, when disarming and locking the engine, the user does not need to spend money on the traffic of his cellular operator. Plus, the new approach eliminates delays in work, which often occur due to instability of GSM signals.

The device is equipped with a lock radio relay, that is, there is no need to pay extra for it. Also in the basic equipment you get a wireless tag validation. The Bluetooth channel is capable of operating within a radius of 50 meters, which is a very good indicator. Another advantage is the possibility of keyless bypass car immobilizer. The only significant disadvantage for some car owners is the lack of GPS and GLONASS support, which cannot be installed even for an extra charge. But there is such a complex of 16.5 thousand rubles.

Pandora DX90BT

Telematic alarms

Also, a separate place in the ranking deserve the best telematic car alarm systems. These are security systems of high level and increased efficiency. The current rating includes representatives of the following developers:

  • Ghost;
  • Starline;
  • Pandex.

Systems are relatively inexpensive, but do an excellent job with the functions assigned to them. That's why they head the current top.


This security complex manufactured by Pandex stands out somewhat from the competition. This is due to the use of not quite standard control method. The thing is that you can only disarm the alarm using a standard radio key or via a command from a mobile phone. And for validation, a pair of wearable radio tags are used, which come as standard with a cost of 12.3 thousand rubles. But such management allows you to limit the number of people accessing the car. If there is no radio key, then there are problems with the operation of the alarm system. Though non-standard, but thoughtful move to protect the vehicle.

The system allows you to connect additional modules, including the startup system and GSM. An important advantage of car alarms is pairing with a blocking wireless relay, which has a positive effect on the level of security of the car. The telematic functions will allow to inform even the relatives of the car owner about the accident. But it is difficult to call this car alarm a full-fledged telematic complex. This is because access to information about the route in a visual way is missing. You also can not control via a smartphone or computer. Because the telematics complex singalka looks less attractive. But with all its other objective advantages, the X1100 definitely deserves inclusion in the rating.

Pandex X1100

A problem

Excellent development of Starline, which surprised users against the background of all its predecessors. In contrast, here the main control is carried out through a mobile application, leaving the possibility of operating a conventional remote keyfob. The smartphone can connect via cellular and Bluetooth, which significantly expands the functionality. This is the sixth generation alarm, equipped with an autorun system. But a bit strange is the fact that in order to bypass the immobilizer here it is necessary to use external line drivers. If you close your eyes to this oddity, in front of you is an excellent high level telematics car alarm. Its cost is about 24 thousand rubles. The system is able to automatically send text messages to the owner on the phone with warnings about errors that occur in the operation of the fuel injection system. Another undoubted advantage is the use of the built-in battery in the system, which allows you to maintain the performance of the security complex even when the vehicle's battery is disconnected. The smartphone of the vehicle owner can be used as a label for authorization.

Starline A problem


The development of Pandex looks very compact, which allows you to correctly place it with a limited layout of the car. Already from the start for the system asking for 23.5 thousand rubles. Because the main audience of consumers of alarm are the owners of medium and expensive cars. But in the basic equipment you get a keyless immobilizer bypass system, GPS and GSM modules, Bluetooth authorization via a smartphone or even a smart watch. In this case, you can not connect external satellite antennas, since the quality of signal reception will greatly depend on what method of installation you use.

Pandex X1900BT


With this name, its developer telematics alarm offers a developer in the face of the company Ghost. This flagship is fully consistent with its price range and can impose serious competition to the leading manufacturers of car alarms. The system received control through a regular key and a smartphone. To confirm access to the car, it is enough to use a wearable radio tag. Moreover, the dialogue code is used here or a PIN code is entered using the standard machine buttons. In the configuration there is a very compact locking relay, for which no wiring is required for connecting the wiring to connect it with the central unit. You can mount the item at any convenient place in the car. Communication with the central unit is not carried out via a radio channel, but due to a direct wire to 12V. It will not be possible to jam the radio broadcast by using interference, unlike the radio relay. Plus, if the hijacker manages to remove the alarm, the built-in accelerometer will automatically and automatically trigger the lock. With all its objective advantages, such a telematic system costs from 22 thousand rubles.

Ghost 840

Each of the presented alarms could potentially be the best solution for your car. But ratings should not be used as the main source of information on the selection of the best defense system. Read reviews, communicate with experts, consult with professionals. It is better to entrust the installation to qualified craftsmen, since in case of incorrect installation even the most expensive car alarms will be useless and helpless.