Volkswagen caddy van became all-terrain

Фургон Volkswagen Caddy стал вседорожным Germans endowed with all-terrain characteristics Volkswagen Caddy Van. Three days later, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, they will demonstrate its new version, which was named as Volkswagen Caddy Alltrack. Europeans will wait for sales of all-terrain van already during this year. The car will be available in two ways: passenger and cargo. How much is the Volkswagen Caddy Alltrack? Passenger Caddy will cost at least 24 360, and freight - 19 620 euros. It is not yet known whether this model will arrive to us in the near future.Фургон Volkswagen Caddy стал вседорожным To give the van all-terrain view, the developers equipped it with new bumpers, completely different optics, seventeen-inch casting, further strengthened the bottom, put plastic linings on the sills and wheel arches, and also modified the chrome-plated radiator grill. Roof rails have a silver color. Salon passenger van equipped with other seats and dashboard. The front seats in their backs have folding tables, which passengers can use. Steering wheel, handbrake and transmission lever obtyanuli genuine leather.

Фургон Volkswagen Caddy стал вседорожным The most significant technical innovation, which was not in the previous version and which is Volkswagen Caddy Alltrack, - it is equipped with a four-wheel drive system, adapted for all engines in the model's motor line. Фургон Volkswagen Caddy стал вседорожным Caddy Oltrek Motor Range represented by three petrol engines. They can produce power 84-125 horses. In addition to gasoline engines, there are diesel engines in the range that develop cravings similar to 74-150 horsepower. There is an ecological 1.4-liter gas engine. He is able to squeeze out 110 horses.