Skoda rapid in russia: price and technical specifications

Scoda Rapid refers to the old names of the new car. Translated from English, "rapid" means "fast" or "rapid." According to Eckhart Scholz (a member of the Skoda company), the Rapid brand has perfectly even proportions with clear lines and edges. The car consists of a five-door liftback, which embodies the new style of the Czech brand, and belongs to the category of cars of class C.

New Skoda Rapid 2014

This name was met earlier in the 30s, after which the Czech company produced cars under this name back in the 84-90s. For the basis of the new Pity Rapid 2014 The design was chosen Mission L, which was shown to the public at the Frankfurt Auto Show. After some time, the novelty was presented in the Paris Motor Show.

Innovations implemented

The car has a front-wheel drive system and is equipped with 19 innovative ideas. In the new machine, not only the modern design from Scoda was used, only this model was the first to show the updated company logo (chrome-plated Indian). In the design of the front of the car put the grille with a clearly traced chrome frame and vertical plates. Fog and headlights of the car made in the form of a clover leaf. The front of the hood is McPherson suspension with a reinforced element of the company Fabia, and behind the torsion beam.

The developers have introduced an innovation in the car - now under the driver's seat is a holder for storing an emergency vest. In frosty weather, there is a special scraper to clean the glass from the ice, which is inserted under the lid of the fuel tank. Hardly any car model boasts a special holder for installing parking tickets.

Skoda rapid trunk features

In car Skoda Rapid Specs have an advantage in comparison with other cars of class C. Salon cars made comfortable and comfortable for the free location of five people, the rear seat was installed in such a way that left a lot of space for the legs. Salon Scoda is very practical, it has a variety of niches, containers and special stands for a mobile phone.

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Skoda Rapid is the leader among the category of comfortable cars. This model is equipped with a leather multifunction steering wheel with a radio control function and a telephone. The steering wheel consists of four spokes, has a chrome-plated coating and the brand logo in the middle of the steering wheel. You can install the navigation system, sun visors, mounts for bicycles and roof racks. The car can comfortably seat for the child.

Skoda Rapid Salon

External changes of the new Skoda

The new Skoda model is now slightly shorter compared to the Octavia Tour, or, for example, the same Skoda Rapid 2013, the wheelbase has become wider by 9 cm and the envelope of the body has increased. The dimensions of the car are made according to the category C category - 4.48 m length, 1.71 m width and 1.46 m height. The volume of the car has surpassed all competitors, the Rapid liftback luggage door opens together with the glass, thanks to which a roomy trunk is obtained. Cars of this class always have capacious luggage carriers, but in the Scoda Rapid it comes with a double floor mat (on the one hand hairy and on the other rubber) and a volume of 550l. If you fold the seat in the car, the luggage compartment can reach 1450l.

Special model Skoda Rapid in Russia will be available with an increased clearance of 15 mm, which allows the car to drive even on the most difficult tracks. Specially installed road package "bad roads" will make anti-corrosion treatment of the body. Installing a rigid frame on the car, you can not be afraid of the deformation of the body in case of accidental collision.

At the request of the car can be installed additional accessories: roof rack, rear and front mudguards, front spoiler, chrome lining side mirrors, holders of bags and mobile phones, protective door sills and sets of nets for the trunk. For a pleasant and comfortable ride, do not forget to install noise insulation of the engine compartment.

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Skoda rapid 2014 photoPhotos of the new Skoda Rapid 2014

The creators of the car did not forget to worry about driver safety. Depending on the configuration Skoda Rapid in Russia can be equipped with tire pressure sensors, additional auxiliary elements on the slopes, front and side airbags, ESP and ABS.

Innovations under the hood

The insides of the car are equipped with a number of atmospheric and high-quality turbine engines. The motor model of the Skoda consists of 4 petrol and 2 diesel units, which, in accordance with environmental standards, corresponds to the quality of Euro-5. The base engine has a volume of 1.2 liters, designed for 3-cylinder gasoline MPI and unit capacity of 75 horsepower. Optionally, the gasoline engine can be changed to 86hp, 105hp power. and 122hp

Skoda rapid spaceback 2014

In a complete set with a diesel unit, an 1.6-liter engine is installed on a 90hp turbine and a Common Rail fuel supply system. The diesel unit provides for installation of a planted filter, for cleaning the fuel and high-quality engine operation. Components of the car can go with 5, 6 and 7-speed DSG gearbox and engine power to 105l.s.

In the car Skoda Rapid price in Russia matches the quality, the car impresses with its expressiveness and spaciousness. It has a complete set of security systems and an economical engine system. The safety of the car is influenced by the installed precise control of the air pressure in the tires, the fog lights for lightening the corners and the “help start” system at elevations. According to the results of the crash test Euro NCAP SCODA, this model received an ideal assessment and a high level of passive safety of children and adults.

Auto Skoda Rapid

Thus, the new Skoda Rapid has the following features:

  • stylish design;
  • spacious and comfortable lounge;
  • advanced Volkswagen technology;
  • reasonable price for high quality;
  • environmentally friendly and economical mode of transport;
  • the appearance of the design Simply Clever;
  • roomy and affordable trunk;
  • high level of security.
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The ideal proportion and clarity of the surface creates a truly chic look of the car Scoda Rapid 2014.

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