The most terrible and terrible accidents in the world


No one argues with the fact that the emergence of vehicles has become a real breakthrough and incredible progress for society. But, besides the positive moments, the cars brought a lot of problems. One of them is considered to be numerous accidents that literally take dozens of lives all over the world literally every day.

terrible accidents in the world

The most terrible accident in the world

Some accidents are counted among the worst accidents that have ever happened. Sometimes it is possible to do without human victims. In other situations, dozens of people die because of the worst accidents in the world.

All this should be a science for other drivers. After all, all the rules of the road in Russia and in other countries of the world are developed on the basis of the fact that such maneuvers repeatedly led to sad and sometimes tragic consequences.

After talking about the worst accident in the world, you once again have to think about the responsibility that you bear while sitting behind the wheel. Alas, not always only safety on the roads depends on your personal driving skills. But this does not negate the fact that you must follow all the rules of the road and minimize the threat to other motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, etc.

Terrible accidents around the world

A traffic accident is an integral part of the movement of cars and other vehicles around the world. Fully eradicate accidents have not been able to any of the states. There are always more than a dozen people who will ignore all the rules, exceed the speed, get behind the wheel while intoxicated.

We must not forget that in road accidents and accidents it is not always the fault of the person. Sometimes nature, bad weather, accident or trivial bad luck interfere here.

Terrible and terrible accidents, numerous accidents occur in Russia. Despite all the innovations in the traffic rules for 2018, the rules alone cannot solve the problem. They need to be respected. And this is done by no means all. So the most terrible accidents happen that shock the whole world.

We invite you to learn about the worst accidents and car accidents in the world. This will be a good example of how you shouldn't drive yourself, how important it is to follow the rules, and that much depends on you on the road.

All the accidents reviewed today should not scare you into horror. This is an example of how not to behave and what is better not to do, sitting behind the wheel of your car. In this situation, it is preferable to learn from the mistakes of others, and not on their own.

It is important to note that we did not award accidents rating positions. Therefore, each of the considered accidents is equally terrible and terrible.

Highway in the UAE

The highway that connects Dubai and Abu Dhabi is the busiest road in the United Arab Emirates. Because an accident is only a matter of time.

accident in Egypt

On the busiest road in the UAE accidents are not rare

For all the time of the existence of the road, a lot of accidents happened here, which ended tragically. But the most memorable were two situations. And both occurred largely because of the thickest fog characteristic of this area.

The first accident occurred with the participation of more than 300 people, who to varying degrees suffered as a result of collisions of a huge number of cars. Despite the massive nature of the accident, there were only three dead.

The next accident involved about 130 cars. More than 60 people suffered. During this accident, a chain of colliding cars with a length of more than 500 meters gathered. As a result, there was a huge traffic jam, medical cars struggled through these debris from the cars. But to my great surprise, I managed to do without a fatal outcome.

Bus in Egypt

One of the worst accidents is considered to be a situation that occurred in 2012 in Egypt. Then the bus was about 70 people. The driver, ignoring safety rules, decided on a dangerous maneuver, overtaking the truck.

Abu Dhabi Accident

But as a result, he was unable to cope with the management, and the bus flew directly into the irrigation canal. Experts later noted that the bus’s overload almost doubled the true cause of the accident. The suspension failed and the vehicle lost control.

Such savings resulted in 57 dead. More than 20 of them were tourists from around the world.

Russians in Israel

A terrible and rather loud incident was an accident in Israel. Moving along the mountain road, the bus driver violated the rules of the road during overtaking, because of which he was unable to hold the vehicle.

The result of such an act of the driver was the fall of the car into the abyss. By some miracle, the driver himself survived. But 24 tourists who were on the bus died. All of them were citizens of the Russian Federation.

In total, at that time there were 51 people on the bus. Only two of them were not from Russia.

Krasnoyarsk miracle

No less scary and tragic are the accidents that occur in Russia. There are many examples of such, but we will consider one, the most vivid.

accident with a bus

Frequently terrible accidents involving buses

In the city of Krasnoyarsk, the taxi driver ignored the red light of a traffic light, which is why the car was almost imprinted on the wall of the building. Behind the wheel of a car then there was a young girl. How she managed to survive as a result of such a collision is still a mystery. After all, the bus was pushing the roof, and the metal stopped a few centimeters from the driver's head.

This accident would not have become so famous all over the world if it were not for the occasional video recording Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% The surveillance camera clearly managed to photograph the incident, which played a role in the proceedings. Also, the video quickly became viral after publishing on the Internet. A good example of how a banal violation of traffic rules at traffic lights entails terrible consequences.

Spooky fireworks

Salute is an integral part of every New Year. In China, fireworks are also actively used at this festival. But sometimes a beautiful fireworks turns into something terrible and terrible.

fireworks crash

In China, trucks began to explode with fireworks right when shipping

This happened on the territory of Henan Province on New Year's Eve in 2013. A large truck was carrying a huge amount of fireworks that were supposed to be used to launch the holiday salute. But it happened a little earlier than the organizers had planned.

Cars began to explode literally on the road. It happened exactly at the moment when the truck was moving on a concrete bridge. Detonation fireworks occurred because of the banal improper laying of firecrackers. Their explosions caused several concrete spans to be destroyed. There was a hole where trucks and cars began to fall.

As a result, a whole pyramid of the car was formed, crushed by each other. Because of this salute, five people died. About 10 people remained disabled for life. Also, dozens received less serious injuries, but survived.

Acid Accident

Although this incident occurred back in 2000, many still remember him. It happened in Florida, where about ten cars collided and a tank carrying acid.

florida accident

In an accident with spilled acid in Florida, many people suffered

The place of the accident was the highway N10. Who exactly was the culprit for the collision has not yet been clarified. But as a result of contact with other car tank overturned, and the contents spilled on the roadway. It was incredibly creepy and scary.

The result of the accident was the death of 3 people. But also about 20 more people received serious injuries, including those caused by contact with acid.

Tragic cycle race

A terrible and extremely terrible accident occurred in 2008 in Mexico.

What is most interesting, only one car took part in the accident. All the rest were ordinary cyclists.

accidents with cyclists

During the cycling race drunk driver crashed into a crowd of cyclists

Then, in the north of the country, a traditional cycling race was held, in which athletes from all over the world took part. A whole group of cyclists were driving along the road. Towards them moving the car, which was driving, as it turned out, a drunk driver.

The car literally crashed into a whole group of athletes. The network still survived creepy shots of this collision. Some only miraculously managed to avoid contact with the car. Others are much less fortunate. Many had to forget about cycling for the rest of their lives.

Flying by car

In this accident, no one was hurt, but it went down in history for a long time as the strangest and most unusual.

Everything happened in Saxony back in 2009. A fan of fast driving moved along the road with descents and ascents. Typing on the next descent huge speed, the driver flew up the climb, and the car took off from the ground. This flight led to the fact that the car broke 30 meters in the air and was exactly on the roof of the local church.

Fortunately, no one in this incident was seriously injured. But let's hope that the hapless driver made certain conclusions for himself, and he will never repeat such a thing.


California is famous for its sandstorms. But they do not always end as tragically as in 1991. This accident is considered one of the most massive and terrible in the history of the country.

crash and sandstorm

Many accidents occur during sandstorms.

A strong sandstorm that ran along one of the highways in California caused massive traffic accidents. Drivers could not see the road, because of what they began to crash into each other. In total, on the highway number 5 faced more than a hundred vehicles.

The consequences of the accident were 17 dead and more than 150 wounded.

Mist in Tennessee

In 2002, another massive and rather terrible accident occurred in the United States, in which a huge number of cars took part.

It happened between the states of Tennessee and Georgia. A very thick fog descended on the road, which provoked massive collisions of vehicles. Machines began to bump into each other with enviable regularity.

Rescue services and the police have long traveled to the accident scene. Until they managed to block the road, a total of more than 120 cars and about 200 people suffered in the accident.

There are a lot of examples of terrible and terrible accidents. Each of them carries a certain lesson and morality for other road users.

It is important to note that not always a terrible or terrible accident occurs with the participation of a huge number of cars. Sometimes even one car is enough to feel all the horror and tragedy of what happened.

Strict observance of the rules of the road does not always save from trouble. But it definitely minimizes your chances of suffering, injuring or dying. Therefore, try to always follow the traffic rules, do not break, do not drive while intoxicated, etc.

Let these recommendations seem trivial, but in fact they save dozens, and maybe hundreds of thousands of lives every day. After all, each point of the traffic rules prescribed on someone's tragedy.