Niva car rides great on russian roads

In Russia, it is somehow accepted to dislike your car industry. Everyone knows about the shortcomings of domestic vehicles and love to pry Russian manufacturers. Most gets vases. But there was a car in the VAZ history, which in principle can be considered more than a successful development. This car - Niva.

machine niva

The history of Niva began in April 1977, when the first Soviet all-wheel drive SUV VAZ - 2121 rolled off the assembly line. The designers had a difficult task - to create a Soviet "jeep" with high traffic, all-wheel drive and appearance of the Zhiguli, such as tuned VAZ 2109.

Development began in the early seventies, and already four years later, the first cars that could be called ready to start production were tested.

The car passed the test in the most difficult conditions and "reconnaissance in force" was successful. Comparing its characteristics with foreign counterparts, the experts agreed on the opinion - to be a Soviet SUV. The production of the model VAZ - 2121 continued until the mid-nineties, when the car was slightly modernized, and it received the marking 21213.

Vasa 2121 niva

It was a real success. Niva were sold not only in our country, but also went for export. They were the first cars from the USSR, which were exported to Japan. What interested their Soviet machine, in contrast to the tuned six, for example?

Niva, the price of which at that time was affordable even to ordinary citizens, was a boon for Japan. Bought it as lovers of "exotic", and people who wanted a second car, which was supposed to be a "workhorse."

Niva has been exported to more than 100 countries. During this time, she managed to get a number of prestigious awards, the Soviet "quality mark" and become the most exported car in the country. This title Niva retains to this day. Of course, these words can not be downloaded about the VAZ 2101, but nevertheless it all began with it.

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machine niva price

But we are not talking about faraway Japan. For a country in which the roads were always one of the main problems, Niva was a real salvation. VAZ 2121, received most of the details of the "six", was easy to operate, repair and maintenance. By the way, I also recall the GAZ-69, which is also very cool can ride on impassable off-road and very unpretentious to maintain.

For two decades, which produced the car Niva first model, apparently it has not changed.

Cars Niva participated in the prestigious competition "Dakar", taking prizes. VAZ 2121 conquered the North and South Poles. Since 2006, Niva has been exported under the name Lada 4x4.

And now a little about the "stuffing" Niva

VAZ 2121 is a three-door five-station wagon. The length of the classic model is 3720 mm. The car has a four-cylinder carburetor engine with a volume of 1569 cc. Engine power 75 hp Box on the Niva four-step manual. Front brakes - disc, rear - drum.

Niva - the car is not for high speeds, because the "maximum" VAZ 2121 was at the level of 130-135 kilometers per hour. Niva accelerates from zero to a hundred in 23 seconds. She has nowhere to hurry, unlike the Range Rover Sport and the converted VAZ 2109 (tuning).

Interesting facts about Niva:

  • March 12 was the "anniversary" of Niva. Two millionth car Lada4x4 rolled off the assembly line;
  • During its history, the Niva was produced in factories in Togliatti, LuAZ and even in Kazakhstan.

New car Niva now looks a little different than in the distant 1978 year. What is worth only one joint project Chevrolet Niva.

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new car Niva

Шевроле Нива

Produced for more than 10 years and is the best-selling off-road vehicle of the Russian Federation in 2004-2008. Chevrolet Niva is very similar to many brands of American cars, still, after all, American engineers participated in the development of this car.

The Russian-American car received an engine VAZ 2123, 80 hp The maximum speed of 140 km / h. The car received a five-step mechanics.

For 40 years now, Niva has remained the most successful project of the Russian automotive industry.