Justice on wheels: the best cars of law enforcement


The first police cars appeared in the United States — in 1899, an electric vehicle made in a single copy entered the service of law enforcement officers. Subsequently, almost all areas in the country received their vehicles, which were Ford T. However, the criminals adopted even more advanced equipment - for example, the famous Bonnie and Clyde traveled around the country to the Ford B with a powerful V8 engine, which allowed them to quietly avoid persecution . It was then that the competition began, in which the police entered and the most dangerous criminals, who were later joined by raiders who also posed a threat to public peace. Since then, the police cars of the world have undergone many changes, becoming not only more advanced, but also expensive.

Good police cars are needed to fight crime effectively.

Good police cars are needed to fight crime effectively.

Fabulous luxury

Если начать говорить о наиболее дорогих и роскошных полицейских автомобилях, то полиция Дубая будет вне конкуренции. Стоимость машин, использующихся для патрулирования только одного города, превышает суммарные расходы на охрану правопорядка в среднестатистической развивающейся стране. Большинство людей интересуется — зачем в Дубай привозят все мировые новинки из сегмента спорткаров? Сами представители полицейского управления эмирата дают ответ — потому что могут позволить себе подобную роскошь. Однако на самом деле ответ проще и сложнее одновременно — дорогие полицейские машины патрулируют только центральные районы города, представляя собой своеобразную достопримечательность.Читать далее о лучших полицейских автомобилях-->

1. The leader of the world ranking

All police cars of the world look pale against the background of a unique Aston Martin One-77, which is in service with the police of Dubai. Despite the limited release of 77 copies, law enforcement authorities managed to get such a machine. Rumor has it that at first it was bought by a rich Arab businessman, who immediately after receiving the car gave it to the police.

Car Aston Martin One-77

Whatever it was, the Aston Martin, which acquired the traditional white and green paint, uses a 7.3-liter engine with a capacity of 760 horsepower, which allows the vehicle to reach speeds of 350 km / h. The cost of the car for the police amounted to 1.5 million euros, excluding repainting and installation of additional equipment. Car show at a variety of domestic and international exhibitions.

Aston Martin One-77 car review:

2. The most famous and fast

When racing police cars began to appear en masse in Dubai, one witty journalist said that there was a car that the Arabs didn’t want at all - and said Bugatti Veyron. The heads of the law enforcement service considered these words to be a personal challenge for them - and in 2014 they presented the Veyron in a white-green coloring. The car has a record power of 1001 horsepower and accelerates to 415 km / h.

Car Bugatti Veyron

The amount of money transferred to the manufacturer, was equal to 1.6 million dollars - while a considerable amount had to be spent on the conversion. Despite the fact that the car was bought relatively recently, it has already received great fame on a global scale. Capturing it in the photo is a duty to every guest of Dubai.

3. Just exclusive

In addition, Dubai police cars still include a lot of powerful vehicles, some of which are unique. If we talk about serial machines, the most expensive of them will be Lamborghini Aventadorwhich has a power of 700 horsepower. Such a police car can move at a speed of 350 km / h, although in reality it runs through the richest city in the world at a relaxed pace, giving tourists the opportunity to gawk at the incredible luxury of the Arab police.

Car Lamborghini Aventador

For the purchase of Lamborghini, the police gave 450 thousand dollars - relatively little, considering the instances discussed above. In addition, Ferrari, Mercedes, Bentley and other cars are in the police service in Dubai. The cheapest Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru among the premium police park is considered Nissan GT-R worth $ 100 thousand.

Development in the original source

Unlike representatives of Arab countries, Americans treat police transport more practical - they value not a beautiful appearance, but a good level of equipment of the car. In this case, the United States uses four main categories of police cars:

  • Interceptors - ordinary vehicles that are involved in patrolling roads, as well as the first to go to challenges that do not pose a particular danger to public peace;
  • Cars special services - the majority belongs to the FBI and other agencies, however, the police also owns a considerable number of powerful off-road cars with special coloring, which fall into this category. By the way, these cars are issued to district sheriffs - and upon retirement, people holding this position often receive a gift vehicle in the original coloring, but with dismantled special equipment;
  • Special purpose vehicles, which include powerful sports cars. Service instructions strictly prohibit their use for chases without the permission of the head of the department. In most cases, they go to the place of the largest accidents, catastrophes and natural disasters. Therefore, in addition to the weapons compartment, there is a medical kit with a defibrillator, as well as tools for parsing debris and metal cutting.

US police cars also include Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini - however, it’s no longer worthwhile to dwell on them after describing Arab luxury. Instead, it is better to find out which vehicles are most popular with American law enforcement officers and why?

1 place. For beautiful eyes

Why do you think the US police cars, most of which still make up the 90s Ford Crown Victoria, are being massively replaced by Dodge Charger? Maybe the reason was a powerful engine, or a roomy interior, or excellent handling? No, the main factor by which this car was able to break into the ranks of law enforcement is a frightening appearance.

Dodge Charger Car

The already impressive vehicle was equipped with a black and white paint, flashing light on the roof, as well as a powerful steel frame on the front bumper. The car for the police is available in two versions - the basic is the Interceptor with a 3.6 engine (253 horsepower). Especially for quick response proposed modification Pursuit, equipped with a 5.7 engine (344 horsepower).

Test drive car Dodge Charger:

2nd place. Maximum permeability

While the FBI has the expensive Hummer H2 at its disposal, the individual state police departments are content with vehicles easier. In particular, American police cars include a lot Ford Explorer, most of which belong to the third generation. Thanks to the powerful V8 engines, they can be used both for going to the crime scene and for road chases.

Ford Explorer car

Some of these police cars are equipped for transporting heavy weapons - up to a large-caliber machine gun. Others contain special compartments intended for the transport of dangerous criminals - they are used during raids on poor neighborhoods of large cities. A small number of SUVs has medical equipment - they are often used in the delivery of assistance to victims in avalanches and forest fires.

3rd place. Capacity at height

In addition, the police cars of America are also represented by large van-minibuses for the transport of rapid reaction forces to the crime scene. In particular, to the place of taking hostages, committing a terrorist attack or other crime classified as a threat to national security, Ford Econoline, each of which is able to accommodate up to 15 police officers or 12 special forces in full gear. By the way, Econoline minivans without special coloring are often used as “flower delivery vans,” as the US police call mobile surveillance and radio interception bases.

Ford Econoline car

Recently, police have begun to say that the Ford Econoline is too expensive to maintain. Tests undergo various vehicle variants, but no final decision was made. The new Econoline is in the list of favorites, but the police are skeptical about the turbo engine of the car.

Domestic option

As is known, there are also enough “hot heads” and criminals in Russia, therefore the absence of a serious technician in service with our law enforcement officers would be a dangerous disregard. Most of the Russian police cars are represented by domestic models, as well as inexpensive foreign cars, which can be seen on the streets of major cities by dozens and even hundreds. However, among them are very interesting specimens, which can not be overlooked.

Italian traditions in Russia

The main interceptor of Moscow is Maserati MC Stradalewhich is used to stop violators who are owners of premium sports cars. Selected this car was not in vain. With a small mass, it has a motor power of 450 horsepower, which allows it to reach speeds of 300 km / h and accelerate to "hundreds" in 4.5 seconds.

Maserati MC Stradale

By the way, unlike the American and Dubai multi-liter monsters, the Moscow police interceptor is very economical - according to reviews, its fuel consumption does not exceed 16-18 liters per 100 kilometers. The cost of the vehicle without special equipment is 150 thousand euros. It is also less than the price of an Arab exclusive.

German classics in the cultural capital

A few years ago, St. Petersburg only said that about the terrible police interceptor, which was catching up with cars moving along the ring road at a speed of about 250 km / h. Indeed, the service in the cultural capital of the country consists Porsche 911which can reach speeds of up to 280 km / h. In addition, a couple of years ago, the fleet of the St. Petersburg Police Department was replenished with Porsche Caymanpurchased with sponsorship money.

Porsche 911 car

Thanks to this, you can be calm - even the owner of a modern sports car will not leave the police chase. In the future we plan to purchase several more Porsche. Cars are not only very effective, but also create a positive reputation for law enforcement bodies of the city.

Private exclusive

If you visit the exhibition “Police cars of the world” in Belarus, which recently opened in the city of Grodno, then you will be surprised to find there Porsche Cayenne in the coloring of the police in Moscow. Indeed, such cars are serving the capital. Most of them are intended for representational purposes, for example, escorting top state officials and important foreign guests. However, according to the service instructions, it is not forbidden to use them even in the event of an emergency.

In addition, in a number of large cities of the Russian Federation you can see the classic “cubes” - Mercedes G, which are used for similar purposes. Moreover, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, it is not the basic modifications of such vehicles that are used, but the “charged” G55 AMG. Often there are less exclusive, but still expensive options, for example, Mercedes E, Chevrolet Tahoe, Mitsubishi Pajero, Lexus LX.

Terrible machinery on guard public order

Despite the fact that all of these cars constantly get into the lenses of photographers and news headlines, most of them rarely participate in these special operations. Sports cars and the most powerful off-road vehicles are more likely a deterrent that makes potential violators think about the need to enter into conflict with the law. And the basis of the car fleet of police of any country in the world, including the Emirates, are cheap vehicles with important qualities - spaciousness, maneuverability and efficiency.