Volvo s60 with mileage and features of its operation

Volvo S60 looks original, it has its own style, in the cabin it is comfortable for both the driver and passengers, safety at a high level. Volvo brand is considered prestigious, in general, the car should be worth attention. But in the secondary market, the S60 is far from popular when compared to German cars of famous brands. And now we will deal in more detail with the features of the operation of this car.

volvo s60 red


IN Volvo S60 (a photo further) the body usually does not require financial investments even after 10 years of operation. Galvanized metal is used, so rust does not appear at all. Even if chips appear, the metal does not bloom and does not require urgently painted over chipped.

Electric Volvo C60 is quite reliable, used CAN-bus and multiplex wiring. For those times, it was considered a new technology, and it was used only on Volvo cars. Therefore, all sensors, blocks and actuators operate stably, rarely when malfunctions occur.

But here, too, sometimes errors occur in automatics, and the battery may be discharged while parked, and in earlier versions of the Volvo C60 there were cases that the ABS unit failed. And in the winter, they may freeze the brushes to the glass of the headlights, and because of this, the teeth of the gearbox are cut off or the electric motor of the cleaner burns out.

Volvo S60 2002

The new electric motor costs about 180 euros. It is also not uncommon that electric mirrors fail due to frozen water. But simply to change them will not work and you will have to change them in the collection - this is about 350 euros, but the mirrors themselves, in which the heating threads burned out - you can change them separately for about 80 euros.

In the summer time on dorestaylingovyh versions can stop blowing cool air from the vents to the salon. And all because the A / C compressor on / off clutch is not particularly well located, it gets dirty pretty quickly. But if you periodically do the cleaning of the temperature sensor, as well as change the filter, the climate will work stably.

After a restyling in 2004, a considerable number of improvements were made, and many technical problems were fixed, although the car didn’t change much - just unpainted plastic was removed from the body, and new bumpers, front and rear lights, and brush headlamps were replaced with jet. After another 3 years there was a new restyling - in 2007, there was little that was changed here at all.

Volvo XC70

By the way, there are a lot of cars in the station wagon, such Volvo are called V70, their construction is exactly the same as the sedan, the difference is that the wheelbase is 40 mm more, the total length is 130 mm. height - 30 mm. And after 2002, the Cross Country wagon with all-wheel drive, whose increased ground clearance and plastic body kits began to be called Volvo XC70, it is installed nimble Haldex clutch 2nd generation.

But as far as electrical equipment on dorestaylingovyh models are concerned, there are more serious problems here - on earlier versions of cars the radiator electric fan may fail, and the fuel pump and air flow meter do not withstand even 100,000 km. run Therefore, it is very necessary to ensure that the temperature of the coolant does not exceed the norm.

But the Swedes did not stand on the spot and replaced the old Magneti Marelli throttle unit, which created problems, with Bosch, which has no problems at all. On the Italian block, the electric motor of the drive often broke down because it does not withstand hitting even a small amount of tar in the engine. But if with a frequency of 30,000 km. do the cleaning with Volvo Cleaner, then this unit will work better.

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In addition, Magneti Marelli is a fairly expensive knot, it costs 550 euros. On gasoline engines, at least once in 30-40 thousand km., It is necessary to clean the control valve of the variable valve timing system Continuously Variable Valve Timing with the same Volvo Cleaner liquid, if this is not done, then tarahtenie under the valve cover may appear, and it will be noticeable power loss at high revs. What else is characteristic of the Volvo S60 is that these motors do not have hydraulic loosening gaps in the valve mechanism; therefore, it is necessary to adjust the valves by selecting pushers, but not earlier than 200 thousand km.

By the way, if you repair the valve CVVT, it is desirable at the same time and check the ventilation system of the oil sump. There are cases that crankshaft oil seals start flowing already at 130,000 km., And their replacement will cost 200 euros. And when the car drove 180000 km., Then her oil consumption increases to 2.5 liters per 10,000 km. Usually there is gray smoke from the exhaust pipe, especially when recycling, this means that it is necessary to change worn valve seals, such a replacement will cost about 500 euros.

Volvo S60 2007

As for the upper support of the motor, then it is also short-lived, her rubber jumpers were already broken by 30,000 km. These pillars changed under warranty, and after 2003, they began to produce a reinforced modification, which is already kept around 90,000 km Just to this run there are knocks and a tremor at the engine. In addition, if the time has come to change the upper support, then the second support must be changed immediately. Each is worth 100 euros.

But in general, gasoline engines with 5 cylinders are very reliable, aspirated B5244S and B5244S2, whose volume is 2.4 liters, are especially good, they easily withstand 500,000 km And after this run, it will be necessary to make the replacement of rings and valves, all this will pull about 1,500 euros. As for the supercharged engines, they will require repair a little earlier - after 350,000 km. But turbocompressors they serve about the same, their replacement will cost about 1,500 euros.

There are diesel equipment, they also have 5 cylinders. Previously, until 2002, 10-valve engines from Audi were used with the AEL modification, and after that they began to install their own Volvo engines, which have 4 valves per cylinder, and there are 3 different capacities: 130, 163 and 185 liters. with.

If we compare diesel engines, then German diesel engines require higher-quality fuel, the better the fuel, the longer the injectors and fuel pump will last. In Swedish engines after 180,000 km. may require repair of the valve mechanism - it is necessary to change the rockers and lifters.

volvo S60 sedan

In the Russian market, these cars with German engines were not officially delivered, cars with Swedish engines are officially represented. And if you buy a Volvo C60 in Europe and drive it to us, then over time, you may experience a headache with maintenance, since Russian Volvo dealers do not have equipment to repair motors from Audi. Dealers Audi and Volkswagen also will not help with the repair, as Volvo has its own characteristics.


Gearboxes for Volvo C60 are both mechanical and automatic. Mechanics are considered to be more reliable, perhaps, after 150,000 km. gears do not switch so clearly due to the loose sleeves and hinges. But if you spend 300 euros and change them, the transfer will be excellent.

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Previously, there was a problem with a 2-mass flywheel, which failed after 100,000 km, but this problem was successfully solved during restyling, and the grip withstands approximately 80,000 km. If you take a more powerful modification, then on them the clutch is more expensive and lasts longer. The cost of replacing the clutch varies from 250-600 euros.

Volvo S60 2007 automatic transmission

Automatic machines cannot brag of the same reliability, as well as mechanical boxes. In early versions of the buggy electronic unit gearbox, occasionally requiring a reboot of the software.

The automatic transmission in this car is Japanese-made Aisin Warner AW 55-50, it is quite compact, it has a multiplier, and a not-so-successful executive hydraulics unit. Over time, it was discovered that Automatic Volvo S60 works at the limit and overheats.

Already even after 30,000 km. it is necessary to do repair of this box, as a rule it happened under warranty. If there are jerks and delays when switching in a used car, it may mean that there is a risk to pay about 2000 euros to the new valve block. But it will be cheaper to make repairs than buying a new automatic box, which costs 5,000 euros.

But the Japanese developers decided in due time to save the situation and in 2004 they released an improved automatic box AW 55-51, which had the redone design of the hydraulic unit. Problems in this box do not appear to 100 thousand. Km. But after this run, you have to do repairs. And only in 2008 the situation with the box improved, and the box began to serve about 200 thousand km.

The Volvo C60 and V70 also have AWD AWD versions that use the Haldex electronically controlled clutch, which is quite successful and lasts a long time. A long time ago there was such a problem that water got into the clutch control units and spoiled them, but this problem was corrected, so that the universal joints and the coupling would last at least 180 thousand km. True itself gimbal assembly is not cheap - 1,400 euros.

Volvo S60 AWD

Suspension at Volvo C60

With the suspension, too, not without problems, on early models, MacPherson front suspension quickly failed. Already after about 40 thousand km. it was necessary to change the stabilizer, ball bearings, silent blocks. But after restyling, the life of all these suspension elements has increased by about 2 times. For money - stabilizer stands cost about 80 euros, ball bearings - 50 euros, silent blocks - for 30 euros and they can withstand about 150,000 km.

What characterizes the Volvo C60 is that when it comes time to change the stabilizer bushings, the stabilizers themselves will have to be changed - 140 euros for the front and 190 for the rear, and they do not change separately.

Rear mounted hydraulic shock absorbers Nivomat, which have an automatic adjustment of the clearance. Such shock absorbers are installed on both sedans and station wagons, they also serve as conventional shock absorbers, but they are more expensive, so for those who want to save on replacing shock absorbers, you can take the usual shock absorbers filled with gas, together with the springs cost 3 times cheaper. As for the rear suspension, it is multi-link and does not require attention for a very long time, only after 250,000 km. the time will come to sort it out, and such an audit will be inexpensive - about 600 euros.

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The steering mechanism in the Volvo C60 is a Japanese SMI, a new one costs about 900 euros. You need to be careful with this steering mechanism - on older cars, which for more than 7 years may have a backlash and leakage of working fluid.

volvo s60 2005

Here the hinges serve extremely little - about 40,000 km., They cost 70 euros. But after restyling in 2004, Volvo S60 cars began to install more reliable steering mechanisms from ZF, the traction of which calmly serve more than 100 thousand km. But the steering mechanism is only changing, a new one costs 1,200 euros.

Если смотреть на автомобиль и стоимость его обслуживания в целом, то получается, что детали на Вольво стоят примерно столько же, сколько и немецкие. IN дилеров стоимость ремонта тоже такая же, как и на немецкие автомобили. На сегодняшний день, шведские автомобили могут отремонтировать не только официальные сервисные центры, но и многие другие СТО. Так как эта модель выпускается уже более 10 лет, то многие недоработки уже были доработаны, а ошибки исправлены.

Therefore, if you buy cars 3-5 years old with an atmospheric engine, then there are a lot of good options, but the car with the mechanics is quite difficult to find. As for the cost, the C60 at the age of 5 years will cost about 800-900 thousand rubles. If you compare with the Germans, the price of the Volvo S60 is about 150,000 rubles less than on models of this class from well-known German manufacturers. As for the earlier Volvo C60 models with considerable mileage, it is better not to buy them, because the service can be a pretty penny.

salon volvo S60

Sensations from driving a Volvo S60

Behind the wheel of a Volvo S60, it feels like the car doesn’t have sporting qualities. The car responds to the driver's actions quickly, but smoothly. When you turn the wheel, the effort must be applied to a minimum. The suspension is soft and behaves well on the road with waves, but when you drive in on a road with poor coverage, all these irregularities are transferred to the salon in full. To the car went into a skid - you need to try, because it holds the road well, even on slippery roads.

Quite a popular Volvo S60 with a 2.4-liter engine and 5-cylinder engine, it is as powerful as the BMW 325i. Automatic transmission, if intact, then not tupit, and the brakes seize well.

And insulation in general deserves praise when you go to the Volvo C60, you can barely hear the engine or the wheels. If you compare with Mercedes and BMW, then Volvo insulation is even better. With regards to roominess, then on the back sofa 3 people fit easily and it is convenient for them to be there. So, the Volvo C60 is a strong competitor for the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes C-class.

And then the video about the Volvo S60 2006 release in a good configuration: