What makes the engine tuning chip

They talk a lot about chip tuning. This topic is discussed in the press, on Internet forums and specialized sites, which indicates a great interest from motorists. However, much of the questions remain without proper attention. In the proposed article we will try to consider in detail the question of what chip tuning is and what are the features of its use.

High-quality chip tuning increases the power of the car and its torque. The amount of increase is determined by the design of the engine, as well as the peculiarity of its mode of operation. After performing this procedure, the power increases by 5-25%, and the torque increases by 10-50%. Most drivers notice an increase in power, although in fact the change in the second indicator is more noticeable.


  • 1 What influences the increase in parameters
  • 2 How much fuel consumption grows
  • 3 Effect of rework on the life of the motor
  • 4 Why the manufacturer will not perform chip tuning independently
  • 5 Why only few workshops use chip tuning
  • 6 Cost and duration of chip tuning
  • 7 Guarantee
  • 8 Ways to improve carburetor engines without an ECU
  • 9 Chip tuning engine pros and cons
    • 9.1 Positives
    • 9.2 Negative sides

What influences the increase in parameters

The power indicates the amount of work the engine is capable of performing in a specific unit of time. The value is directly dependent on the number of revolutions. The faster the motor spins, the more power it gives out.

It is worth remembering that the capabilities of the motor are limited, and at maximum speed the wear of moving elements will melt, the fuel-air mixture fills the cylinders worse and the purge decreases.

On this basis, car manufacturers use the limit (cut-off) maximum speed.

what is modern chip tuning

Such a cut-off is set by mechanics in an electronic control unit (ECU). During the chip tuning, you can change it in a big way or completely remove it. The magnitude of the shift depends on the capabilities of the engine itself. In this case, the power will definitely increase. However, only those who are consciously ready to unwind the engine to its maximum limit will be able to feel a perceptible increase.

For a car that is operated daily, the indicator of torque is more significant. It allows the car even with the weakest diesel engine to fully compete at the start with similar gasoline models that have an advantage in power.

A good torque motor runs smoothly and reduces gear shifts.

Driving such a car is really nice. To increase the torque in the atmospheric engine resort to adjusting the injection and ignition control. It is necessary to take into account the parameters of the number of revolutions and the rate of combustion of the fuel.

what does chip tuning mean

Schedule change work after chip tuning

The final goal is to achieve the most late ignition and to preserve the conditions under which the fuel burns in the cylinder.

The design features of turbocharged engines make it possible to change the charge pressure and thereby obtain a significant increase in efficiency.

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How much fuel consumption grows

In many cases, fuel consumption rises immediately after the execution of chip tuning and retains its values ​​for a week. Then the indicator decreases to the previous value or even becomes even smaller. This phenomenon is easy to explain.

At first, after “chipping”, the owner wants to test the car and “drives” in an aggressive mode.

Then he quietly returns to the original style of driving. As the efficiency increases and the driving conditions remain the same, the engine is easier to “spin” and it consumes less fuel.

Effect of rework on the life of the motor

Due to the chip-tuning, not only increases power and torque, but also increases efficiency. This is possible due to the reduction of internal losses, which often cause the wear of moving parts of the engine.

what otchip tuning engine pros and cons

Connection for flashing in BMW

You should know that after completion of the engine begins to react sensitively to the health of the fuel system and the quality of fuel.

Therefore, we advise regularly to make repairs and maintenance of the car according to the recommendations specified in the technical passport.

Why the manufacturer will not perform chip tuning independently

Machines are produced for a wide number of consumers who exploit them in completely different conditions. Differences can be in temperature, atmospheric pressure, terrain features, and others. At the same time, the fuel does not always meet the established standards, and the variety of conditions significantly complicates the task of manufacturers to ensure environmental standards. Therefore, it is much easier to install early ignition and lose a little power, thereby ensuring complete combustion of fuel in any operating conditions.

Do not think that after chip tuning, the CO emission rate is sure to exceed the limit.

It should be understood that the new engine settings will require the use of fuel only high quality.

This approach can not be applied to the mass production of cars. However, in some cases, the manufacturer can perform the revision of their models. For example, the same car with the same engine model has a different power on the passport.

Why only few workshops use chip tuning

To carry out high-quality chip-tuning, you will need special equipment, trained employees with knowledge of the procedure and expensive tuning programs. Also a problem is created by the variety of existing car models, electronic control units and unique factory programs.

Even such an impressive collection of firmware designed for 6,000 cars is sometimes not enough to provide express tuning services.

where to start chip tuning with your own hands

Contact Points

Only financially stable foreign companies can develop such firmware.

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The cost and duration of chip tuning

The cost of "chipping" mainly depends on the price of the selected tuning program.

Refinement of most European car brands will require 220-480 USD.

The duration of the procedure is influenced by technological features. It can be completed within one hour or be delayed for several days. In many cases, chip tuning takes only 1-2 hours.


During the procedure, the changes concern only the management program, which is always working properly. It is safe to say that your car after the chip-tuning will go much better.

The program is stored on memory chips (chips) of foreign production, the reliable operation of which is guaranteed by the manufacturer. All other cases related to the use of fuel or oil of poor quality and technical malfunctions, rather are in the competence of insurers.

Ways to improve carburetor engines without an ECU

Especially for this type of car produced control units with the ability to reprogram through a computer. The result is almost the same “chipovany” injection engines.

how to make chip tuning do it yourself

Connection to the car for reprogramming

Chip tuning engine pros and cons

Positive sides

  • Engine power is easily increased by 15% without any technical intervention.
  • Within 15 minutes, all settings can be returned to the factory version.
  • Quick install. Upgrading the firmware takes a maximum of 15 minutes.
  • Improves the smoothness of the car when the air conditioner or other loads.
  • The procedure can be carried out on vehicles with a guarantee, since dealers do not pay attention to the settings of the control unit.
  • Thanks to chip tuning, they reset engine errors and shut off faulty car instruments.
  • The motor can be sharpened for a different type of fuel (go from 95 to 92).

The procedure allows you to remove the speed limit set by the manufacturer. Most machines have restrictions on maximum speed, and they are quite capable of more. A variety of firmware for the ECU. An aggressive option will increase engine power and improve the start.

Economical settings will help save fuel, however, the acceleration dynamics will decrease.

There is a version of the modified factory firmware, which increases the dynamics by 3-5% and reduces fuel consumption by a similar value.

Negative sides

  • Big cost of firmware. On domestic cars, you can do chip tuning yourself, but with foreign cars it is better not to conduct experiments and go to a specialized service. For foreign manufacturers, the procedure will cost between 10,000 and 30,000 rubles.
  • The increase in power causes a rise in fuel consumption.
  • When self-installing the firmware there is a chance to burn the computer, which is an expensive device.
  • The use of aggressive firmware reduces the engine resource by 5-7%.