How to find out about the deprivation of a driver's license

A driver's license is a mandatory document that is necessary for driving a vehicle. Without it, you can not drive. However, there are situations when it is necessary to verify the authenticity of such a document.

At the same time, it is possible to identify discrepancies with the rights with the help of online services developed by government agencies. How to find out if I am deprived of a driver's license via the Internet, we will consider in our article.


  • 1 Who needs a similar service
  • 2 Algorithm verification
  • 3 Possible test results
  • 4 Conclusion

Who needs a similar service

The service created by the traffic police is able to detect fake driver's licenses. You can also help your family or friends to help figure out the legality of their document.

Upon receipt of rights, information about the owner, validity of the document and other information is entered into the database manually. Errors may occur during the application, therefore, in order to avoid misunderstandings, it is also advisable to check your own identity on a common basis.

where you can find out about the deprivation of rights by the driver's license number

When applying for a job related to driving, the owners of the company want to check the availability and relevance of the certificate. In this situation, you can not do without the online traffic police service.

Check algorithm

Surely learn about the deprivation of a driver's license by the name on the traffic police site does not work in all browsers. Definitely it can be said that Mozilla Firefox updated versions of the program and the current version of Google Chrome have been prepared for this procedure. Problems sometimes arise for Opera users and some of its varieties, as well as for those who use Internet Explorer.

In some cases, the verification site may open for a long time. It depends on the time of visiting the Internet resource. Sometimes you have to reload the page several times.

how to find out about the deprivation of a driver's license by last name on the traffic police website

In the opened interactive form you will need to fill in three fields. In the upper window, we prescribe the credentials, on the average, we indicate the date when the rights were granted, and in the lower window we printed the secret characters from the captcha displayed next to each other.

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Possible test results

There are three variants of the result, which can give a database of deprived of a driving license online. Consider each of them in order.

  1. The result is positive. In the data on the new page, you can see the correct date of birth of the driver, the period of validity of the document with the activated categories of driver's license, to which the owner is allowed to drive. Having received the answer in this form, the car owner can be calm for the legality and validity of the document. When a user wants to learn about the deprivation of rights by the number of his driver's license, sometimes not quite relevant data can “fall out”. This is due to the introduction of new categories and subcategories.
  2. As a result, there is no data. The driver may receive such information in several cases:
  • driver's license expired;
  • in order to be able to drive a car, it is necessary to obtain new rights under the current procedure;
  • if in the column of the certificate indicating the expiration of the document there is a date that has not yet arrived, and checking the deprivation of driving licenses for the traffic police did not produce any result, then most likely the document was obtained illegally and the driver should acquire other rights.

How to find out quickly, if I am deprived of a driver's license via the Internet3. The result is negative. In this case, the result on the screen will be similar to the correct information, however, an addition will appear at the bottom. In addition to the date of birth of the owner and the interval of validity of rights, the system will provide data on deprivation. Among them will be judicial information about the date of the decision, the term of the sentence and its entry into force.


You can check your own documents or employees on any device with Internet access. It takes a few minutes. The procedure is available without additional registrations on the traffic police website. The site works around the clock. There may be some delays in the retrieval of information associated with the introduction into the database after the court decision.

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