New cargo uaz profi - review and test drive

Новый грузовой UAZ Profi - обзор и тест-драйв

The Russian market for commercial vehicles was in dire need of a new and low-cost representative of the segment. They became the hero of this review - UAZ Profi. We will carefully consider the novelty, highlight its advantages and disadvantages, and also find out how much the Pro is relevant in today's market realities.

General impressions of the test drive

A little ahead, it is worth noting that the new cargo UAZ Profi will be able to interest a potential buyer, especially the version with a double cabin. It is truly universal: the transportation of goods, trips on the roads or narrow streets of the metropolis, expeditions and much more. UAZ Profi under the power of any task. At the same time you get a decent level of comfort and safety, previously unavailable in this price segment. There are Pros and disadvantages, but for the most part, this is a nagging to the weak dynamics or noise of the transfer case. Probably the only significant drawback is the high fuel consumption. But the engineers of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant have already taken care of the partial solution of this problem.

UAZ Profi

Car appearance

At first glance, the new UAZ Profi in the triple performance is not much different from its predecessor. But still the car cabin underwent a number of cosmetic changes, new plastic elements and optics were added.

So, the front of the car is decorated with a rather large grille with the company logo. In contrast to the standard "Patriot" in the version of Profi decided to abandon the chrome-plated elements, so the grille is made of high-strength matte plastic. The massive bumper and wheel arch extensions are made from the same material. Immediately it should be noted that the plastic is really high quality. It is resistant to scratches and temperature extremes.

Car appearance UAZ Profi

Also, changes have affected the head optics. She became noticeably smaller. To reduce the final cost, it is equipped exclusively with halogen lamps. But despite this, the quality of the light spot has not deteriorated and in the overall design of a commercial vehicle, such optics look appropriate. Already in the basic configuration, the UAZ Profi is equipped with navigation lights, and by paying for the Comfort version you will also receive fog lights built into the bumper.

Mirrors UAZ Profi

Remarkable is the fact that two types of mirrors are installed on the car. They differ not only externally, but also in a set of functions. So, the version with a basic cargo platform is equipped with compact mirrors with a full set of electrical controls and heating. At the same time, the wide-sided version received enlarged rear-view mirrors equipped only with heating.

Mirrors UAZ Profi

Salon and interior

By the standards of commercial vehicles, the new cargo UAZ Profi has a fairly high-quality trim and thoughtful ergonomics. The first thing that catches your eye when getting into the cabin is a massive dashboard and a three-spoke steering wheel. Both elements went to the Pros from the Patriot. The plastic on the door cards and the dashboard is rough, which is typical for a car class, but at the same time it is scratch-resistant and does not creak. The build quality and fitting of parts is almost the same as foreign counterparts.

Salon and Interior UAZ Profi

The car is offered in two- / three- and five-seater performance. The two-row UAZ Profi is made according to the standard scheme for most cars: two seats in the front and one sofa for the rear passengers. In the normal version of the car body can take two people (in the variation with all-wheel drive) or three people (rear wheel drive modification).

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In the maximum configuration UAZ Profi, driver's seat is equipped with a full range of adjustments, including lumbar support. Electronic adjustments are not provided. But as a finishing material used high-quality fabric that is resistant to dirt.

Salon and Interior UAZ Profi

The company tried to use the limited cabin space with maximum benefit. So, in the niche between the seats were installed cupholders, and in the case of a two or five-seater version, this space fills up a massive two-level box. Do not forget about pockets in the door. They can get a bottle of up to one liter or many necessary details. Under the dashboard are special niches for a mobile phone, cup holder and ashtray.

Also, engineers have provided a place to store tools. In the triple version, the niche is located under the passenger twin seat. In the double configuration has a small compartment behind the backrest. In the UAZ Profi with a two-row cab, a storage compartment is located behind the rear sofa.

Salon and Interior UAZ Profi

In the maximum configuration the car is equipped with a cooled glove box. In addition to it, a shelf for storing A4 documents is fixed on the ceiling. As a separate option, the owner can connect a proprietary multimedia system with a 7 inch display. It works on the basis of Android, supports work with modern smartphones, and is also equipped with Glonass navigation.

Management and Comfort

The test of the UAZ Profi showed that the habits of the car and the driving comfort in a loaded and empty state have cardinal differences. To evaluate the car in full, you need to go through a full operational cycle.

The handling of the car in many ways resembles its predecessor "Cargo" or even the SUV "Patriot". But noticeable work on the bugs. Structural changes have affected the chassis and power unit. How did this affect management?

The suspension is moderately soft and works well even strong irregularities. In a loaded state, driving on a dirt road is comparable to a high-quality SUV, even at speeds above 50 km / h.

On the track, driving sensations can be completely different. With an empty body and at a speed of over 80 km / h the rear axle goes into a skid, the car becomes difficult to keep on the road. When loaded, UAZ Profi behaves more predictably. Even at a speed of 100-120 km / h it holds the road well and does not try to get out of the lane.

In the city, handling and maneuverability are more appropriate for a car. Thanks to the new swing knuckles of the open type, the turning radius has decreased, which makes it possible to maneuver comfortably among the streets of the megalopolis.

Quickly get used to the dimensions of the UAZ Pro, even an inexperienced driver can. The visibility of the car is good. Improved rear-view mirrors contribute to this. The only nuance can be called a rather high and long hood, which you will have to get used to when maneuvering in confined spaces.

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A nice bonus, unusual commercial vehicles, will be a good insulation. At idle in the cabin is quiet and there is only a weak vibration from the engine. In the city you can also move around with comfort. There are noticeable noises from the wheel arches on the track. In the version of UAZ Profi with all-wheel drive, the noise is much greater. Its source is the transfer case.

Adjust the car for themselves will be able to most drivers. To do this, adjust the seat and steering. If we exclude the noise of the transfer case and not the best behavior of the car on the highway in an unloaded condition, then we can conclude that UAZ Pro is one of the most comfortable commercial vehicles in the domestic market.

Подвеска UAZ Profi

Off-road test

UAZ Profi, like its predecessor, is an excellent SUV. 210 mm ground clearance, single-sided busbar, four-wheel drive, differential lock, good ramp angles and minimal overhangs - all this contributes to the excellent cross-country ability of the car even in the most extreme conditions.

The greatest concern was caused by the frame of the new UAZ, namely, whether it will be able to withstand strong dynamic loads at full load. Here, engineers of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant were able to please fans of off-road raids. The body of the UAZ Profi is installed on a new reinforced frame with a closed section. She perfectly passes tests for twisting, fully retaining their original geometric parameters.

The only nuance that may affect the permeability is rubber installed from the factory with the car. It is poorly suited for extreme conditions.


Characteristics of UAZ Profi заметно различаются в сравнении со своим предшественником «Карго». Так, колесная база у новинки увеличилась на 50 см, длина на 60.5 см, а высота на 26 см. При этом это разрыв может стать еще больше. Это связано с тем, что габариты автомобиля могут существенно различаться, в зависимости от выбранного вами типа кабины и кузова.

Characteristics of UAZ Profi

Characteristics of the car (standard / double row cabin):

  • Length, cm - 594/599;
  • Width, cm - 231.5;
  • Height, cm - 190 (cabin), 252 (awning) / 191.5 (cabin), 255 (awning);
  • Wheelbase, cm - 350;
  • Ground clearance, cm - 21;
  • Curb weight of the car, kg - 1990/2255;
  • Weight at full load, kg-3500;
  • Nominal loading capacity, kg - 1500/1275.

It is worth noting that such parameters as curb weight can vary depending on the chosen configuration. The all-wheel drive version adds 75 kg to the total mass of the car, and 20 kg from the HBO. In addition, equipment with a wide cargo platform increases the weight by as much as 105 kg.

Dimensions of the cargo platform (standard / extended):

  • External dimensions, cm - 320x198 / 320x218;
  • Internal dimensions, cm - 308.9x188 / 308.9x206;
  • The area of ​​the platform, m2 - 5.78 / 6.40;
  • The volume of the platform with tent, m3 - 9.4 / 10.1.

The size of the UAZ Profi is standard for most light-duty commercial vehicles. The only exception is the increased ground clearance for competitors. But this is another important plus - Profi.

Technical characteristics of UAZ Profi

Powertrain and transmission

The ZMZ-40906.10 or ZMZ Pro engine is installed on the UAZ Profi. This is a gasoline four-cylinder power unit of 2.7 liters. The new engine UAZ Profi is a modified version of the old ZMZ. The company's engineers have increased the compression ratio to 9.8 instead of 9.1, thereby raising the rated power. They also installed a reinforced double-row chain and additional stiffening ribs in the cylinder head, thereby increasing the maintenance intervals. The main change was the improved valve manufacturing system. She allowed to significantly increase the temperature load.

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Двигатель UAZ Profi

Thanks to the introduced changes, the engineers managed to increase the power of the engine to 149 hp. at 5000 rpm and torque up to 235 Nm at 2650 rpm. At the same time, the consumption of UAZ Profi in the combined cycle is 15-18 liters, depending on the type of drive selected. Due to the rather high fuel costs, already from the factory the car is prepared for installing HBO from the Italian company Lovato. Equipment can be installed as an option.


Transmission of the car has undergone minimal changes. Thus, new steering knuckles were added, flanges were reinforced and rigidity of the rear axle housing was increased, a simplified version of the transfer case with mechanical activation was installed. As an option, you can install a new Eaton brand rear axle differential lock.

Prices and configuration

Today, you can buy UAZ Profi in the following configurations: “Standard” and “Comfort”. But it should be borne in mind that there are modifications with all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive, a double-row cabin and an increased awning.

Current prices and configurations of UAZ Profi:

  • "Standard" two-door cab, standard chassis, 4x2 / 4x4 - from 749,000;
  • “Comfort” two-door cab, standard chassis, 4x2 / 4x4 - 799,000;
  • "Standard" four-door cab, standard chassis, 4x2 / 4x4 - 799,000;
  • “Comfort” four-cabin, standard chassis, 4x2 / 4x4 - 849,000.

For a surcharge, you can get the following options:

  • wide platform on six pallets - 8000;
  • gas equipment - 40 000;
  • locking the rear axle costs - 29 000;
  • body color "green metallic" - 12 000;
  • multimedia system with a 7-inch touch screen - 22 500.

В минимальной комплектации UAZ Profi, цена которого составляет всего 750 тысяч рублей, является одним из наиболее доступных автомобилей на Российском рынке коммерческого транспорта. При этом даже в полном оснащении он остается дешевле многих конкурентов.

Prices and configuration UAZ Profi


Despite tough competition, UAZ Profi will easily find a buyer in the budget segment of commercial vehicles. Against the background of the closest competitors, it stands out for a pleasant price, low-cost maintenance and an incredible cross-country ability. If you need a well-equipped, comfortable, passable and affordable light-duty truck - the Pro will be a worthy choice.