How to make a freezer at home

The front glass of the car should remain as transparent and clean as possible. This is necessary not only for aesthetic purposes, but also to ensure traffic safety. Insufficient visibility can lead to negative consequences, including the creation of an accident.

Rubber brushes - “wipers” - are removed from the glass, and the cleaning fluid spray system, which many motorists call non-freezing, helps in this. The nickname came from the physical characteristics, allowing the use of the composition even at low temperatures. However, not many people know that they can be made nezamerzayk their own hands for cars at home.


  • 1 Features of operation
  • 2 How to make a non-freeze at home
  • 3 Popular Washer Recipes
    • 3.1 Application of the dividing agent
    • 3.2 Using pure ethyl alcohol
    • 3.3 Preparation of Acetic Solution
    • 3.4 Fill Ammonia
    • 3.5 Dishwashing liquid

Features of operation

In the summer, motorists can do with ordinary water. In winter, it trivially freezes on any surface and in thin wiring tubes. To preserve the purity of the glass has to use third-party recipes.

What is the composition of the non-freezing car and the proportion of components

Price tags for any capacity of cleaning fluid available to most motorists. Also sell it at all points available to the driver:

  • auto shops;
  • Gas stations in the city and on the highway;
  • on car washes;
  • in most supermarkets;
  • in the markets, etc.

It should be borne in mind that in such cases, the composition of non-freezing liquid from an unknown manufacturer may not only be poorly effective, but also very dangerous for the driver and passengers. Some chemical formulas used significantly pollute the environment. The high-quality composition will be much more expensive than average solutions, so not everyone will agree to spend a large amount on such "chemistry." In this situation, national wit helps, knowledge of school chemistry and the availability of materials at hand.

Как сделать незамерзайку в домашних условиях

For the procedure takes a little time for anyone. The result is often a better solution than is sold in auto shops. The shelf life of the final composition in practice reaches several months, but you should not make significant reserves in advance.

Achieving a successful result is possible while observing the recipe and in the event that you follow certain rules:

  • To make a cooked omyvayk with your own hands did not leave saline or dirty stains on the glass, you will need to take perfectly purified water. Suitable boiled or passed through mechanical fluid filters. Otherwise, white translucent stripes may remain after it has dried.
  • Probes help to verify the positive qualities of the material. Prepared solutions with different concentrations in volumes of half a liter are laid in the freezer or on the balcony overnight. In the morning, we check the degree of freezing of each of them and choose the preferred solution.
  • Before pouring the solution in full volume into the car tank, it is worth testing its operation for a small portion. Spray the experimental formulations on the glass to determine the quality of their work. If any of the solutions leaves traces, then it is not suitable for real use, because the loss of visibility of the road can lead to an emergency on the road.
  • It is important to control the smell of the composition, as it will be heard by all passengers and the driver. Extremely sharp aromas are not desirable to use, and it is also necessary to minimize as much as possible alcohol-containing components. DPS officers will react to the latter.
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Such testing can be carried out with non-freezers purchased in questionable places or from an unknown manufacturer. It is not worth pouring the whole batch into the tank, but it is possible to reveal all the characteristics of the substance by a small dose.

Popular Washer Recipes

The composition of the non-freezing car and the proportions of the components are often chosen empirically. However, there are some proven solutions that have proven to be effective.

how is nezamerzayka do it yourself for cars

It should be borne in mind that each recipe has certain advantages and disadvantages, so you can independently choose the best option for yourself.

Application of the dividing agent

One of the most popular and obvious recipes for the solution is a washer made from household cleaners for glass and windows. The main task in this process is correctly selected proportions of the components.

Before pouring the chemical agent into the common container, it is necessary to check that ethyl alcohol is present in the chemical agent. Ingredients are listed on the label. For optimal results, you will need 2 parts of pure water and one part of a household cleaner. Accordingly, 33% concentrate and 67% diluent. To four liters of water we add two liters of the purchased liquid for glasses.

We use pure ethyl alcohol

For more than a decade, domestic motorists have used ordinary drinking alcohol for various technical purposes. It is useful as a cleaner for the windshield. The basis in this recipe is three liters of water.

Further, the volume of the additive depends on the degree of concentration of the available alcohol. If it is 96%, then only 650 ml will be needed. When 70% ethanol is available, we take 750 ml for a full bottle of water.

Based on any concentration of alcohol, you can calculate the required volume of the composition. The proportion is obtained as follows: 220 ml of pure C2H5OH requires 1 liter of water. By reducing the concentration in parallel lower the volume of water. It is also important to take into account the water added with the alcohol solution. In a bottle of water and ethanol add a tablespoon of washing powder, mix it well with the whole composition.

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Preparation of Acetic Solution

Choosing an effective, but ambiguous recipe, many motorists go for a bottle of vinegar. This non-freeze do-it-yourself alcohol-free is only relevant for long frosts that fall below -10WITH.

It is important to know that the aggressive vinegar odor is extinguished by the low ambient temperature.

The classic proportion is 1 to 1 of water and vinegar. Corresponding to 3 liters of the finished product will need half a liter of clear 9% vinegar. The use of apple or grape analogs is not recommended, as they include other components, for example, dyes or flavors.

Pour ammonia

If there is a large amount of ammonia, it is possible to prepare an optimal solution of the cleaner from this substance. Water in the prepared solution will take two parts, and ammonia liquid - one.

how to make a freezer at home

To collect 3 liters of such funds, you need to pour 2 liters of water and 1 liter of ammonia in a free container. Next, carefully stir all with a spatula. Do not shake it in plastic bottles or other containers. Foam formation is not allowed!

The composition of this non-freezing can be modified. On a three-liter container with the finished liquid during extreme frosts, experienced motorists recommend adding 100–120 ml of 9% vinegar. It is possible to get rid of the possible odor by adding to the composition of flavors, but they must contain a minimum of chemical components.

Dishwashing liquid

It is necessary to carefully consider the issue when forming a liquid based on detergents. The optimal is a concentrated composition in gel form. An example is the frequently encountered Fairy. When the user wants to choose a different chemistry, he should check for cold exposure by sending concentrate to the freezer or to the balcony on a frosty day for a few hours.

This option is the most budget and efficient among self-prepared. Get 5 liters of the finished substance will succeed by mixing 5 liters of water and a half tablespoons of kitchen chemistry. When a less concentrated liquid is available, you need to experiment on your own.