New cars renault 2014: logan, duster, koleos and sandero

The Renault company (Renault) again updated the model range of cars. Some of them have not yet been shown at the official premiere, but conversations are already widely spread on the world wide web. Someone from the netizens speaks about the application of new technologies in a super-powerful engine, others speak about the optical illusion that these cars can create.

Reno Logan 2014

This confirms the fact that the company never stands still, but is constantly developing and attracting the attention of all motorists. It is worth looking at the photos of such aggregates, as the jaw involuntarily goes down and the eyes open wide. What are they new Renault 2014 of the year?

Characteristics of the new Renault Logan

The assembly of the new Renault Logan will take place in Togliatti. In Renault Logan, the exterior and interior of the car were significantly changed in addition to the new interior design.

In the appearance of the new Reno Logan 2014 body elements and other trim details have been modified. A new optical system was installed together with a false radiator grille and a large bumper with an air collector.

The designers decided to experiment with the hood. Now he began to mount on open hinges, the trunk goes without a handle. The wings of the car made the car more inflated, thereby adding power to it.

Machine dimensions: 1733 mm - bottom, 4347 mm - length, 2634 mm - wheelbase, 155 mm - road sift and 1194 kg - weight cars. MakFerson suspension with transverse stabilizer, and a transverse beam at the rear. The car is designed for wheels 15 inches and tires 185/65.

In the interior of the cabin of the new Renault Logan designers have made folding rear seats with 3 adjustable head restraints. Due to the fact that the seats fold in the ratio of 6/4, you can significantly increase the amount of luggage, and it will be 510 liters. The front panel is completely ergonomic, made of plastic of the best quality.

In Russia, Renault Logan can be produced in three different trim levels:

  1. Basic equipment: 2 front airbags, lock on the central part, Isofix child mount, rear window heating, air conditioning, MP3 player with USB input, Bluetooth, light for the trunk and crankcase protection.
  2. Medium: completes the basic equipment with ABS, cruise control, temperature sensor, on-board computer, leather steering wheel and electric drive.
  3. Top of the range: the climate control system is installed here, the multimedia system MediaNav with touch controls and navigation.
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New Renault Logan

Photo Reno 2014 years shows how new Logan looks modern

Main characteristics Reno Logan 2014 in Russia:

  • 4-cylinder gasoline engine of 1.2 liters;
  • engine power 73-75 horsepower;
  • 2 overhead camshaft;
  • 16 valves DOHC;
  • 110 Nm of torque.

Designers are thinking about the release of a gas engine in Russia, with a total capacity of 72 horsepower. The transmission is manual, five-speed, there is a set of automatic transmission on four levels. The steering mechanism is complemented by a hydraulic booster. The brake system Renault Logan was thought out practical and reliable, using ventilated disc brakes in front of the car, and behind the drum wheels.

By the way, we have already managed to briefly talk about how the new Renault Logan was met in Russia.

Renault Duster 2014

Description of all-wheel drive Renault Duster

The Renault Duster crossover has always been considered the most affordable all-wheel drive car in Russia. He fit the Russian roads and roadless areas so much that not a single car could compete with him. Therefore, Renault designers in one year were able to achieve the popularity of this brand.

Never stopping their development, Renault designers have updated the basic version of the car and created a new Renault Duster 2014. The cost of the car has not changed, despite the fact that new features have become available: navigation, Bluetooth, ESC, cruise control system and parking sensors. It also has an advanced instrument panel and central panel.

For the machine, the client chooses the finish from 4 options, in particular with the skin material. The new GSI technology will be a hint for the driver while driving, the voice signal will prompt the optimal gear shift. Earlier in the cabin, noise was often heard, especially when the car began to pick up speed, so the designers installed a new noise insulation. The comfort of long journeys was provided by the new seats and increased trunk volume.

In appearance, Renault Duster updated the grille, new LED front and rear lights, which created a kind of aggressive car with notes of elegance. Chrome parts were used almost everywhere, even on the exhaust pipe and sticker. And further photo Reno 2014, which shows that the Duster has a fairly high ground clearance.

Appearance Renault Duster

Inside the car was installed a new 1.2-liter turbine gasoline engine with 4-cylinder and Eco Mode drive mode. Thus, Renault Duster began to significantly reduce fuel consumption, which made a comfortable and long ride for all passengers. At the old price you can buy a completely new car, an improved version of the Renault Logan.

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Transformed Renault Koleos 2014

Previously, Renault designers created a not entirely successful version of the Renault Coleos, since the demand for the car did not exceed its results. Therefore, new corrections were immediately made, which covered the shortcomings in full. Now in the appearance of the new Reno Koleos 2014 bright and sophisticated forms were applied. The size of the car has not changed, but in the front of the car, they have changed the bumper, head optics, bi-xenon headlights and a false grid. Installed new LED reflectors on the mirrors for turning the car. Renault Coleos comes with 18 inch wheels.

In the new Renault Koleos changed seats in the cabin. They have become large and comfortable with buttons for height adjustment. A large area for glass allows passengers to see a wide range of views. Switches were installed under the steering wheel, instrument suspension and climate control system with a color display. The interior is trimmed with high-quality material that has good wear resistance. The backs of the rear seats can bend, and the front seats have tables for rear passengers. In the basic configuration, you can install the Easybreak system that can fold the rear seats and, thus, increase the trunk volume to 130 liters.

In the package Reno Koleos 2014 has entered:

  • electro;
  • 6 airbags;
  • mode "start the motor without a key";
  • heated rear seats.

Navigation is set as a separate service. And here photo Reno 2014, Koleos also boasts good ground clearance:

Design Renault Koleos 2014

Components of the car will be offered in two versions, depending on the technical characteristics of the Renault Coleos:

  1. 4-cylinder gasoline engine of 2.5 liters and 171 horsepower. Manual transmission on 6 steps. 100 km in 10.3 seconds. Fuel consumption of 7.3 liters.
  2. 4-cylinder turbo-diesel engine of 2 liters and 150 horsepower. Automatic transmission. 100 km in 12.3 seconds. Fuel consumption of 7.3 liters.

Presentation of the new Renault Sandero Stepway

A new car was introduced in France in 2013. Reno Sandero Stepway 2014. The novelty came with a false radiator grille under the Dacia logo (in Russia, the Renault logo). The car is equipped with a new stylish body design, an additional protective part has been used as a decor. At the front of the body there are headlights and an air collector under the lower part of the bumper with a mesh grid. The body is made streamlined and covered with black plastic. Additionally, the designers installed plastic on the wheel arches, sill, on the front and rear bumper, which protects the car from minor damage.

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In the new version of the Renault Sandero Stepvey made large doorways and wheel arches, a strong rear rack. Installed rails for long journeys and shipping, as well as a powerful rear bumper and side light units. Wheel rims are easily alloyed in size R15-R16. Designers are developing for Renault new side moldings, stickers and rim designs with chrome elements.

In the interior Reno Sandero Stepway 2014 a large steering wheel, three dials, a large Torpedo with a center console, a multimedia touch screen system of 18 inches, as well as a radio, a navigator, Bluetooth and a USB input are installed. The volume of the trunk is 360 liters, with folded seats, the volume increases 3 times. Installed cruise control, air conditioning and parking sensors. On photo Reno 2014 years (Sandero Stepvey).

Renault Sandero Stepway 2014 year

The car engine can be either diesel or petrol, depending on the configuration. Complete set of the petrol engine:

  1. volume is 0.9 liters, power 90 horsepower
  2. volume 1.2 liters per 75 horsepower.

If we consider a complete set of a diesel engine, then its volume is 1.5 liters, and the power of 75-90 horsepower. For different configurations can be installed manual transmission in 5 stages or automatic on 4 levels.

New models of Renault always delight motorists for their rich colors and functional technical characteristics. It remains only to wait for their release.

Here is a nice video we came across in the open spaces of the network. The creators of the video tried to harmoniously fit into it all the advantages of the new Renault Coleos 2014: