Koreans retrofitted hyundai creta with an option package

Koreans retrofitted Hyundai Crete options package

Korean developers presented to the car owners a package of additional options for the crossover Hyundai Crete. This package is installed only on the top-end assembly of an all-wheel drive crossover, under the hood of which a two-liter 149-horsepower gasoline engine is working. The package, which extends the capabilities of the crossover to significant limits, was named "Style", however, it can be purchased only with another package, which is referred to as"Advanced"Both packages work only in a complete set with a two-liter top engine, an automatic six-speed transmission and an all-wheel drive system. For all these luxuries, in the form of two additional packages, the car owner is offered to unfasten 125 thousand wooden: fifty thousand per packageAdvanced"and, accordingly, seventy five thousand - for a package"Style". Koreans retrofitted Hyundai Crete options package What is included in the package "Advanced"? The steering wheel is trimmed with natural leather and equipped with heating elements. Heated will receive the back row of seats, and it will be controlled, having two modes of heat transfer. The dashboard will be replaced by a Supervision panel with a 3.5-inch screen and adjustable backlight. Electric heating will receive all the windshield and windshield washer nozzles. Instead of the standard, within the package "Advanced" on Hyundai Crete A multimedia device with a five-inch touchscreen will be installed, broadcasting audio to four output speakers. A backsight camera and light sensors will appear.

What is included in the package "Style"?  Functionality Hyundai Crete will be expanded with a keyless entry system and a push-button engine launch. The driver's door will be fitted with an electric window lifter, the glass will be lowered and raised after pressing the corresponding button once. Two more speakers will be added to the multimedia system kit, this time high-frequency ones. Ecological leather will replace fabric interior trim. Conventional front optics will be replaced by projection headlights with cornering lights when the steering wheel is rotated. Fog lights and daytime LED lights will appear. Taillights will also be LED. Corps side mirrors will get turn signal. The back row of seats will receive a central head restraint, the grille will be chrome-trimmed, the bumper will be tweaked with silver lining, and the chassis will be shod in a seventeen-inch light-alloy “casting” for 215/60 tires. Koreans retrofitted Hyundai Crete options package Korean Hyundai Creta crossover in our market it has a motor range of two power units: these are 123- and 149-strong gasoline engines. Both can work with both automatic and manual transmissions, however, all-wheel drive can only be for a complete set with the most powerful in the line and the engine and "automatic". Starting equipment Hyundai Crete will cost the buyer 750 kilorubley. And the top one is 1140 thousand. Adding new packages here, we get that the coolest Hyundai Crete will cost 1265 thousand rubles.

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Serially from the conveyor of the Russian-Korean automobile plant in St. Petersburg Hyundai Crete I started to go only 1 August 2016.