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Initially, under the name of the coupe produced two-door car with a closed body for 3-4 seats. But gradually, Coupe became, rather, a marketing symbol, the task of which is to emphasize the sportiness, the charge of the car. Very often, companies produce coupe versions based on popular models. Therefore, little remains of the primordial concept. But some brands stubbornly continue to create cars that fully correspond to the historical significance of this class.

coupe cars

Leaders of cars of a compartment class

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Class leaders

There are a lot of models among the auto coupe, which complicates the choice. But our list was created on the basis of the maximum compliance of the car with its name and attitude to the class Coupe. Therefore, we did not include here BMW of different series with Coupe consoles, cars from Mercedes, Audi and other brands with corresponding names.

We have chosen cars that can be considered real representatives of their class. Among them are European, Japanese, American models and not only. These are the best of the best based on statistics, customer reviews, and automotive experts.

Our top brands include the following brands:

  • Mazda;
  • Hyundai;
  • Nissan;
  • Subaru;
  • Toyota;
  • Chevrolet;
  • Ford;
  • BMW;
  • Porsche.

In a really good coupe-class car, such criteria as external attractiveness, speed, dynamism with simultaneous reliability and safety should be combined.

We invite you to find out what kind of cars in the coupe we consider the best in its class. Any submitted car can be in your garage. Each of them is incredibly beautiful, but this is only one of the many advantages of cars.

370 g

nissan 370 g nismo

The legendary Nissan 370 g Nismo

The car from the company Nissan, which replaced the legendary 350Z. Many were skeptical about the change of names and generations, but in reality the 370 g proved to be a worthy heir to the coupe with such wild popularity.

The car is incredibly beautiful. This is a sports car in the coupe with a fighting character, which was achieved due to the excellent technical characteristics. Under the hood, the Japanese coupe has a 3.7 liter engine with 332 horsepower. Only 5 seconds you need a car to accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers per hour.

Genesis Coupe

Coupe Genesis Coupe

Interesting coupe from the company Nissan

This is a very interesting coupe from Korea from Hyundai. The car has existed since 2009 and continues to delight customers with its charming appearance, excellent technical characteristics and modern interior equipment.

You can choose from a pair of 2.0 and 3.8-liter turbocharged engines. The most powerful version produces 416 horsepower.

Parameters allow Genesis to be on a par with true sports cars. At the same time, Hyundai tried to make the car universal. Therefore, it is comfortable to ride on it not only on highways at extreme speeds, but also in city conditions, it is easy to maneuver in traffic jams and behave at low speeds.


mazda mx-5 cutter

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Legendary car is very compact. This coupe has a charming appearance and at the same time makes it clear that impressive technical characteristics are hidden under the hood.

The brainchild of Mazda is perfect for the city, but can compete on the highway. With a small weight of the car, its 160 horsepower shows maximum performance.

This is not a racing car, but a worthy option for those who are looking for a fast coupe with a beautiful appearance, high level of safety and modern equipment. The new generation has become a worthy continuation of the legendary predecessor.


Subaru Speed ​​Coupes

Subaru BRZ attracts with its appearance

Under this name, the company presented its coupe Subaru. This is a joint product with Toyota, the analogue of which also hit our top.

BRZ created with an eye on the Asian and European markets. Such a coupe attracts with its appearance, impressive technical characteristics and modern filling.

On the car set the engine volume of 2.0 liters, which produces 200 horsepower. Not the most impressive characteristics, but the car will not consume dozens of liters of fuel in the city. And on the coupe track will be a worthy competition to other cars.


bmw z4 coupe

BMW Carmaker Coupe

Another legend. This time from the German automaker BMW. This is the first coupe-class car for the company, but an incredibly successful attempt to gain new positions.

The car has gone through a change of generations and a number of modifications. There are few such cars on the Russian roads, which makes them more attractive and exclusive.

The most popular is the version with a 3-liter engine and turbocharging, which gives 340 horsepower. Decent representative of the class coupe.


porsche boxster GTS

Boxster GTS is not the most expensive representative of the line

Creation of the German company Porsche, which is one of the best manufacturers of coupe-class cars. The range from the company is impressive, but we decided to focus on the Boxter model.

This is not the most expensive representative of the line, but with a rich history, beautiful appearance and excellent technical characteristics.

In Russia, the compact coupe from Porsche is not as popular as in the West and in the USA, but the true connoisseurs of the coupe body will appreciate this car worthily. Especially if you take the version with a 3.4-liter engine and 310 horsepower. From a standstill to 100 kilometers per hour, the car accelerates in 5.2 seconds.


audi tt cut

TT most popular coupe class representative

Few people know about a car like the Audi TT. One of the most popular representatives of the coupe class, which has sold thousands of copies worldwide since its inception.

Recently, the world saw the third generation of TT, which was presented in Paris in March of this year. Engine options will expand over time, but for now the new generation of the coupe goes along with a 2-liter turbo engine for 220 horsepower.

If there is no money to buy a new version, the secondary market offers a huge selection of used TTs of the first and second generation.

GT 86

toyota GT 86

GT 86 coupe is quite dynamic

This is actually a clone of BRZ from Toyota, because the car was developed jointly. The audience is more attracted by Toyota. What is the reason, it is difficult to say.

GT 86 is a fairly dynamic coupe with a modern filling and a very attractive appearance. At the same time, the car is not so expensive and it feels great in the conditions of the city and close traffic jams.

In Russia, the model is in great demand in the secondary market. It is not surprising, because you can find an excellent copy of the sample of 2010-2013, literally for 1-1.2 million rubles.

Nissan GT-R

nissan gt-r

GT-R car outperforms its competitors

Great coupe in all respects. High engine performance, relatively low fuel consumption, rich filling and comfortable interior space with a full 2 ​​+ 2 format.

The car has surpassed all the main competitors, because it offers for modest money a real sports car in the coupe. The car deserves the highest ratings, and therefore is popular all over the world, including Russia.


chevrolet camaro coupe

Legend Chevrolet Camaro

A legend from the Chevrolet company, which not only a little boy dreams, but also any adult uncle. The car personifies the coupe class.

Camaro is one of the best American cars with a rich history. He has only one full-fledged and eternal competitor, which will be discussed later.

Camaro offers a wide range of engines, equipment and options. The disadvantage of the car is the conditional back row, where in reality only compact passengers or children can fit comfortably. In all other respects, there are no complaints about the car. This is the Camaro.


ford mustang coupe

Leadership in the sports coupe category behind the Mustang

If anyone can impose a struggle for leadership in the category of sports coupe and muscle cars, then only Mustang from Ford.

The new generation is somewhat gone from the traditions of the Mustang, which caused an uproar. But if you get to know him better, you will understand that this is the right move by Ford.

Mustang is fast, modern, economical and equally daring. You can buy a car with just a 2-liter engine, but get the feeling as if under the hood at least 3.5 liters. Mustang has become a high-tech, which made it a real embodiment of the modern sports coupe.

Важно понимать, что кузов купе имеет много вариаций и модификаций. Есть как обычные городские автомобили, так и <atitle=»Рейтинг мощных спортивных авто» href=»»>спортивные заряженные болиды. И тут сложно найти истинного лидера, ведь в каждом подсегменте идёт своя упорная борьба между конкурирующими автопроизводителями.

Write in the comments what a coupe is for you, and what kind of car you would rank among the leaders. Your opinion is very important to us. Subscribe, invite friends and stay with us.