Identification of icons on the dashboard

Many novice drivers, or even experienced drivers, do not always understand the illuminated icon on the dashboard. Some fall into a stupor, some continue to move, not paying attention to the new brightly burning light bulb. And someone, really understanding these symbols, can say with confidence whether the fact that a new icon has appeared on the panel is critical, or you can postpone the problem until tomorrow.

We decided to help all, without exception, car owners, someone will learn something new, and someone will remember the old.

So look and remember!

1. Fog lights (front).

2. Malfunctioning power steering.

3. Fog lights (rear).

4. Insufficient fluid level in the washer tank.

5. Worn brake pads.

6. Icon included cruise control.

7. Turn signals are on.

8. Light and rain sensor.

9. Winter mode.

10. Information message indicator.

11. The indicator of the spark plugs cylinder.

12. Frost.

13. Indication when detecting a contactless key.

14. Key not found.

15. Replace the key battery.

16. Dangerous reduction of the distance on the road.

17. Depress the clutch pedal.

18. Squeeze the brake pedal.

19. The steering column is locked.

20. The headlight is on.

21. Insufficient tire pressure.

22. Indicator turn on outdoor lighting.

23. Outdoor lighting is faulty.

24. Stop - the signal is faulty.

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25. Particulate filter defective.

26. Warning tow hitch.

27. Warning air suspension.

28. Lane change.

29. The catalyst is overheated.

30. Seat belt not fastened.

31. Parking brake activated.

32. Battery defective.

33. Parking assistance.

34. Requires maintenance.

35. Adaptive headlights.

36. Automatic tilt headlights not working.

37. Rear spoiler is not working.

38. Malfunction of the roof in the cabriolet.

39. Airbag error.

40. The handbrake is faulty.

41. Water in the fuel filter.

42. Airbag deactivated.

43. Malfunction.

44. Dipped beam headlamps included.

45. The air filter is dirty.

46. ​​Fuel economy mode.

47. The system of assistance descent from the mountain.

48. The temperature is elevated.

49. Anti-lock system is faulty.

50. Fuel filter is faulty.

51. The door is open.

52. The hood is open.

53. Low fuel level.

54. Automatic transmission is faulty.

55. Automatic speed limiter.

56. Suspension dampers.

57. Low oil pressure.

58. Heated windshield.

59. The trunk is open.

60. The stabilization system is on.

61. Rain sensor.

62. Malfunction in the engine.

63. Heated rear window.

64. Automatic windshield cleaning.

15 life tips for motorists

  1. Do not drive drunk.
  2. Not a single day without insurance.
  3. Always clip on.
  4. If you want to sleep, stop, sleep.
  5. Do not forget about the three "D" - give way to a fool.
  6. Listen to your car, not the music and your passengers.
  7. Do not brake sharply - not Schumacher is driving behind.
  8. Check the oil and coolant level before driving.
  9. The first 3 months behind the wheel, do not smoke, do not listen to music and do not chat with passengers.
  10. Never rush, the extra hour is not worth living.
  11. Follow the rules of the road.
  12. Respect pedestrians.
  13. Remember, the most dangerous periods of driving are 3 months, then after 1 year, 5 years, and after 15 years
  14. Sit in the car correctly - you will not earn scoliosis.
  15. Always look only forward.
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