Choice of alloy wheels

When choosing a light alloy disk, one should take into account not only its beautiful design, but also a number of other very important details. You need to know the diameter of the hole under the hub, the number and location of the mounting holes (for example, 5 × 112), the reach and width of the rim, the diameter of the fit of the disc. There is a huge amount of cast and forged wheels of different sizes, but it could be a problem to choose exactly the picture you like, and besides, it would fit your car model.

Alloy wheels In no case can not choose alloy wheels, starting from their width. It is certainly beautiful, but after installation on the car, the driver begins to wonder about the difficult turn of the steering wheel. Drivers who have chosen rather narrow wheels may face the same effect. The fact is that with a small overhang of the wheel, the wheel hub is recessed deep into the rim, due to this the track expands. The wide rubber on the wide rim certainly improves the vehicle's directional stability, and makes the road hitch better. Of course there are downsides. Wide wheels make the steering wheel less sensitive, fuel consumption increases, and the dynamics decrease as the car accelerates.

Proper disk acquisition

Try to choose your favorite model, so that she had the appropriate certificate. Although nowadays any piece of paper is not a problem for the seller, a reliable seller or shop always have authentic documents on their goods. If possible, do not buy discs with Asian origin. They look quite beautiful, while inexpensive, but the quality of them, to tell the truth - no! Such light-alloy wheels quickly corrode, paint begins to peel, and even not strong attacks on hummocks and borders, will cause one hundred percent defect in the disk. If you want to find not expensive disks, pay attention to the Russian production. Russia has always been able to handle steel.

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Alloy wheels

At last

What would your beautiful acquisition served faithfully, try not to fly into the holes and do not jump on the bumps. If you don’t know the part of the road, do not accelerate, there will be a hole ahead. Especially dangerous road with poor coverage for a car with low-profile tires. A disc with such a tire, gets blows three times more than with ordinary rubber. It is said of course not enough. One thing is for sure: light-alloy wheels are designed not only for good cars, but also for good roads.