Features and parameters in the selection of spark plugs


Each motorist has his own technique for selecting the spark plugs of the injector. In most cases, car owners buy cheap products or those advised by acquaintances or friends. This approach to the selection of spare parts is not allowed.

Spark plugs for a car are a weighty detail of the functioning of the power unit of a car’s engine and sometimes a single faulty or poor-quality spark plug is enough to increase the consumption of vehicle fuel fluid or break down an internal combustion engine. In this article we will consider the specifics of the selection of goods and analyze which spark plugs are better.

The main criteria for selecting spark plugs

There are a number of characteristics, in addition to price and manufacturer, which are responsible for the quality and reliability of the spark plugs. Having bought low-quality goods, you will soon have to buy a new one.

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Spark plug

A weighty detail of the functioning of the power unit of the machine motor

Spark Plug Size

Basically, even beginners can figure out such a parameter as size. If you buy a product less than it was before, it will simply be impossible to screw it into the slot. A product with large parameters will not fit, or it will stick out of the place reserved for it. Geometrical characteristics of the product should correspond to the threaded metric part, its length, and the size of the hexagon head to the parameters specified in the technical documentation for your machine.

Heat plump

For the correct selection of the spark plugs of the injector, it is necessary to understand the value of its glowing number. Let us consider in more detail what will happen if you select a product with an inappropriate heat value.

The magnitude of the glowing number affects the self-cleaning level of the candle. If it is not properly selected, full ignition of the vehicle’s fuel fluid may not occur, which will result in incomplete combustion of the mixture and formation of layering on the product.

According to the parameters of the calorific number, hot plugs are emitted - the calorific value ranges from 11 to 14, which is suitable for cars that have a low-revving engine and are cold - the absolute magnitude of the calorific value exceeds 20 units.

Cold and hot candle зажигания

Cold and hot candle

Products with a high heat rating are designed for premium cars, as well as racing and sports cars. Smaller values ​​of the calorific number are intended for family-type cars that are not used in high-speed driving and do not require sharp ignition. With low parameters of the calorific value and high temperature indicators of the engine, the candle quickly overheats, which can significantly affect its service life.

The right decision will be to choose a product with a heat rating that is as close as possible to the value recommended by the manufacturer of your car.

Number of electrodes

Spark plugs have different design features. The simplest products are two-electrode candles. Their price is low, but the service life is small - the car’s mileage with such spare parts is up to 30 thousand kilometers. The product has a ceramic body with a metal cup, one central and one side electrode.

Among inexpensive two-electrode products, it is necessary to select products from Champion, in which both electrodes, side and center, are made of a special alloy of copper. This increases the period of operation of products almost doubled.

Champion Champion

Production Champion

In the process of development of the technical industry, multi-electrode products appeared that have one central and three or four side electrodes. This type of product has a longer period of operation: when the main electrode becomes unusable, the spark goes to the spare electrode. The torch in such details is formed exactly in the center, which increases the quality of combustion of the fuel mixture.

The material from which the candle is made

The duration of operation and product reliability are affected by the material from which it is made. Experts during scientific research have shown evidence that the thinner the electrode, the more powerful the spark. Increasing the power of the spark provokes an increase in temperature indicators of the spark plug at the end of the electrode. Conventional candles are made of nickel or copper. It is known that not every metal can withstand high temperature conditions, therefore, platinum and iridium have been used in products. Platinum or iridium spares last two or three times longer than classic ones, self-cleaning due to high temperatures. They cost several times more expensive than usual.

Products with precious metals, despite the high price category, provide an opportunity to save on fuel consumption. For gasoline engines, this is about 7 percent. For diesel engines a little less, but also significantly for the owner of the car. In the end, overpaying for products, you can beat off the price difference in about three or four months.

Precious Metal Product

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There are still pre-chamber products. A feature of their functioning is the volume ignition of the fuel mixture, which significantly increases the engine power. However, the opinions of experts on this category of products are divided. Such details are very expensive, and the tests have not yet produced unambiguous results.

Prechamber свечи

Prechamber изделия

Electrode gap

Another significant characteristic is the distance between the electrodes. Injection engines are distinguished by the electronic method of applying a spark to a candle under high voltage. If there is a small gap between the electrodes, this will differ in the service life of the part. With a small gap there is not enough spark power to ignite the fuel mixture, which provokes misfiring. A large gap can provoke the passage of a very weak spark between the contacts - in this case, the motor simply will not start.

The normal clearance between the electrodes of the spark plug of the injector is considered to be from 1 to 1.3 millimeters.

Some tips

  1. To buy really good candles for your car, follow the technical specifications of your car. At present, there is an opportunity in online stores or according to special catalogs to choose a product by car brand, VIN-code, engine type and volume.
  2. Give preference to products of well-known manufacturers. The most popular today are the brands Bosch, Champion, Brisk, NGK.
  3. Examine in detail the parameters of the product that you are going to purchase, refrain from shopping in natural markets or spare parts with hands.
  4. If you have the financial opportunity, give preference to products from the platinum or iridium series. Otherwise, you can choose good multi-electrode candles, which also proved to be excellent in operation.

Let's sum up

The purchase of parts of decent quality, which guarantee the stable operation of the engine at any speed and the cost-effective use of gasoline by a vehicle, is the most important moment when choosing spark plugs. There is no one answer to the question “Which spark plugs are better?”.

The right choice will definitely be the products that are recommended by the manufacturer of your car. A serviceable engine will work fine even with ordinary candles.

If, nevertheless, you need to purchase products that will increase engine power, will maximally meet your driving style, use special product interchangeability tables or company catalogs of the manufacturer’s plant. This approach to the purchase of goods for 100 percent will guarantee the correctness of your choice.