Honda accord 7th generation 2002-2008 in the secondary

Honda Accord with a mileage of 2002-2008 release in the secondary market costs decent money even today, and this is not without reason, powerful motors are installed in this car, the car behaves very playfully, pleasant appearance and beautiful interior - all this costs money.

The look of a used car Honda Accord 7

And now we will see how expensive this car is to maintain and how reliable it is.

Unlike the previous generation, the 7th generation Honda Accord is produced in Japan, at the main Honda plant. The Japanese assembly, of course, is good, but the Japanese too have their sins, for example, after some time on the S-versions the bumper may slightly sag, because they have a weak mount, while cars manufactured before 2006 got paint on their hoods, and the area near the chrome lining rusted. And all this happened within 3 years of operation, so many hoods were replaced under warranty.

In general, the paintwork is persistent, but still, chips may appear over time, and if they are serious, that metal is visible, then it is better to paint them right away, as they may bloom, and rust will actively grow. As for the chrome parts of the body, they are not particularly resistant to road chemistry, so after a while chrome begins to fade. The weakest place where corrosion appears is the rear arches, but this problem can always be fixed. By the way, the windshield is quickly erased, so you need to install soft wipers, and it is better not to drive in the car wash often, because they are overwriting the paintwork and the car loses gloss.

Автомобиль Honda Accord 7 with mileage

As for the electrics in the Accord, it is very reliable, because it is based on a multicomplex bus. Difficulties may arise only if installing additional elements such as a cooler audio system or alarm system. There are cases that the door locks fail, here the fault is not an electrician, but worn plastic gears on the locks.

But there may be problems with the light: if you often use fog lamps, then they very often break the glass, you have to change them - $ 120 is the fog lamp. As for the front headlights, they fog up, which is not very good for xenon ignition units and they can burn out. And new xenon units cost about 270 dollars. There are minor problems: regular batteries, which have a small energy intensity and they are short-lived. Still quite often light bulbs burn outhighlighting buttons in the cabin. Nozzles on the wipers of the headlights happen to be stuck, their replacement will cost 180 dollars. Under the hood with the electrician everything is in order - all the elements are well insulated.

What is good about the Honda Accord is the fact that even in the basic configuration it has full power, climate control, audio system, ABS and several airbags.

4-cylinder engines of 2 and 2.4 liters are installed under the bonnet, their reliability deserves praise, the i-VTEC system works well.

Купить Honda Accord 7 with mileage

Motors quietly withstand more than 350000 km, but after this run, it will be necessary to replace the cylinder block, which already has a nickel-silicon coating for this run. The price of such a new light-alloy cylinder block is about $ 3,000. But sometimes you can manage to replace the unit and just find the experts who install the liner, it will cost about $ 1,200. In the meantime, the 350000 km car will not depart, there is no problem with the motor, well, sometimes it happens that the tensioner of the drive belt of the mounted units will require replacement, which is about $ 125. Also sometimes require replacing seals and some seals. And if you drive a car in a sporty style, then after 100,000 km, engine mounts may fail, they cost about 120 dollars.

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Honda Accord 7 with mileage

To make the car last longer, you need to monitor the oil level and fill only the traditional oil from Honda. And all branded liquids are not cheap, for example, after 200,000 km will need new antifreeze, so firm antifreeze costs 10 dollars per liter. As for the oil, you can pour the original oil Idemitsu, BP or Mobil, 4 liters. This oil will cost 100 - 120 dollars. Also, it is necessary to regularly change the timing chain and hydraulic tensioner.

Honda Accord does not have hydraulic valve pushers, so if there is a tapping under the valve cover, you just need to adjust the gaps with screws, such work costs about $ 60. Generally, by the rules it is necessary to adjust the gaps every 45,000 km. It is better not to wait for knocks.

Salon Honda Accord 2008 with mileage

In addition, neutralizers, which cost $ 1,100, and oxygen sensors of $ 300 each, do not live too long. Every 15,000 km need to be replaced and spark plugs, if we are talking about ordinary candles, if you install candles with iridium coating on the electrodes, then they will hold about 60,000 km.


Gearboxes have exemplary reliability. On machines with 2-liter engines, a mechanical 5-pounder is installed, and on machines with a 2.4-liter engine costs 6-step mechanics. Every 60,000 km, you need to change the transmission oil - you should fill it with the original Honda MTF and there will be no problems with the box. Strength approximately 140000 km, its replacement will cost $ 500, and it should be changed as soon as there are signs that it has failed so that the flywheel of the engine is not damaged.

There are cars with automatic transmissions, and there are quite a few of them - about 80% of cars. Automatic transmission is also very reliable, easily withstands more than 200,000 km, if change gear oil every 45 thousand km. It is necessary to fill the Honda ATF Z1, and the box will work fine. And after 200,000 km. This box can be slightly repaired - changing the friction clutches and the shaft bearings, in general, such an easy repair of the box will cost about $ 1,000.

Honda Accord 7 Mileage Suspension


The suspension design is the same as that of the previous generation Honda Accord, and as you know, that Accord had a reliable suspension. No aluminum parts, front - 2 levers. First of all, after about after 40,000 km. stabilizer bushings fail on the front suspension, the bushes themselves cost $ 7, but the work of replacing them pulls at $ 40 each.

After about 70,000 km the stabilizer bar fails, the replacement will cost about $ 35. Further, after 100 thousand km. may require replacement of the upper arms, which are assembled with a ball bearing and silent-block, such a set will cost $ 130. Also, for this run you need to be ready to replace the front silent blocks of the lower arms, they cost $ 20. After 130,000 km. can start knocking the lower ball joint, but separately you can buy only non-original ball, and the original comes complete with a steering knuckle, which costs $ 280. To all this, you still need to change the hub bearing for $ 90.

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Honda Accord 7 with mileage 172000

There are enough shock absorbers for about 150,000 km. they are strong enough, filled with gas, a set of front shock absorbers will pull 360 dollars, and rear ones - 440. These shock absorbers are good because they will “sweat” for a long time, but will function almost fully.

On the rear suspension, it will be necessary to change the silent blocks after about 200 thousand km. If you completely bust the rear suspension with original parts, then such a repair will cost about $ 800. Up to 200,000 km it will be necessary to change the upper arms and stabilizer joints. Levers cost about $ 125.

On cars produced before 2005, there is one characteristic feature - at the right rear wheel, the camber angle reaches the tolerance limit, and if the suspension is worn out, then the angle goes to minus. In the service centers, at first, the lever mounting nut to the subframe was digested slightly to the side, some craftsmen made a hole in the lever for the bolt, but over time, longer levers appeared and the problem disappeared by itself.

By the way, the Accord Type-S has a stiffer suspension, otherwise the “sport version” is the same as the usual Accord, with the exception of some decorative elements.

Honda Accord 7 steering gear

Steering gear

About after 80,000 km will have to change the tips of the steering gearwhich cost about 55 dollars. The steering itself costs about $ 2,000, but even if there are knocks in the rail, this is not a reason for a replacement, you can drive for a long time despite the knocking, and the real reason for a replacement will be the drip of working fluid. Or you can not change the rack mechanism, and bust it, it will cost $ 800.

Should also every 60,000 km change fluid in power steering - Honda PSF, which costs about 10 dollars per liter. Then the power steering pump, which costs $ 1,000, will last longer.

Brake pads need to be changed quite often - the back after 20,000 thousand are completely erased, and the front ones are kept about 25,000 km. After 40 thousand km. need to change and wheels also, a pair of which costs about 350 dollars.

Honda Accord 7 with mileage моторчик круиза

And all because powerful calipers are installed on Chords, despite the fact that the base pads are quite soft. Also, the pads are quickly erased due to the fact that the exchange rate stability system actively uses the brake system to stabilize the car on the road. In general, the calmer you ride, the less often you have to change the pads and discs. The stabilization system does not fail, and if a signal suddenly appears that it is faulty, then you just need to clear the response magnetic rings on the sensors.

In general, the Honda Accord of the 7th generation is a fairly reliable car without any technical problems; one can say that there are none at all. But the price for this car is rather big - cars in the age of 6-7 years cost about 500,000 rubles, cars younger than 2007 cost about 800,000 rubles in general, which is also a lot. For this money you can buy the same in terms of reliability Mazda 6, and it will cost about 150,000 cheaper. In addition, for the money you can safely buy a 5-year-old BMW 3-series in the back of the E90. But the Accord is a reliable car, and therefore relatively expensive, so for those who are looking for a car that will serve for a long time, the Accord is an excellent choice.

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Honda Accord 7 with mileage фото авто

Feelings of a 7th generation Honda Accord

A 2.4-liter chord with a motor is very bright, the engine has an excellent load, there are some similarities with a motorcycle, you gently push the gas pedal, and the car responds very quickly and accelerates.

Honda's 5-speed automatic transmission works well, without jerks and brakes. And for those who want to experience the sport mode - you need to switch the gear lever to D3 mode. In this mode, the box does not rise above 3rd gear and there is the possibility of engine braking. In 3rd gear, the Accord accelerates to 150 km / h, therefore, in this mode you can drive around the city and on the highway; the Accord shows itself especially well when overtaking in D3 mode. There is also a manual mode in which the box really simulates a manual gearbox - if the accelerator pedal is pressed hard at low speeds, the gear will not shift down, and if the speed has reached the maximum value, the gearbox will not switch up. So, here is a real manual mode and you need to understand what you are doing.

Engine Honda Accord 7 with mileage

Brakes, in spite of the fact that the pads need to be changed frequently, are sufficiently sufficient, there is an ABS system that is correctly configured. Also, the car has a VSA stabilization system, which is great for drivers who love active driving. The system works unobtrusively and corresponds to the desire of the driver. The car even has sporting features - if the accelerator pedal is abruptly dropped in a turn, the skid will start abruptly, but thanks to the VSA system, the course stability will also quickly recover.

As for the steering, it is very good, the car is easy to hold on the road, the steering wheel is informative, but if an obstacle suddenly appears and you have to drive around it, then the information content may slightly decrease, but the connection with the car will remain.

Among the shortcomings of this car can only be hard sports suspension. If you drive on a flat road, then everything is fine, but as soon as you leave for poor coverage, strong jolts appear in the cabin, which all passengers begin to throw up, and the tires emit a fairly strong noise. Therefore, the Honda Accord is perfect for those who are going to drive on a good road.

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