The best summer tires for the crossover


Many car owners underestimate the importance of changing tires in accordance with the season. And if with winter everything is clear that in cold weather, improved traction on icy and snowy roads is necessary, then not everyone understands the need to use special rubber in summer.

summer tires for crossovers

What tires for summer to choose for crossovers

Читать далее о рейтинге летних покрышек для кроссоверов-->Однако есть причины, по которым менять резину на летнюю просто необходимо:

  • winter tires are too soft at high temperatures, which reduces handling and increases braking distance;
  • soft winter tires wear out quickly on hot asphalt;
  • the use of winter tires in summer increases fuel consumption.

Thus, the main characteristics for which we choose tires are the ability to remove heat and wear resistance. Also, the best summer tires for crossovers should be good to remove dirt and water for normal movement on the roads, have good grip on hot asphalt and during rain.


сrossсontact ATR for crossovers

CrossContact ATR with improved off-road performance

Rating of summer tires for crossovers is headed by one of the world's leading tire manufacturers, the German company Continental, which offers a wide range of models. Note offroad summer tires CrossContact ATR and ContiCrossContact UHP.

CrossContact ATR has improved off-road performance:

  1. Special technology TractionPlus +, created taking into account the features of the management of crossovers and SUVs. Improved grip on wet surfaces and in mud porridge. The tread structure prevents dirt from slipping through the blocks, so better controllability is achieved.
  2. The improved rubber composition to which the polymer is added, as well as the tread with effective water removal, give good handling on wet asphalt
  3. The tread structure prevents sticking of stones, resistant to cracks and cuts. The tire is characterized by durability and wear resistance.
  4. The design of the tire allows you to reduce noise and achieve a smooth ride.

The CrossContact ATR size range covers the diameter of R15-R20, the cost of 6500 p.

The ContiCrossContact UHP is a choice for high-speed driving and is suitable for sports crossovers. Characterized by:

  • high control when maneuvering;
  • small stopping distance;
  • optimal traction and precise control;
  • the special compound makes the rubber less rolling and with good adhesion to the road surface.

Summer tires ContiCrossContact UHP have a wide range of sizes R16-R23, the price starts from 6000 p.

Good Year

goodyear efficientgrip suv

Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV - the universal version of summer tires

The top of the best tires continues in 2017 is another German brand offering a wide range of tires for the crossover for the summer season. Here it should be noted EfficientGrip SUV and Wrangler MT / R.

Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV - the universal version of summer tires для города и лёгкого бездорожья. Основные особенности:

  • lightweight construction, low fuel consumption;
  • a special polymer in the composition of rubber improves grip in wet weather;
  • has side slots that improve braking on dry asphalt;
  • increased mileage and durability due to the special composition of rubber;
  • improved handling in turn and maneuvering;
  • increased tread side durability.

Possible diameter R16-R22, you can buy tires for the summer for 6000 rubles and more depending on the size.

Summer tires Wrangler MT / R is designed specifically for driving crossovers in extreme conditions. They are not very suitable for high-speed driving, but do an excellent job with deep mud and rough terrain. Features:

  • improved dirt removal and clingability to solid ground;
  • the addition of silica in the composition allows you to feel confident on a wet road;
  • Kevlar layer and reinforced sidewalls make the tire resistant to aggressive environment.

These tires are especially good during rains, both on asphalt and in difficult road conditions. Covers diameters of R15-R18, price from 12 000 r.


cross climate for SUVs

CrossClimate SUV - universal tire for summer and mild winter

The French company does not stand aside our rating and offers a wide selection of summer tires. Compare models for crossovers Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% CrossClimate SUV и Latitude Cross.

CrossClimate SUV is positioned as a universal tire that will not fail even in light snow. If you do not have time to change the tires from summer to winter, or winter has come earlier than expected, you will still be safe. Features:

  • directional tread with deep channels for drainage;
  • a large number of sectors for efficient handling on snow;
  • rounded edges of the blocks for precise driving on dry pavement;
  • a special system of lamellae allows to reduce the deformation of the tread and increase the service life of summer rubber when used both in the city and on the roads;
  • The innovative composition of rubber with silica, plasticizers and polymer increases wear resistance and reduces fuel consumption.

Available sizes R17-R19, price from 9000 p.

Latitude Cross - the best tires from Michelin for crossovers for the summer season:

  • a large number of cutting edges improves traction on a difficult-to-get coating;
  • a special polymer in the composition of rubber allows you to withstand the loads, the negative effects of gravel and stones, which increases wear resistance;
  • curved tread shape reduces noise.

Available in a wide range of sizes R15-R18, price from 7 000 p.


p zero red

P Zero Rosso suitable for sports crossovers

It is rightfully included in the ranking of the best summer tires and the company Pirelli, from among which models we can recommend Scorpion Verde and P Zero Rosso. The first is specially created for premium crossovers and SUVs. The second is focused on sports driving style.

Scorpion Verde is characterized by:

  • good resistance to wet asphalt;
  • light weight and reduced rolling resistance;
  • low noise level;
  • reduced fuel consumption;
  • tread design designed specifically for the crossover;
  • reinforced shoulder area;
  • The optimum content of silicon dioxide in the rubber composition slows down its wear;
  • Polymer additives improve wet grip performance.

The diameter range of R16-R22, price from 5000 p.

P Zero Rosso suitable for sports crossovers, хорошо зарекомендовали себя как на сухом асфальте, так и на мокрой дороге. Особенности покрышек:

  • two types of tread pattern: directional and asymmetrical;
  • improved water drainage and good response when maneuvering on wet surfaces, high level of adhesion on bends;
  • extended outer shoulder area, high lateral grip and cornering.

The size range is small, R18-R20, cost from 8 000 r.


bridgestone dueler sport

Rubber with increased wear resistance

For crossovers, the Japanese company Bridgestone has developed a line of Dueler. Here you can choose premium tires for sports crossovers H / P Sport, as well as more versatile, designed for city and easy off-road A / T 697.

Both types of summer tires are characterized by increased wear resistance, reinforced sidewalls, a special tread to improve handling in rainy weather. A / T 697 has a reduced noise level and a tread that smoothes bumps and improves traction with any kind of coating. H / P Sport has high speed characteristics and was created, first of all, for driving on highways.

A / T 697 has a possible diameter from R15 to R18, the price is from 4500 r., H / P Sport is available with R16-R20, the price is from 7 000 r.


hankook ventus s1 evo2 suv

Korean tire representative for crossovers

The only Korean representative of the ranking of the best summer tires for crossovers. Mounted on many new Korean cars. Hankook offers as many as three types of all-season rubber in the crossover segment, but this kind of universality is not credible to many.

From exclusively summer tires it is worth choosing Ventus S1 evo2 and Dynapro MT.

Ventus S1 evo2 - this is one of the best models for the summer, designed for premium crossovers and SUVs, focused on traffic in the city. It allows you to achieve excellent handling on both wet and dry hot asphalt. Specifications:

  1. Special tread pattern provides efficient water and heat removal. No degradation of these characteristics during the service life.
  2. Tire design with reinforced sidewalls, silicon mixture and high-density carcass.
  3. Short stopping distance in all weather conditions.
  4. Fuel economy.
  5. Stability on bends and when maneuvering.

Dynapro MT is one of the best off-road tire ratings. It is characterized by increased durability and improved pitch in viscous mud terrain Resistant to damage when released into the pits, have protection against punctures.

The dimensions of the Ventus S1 evo2 vary within the limits of R18-R20 at a price of 7000 rubles, and the Dynapro MT R15-R22 with a price of 9000 for R18.

Thus, before choosing which tires are best suited for your crossover, you need to decide in what conditions it will be used. Those tires that have high speed characteristics are inferior in off-road handling. Conversely, created for the conditions of dirt and soil, do not show themselves well on the highways. Also need to take into account the model of your crossover. If it is closer in performance to passenger cars, then you should not take tires for SUVs. And if you have a heavy premium crossover, then you need to search in the category for cross-country use.