Gemini rivals: a comparison of kia ceed and hyundai i30?


Если снять с этих автомобилей все фирменные логотипы, то даже самый притязательный автолюбитель не сразу определит, кто из них кто. Ceed and Hyundai i30 буквально братья-близнецы. Особенно популярны эти модели в вариантах кузова hatchback. Что ж, если машины столь схожи между собой, можно не задумываясь покупать любую? Давайте посмотрим, так ли это. В нашей статье сравним, какой из «братьев» лучше — КИА Сид или Хендай i30?

Хэтчбеки со схожими параметрами Ceed and Hyundai i30

Хэтчбеки со схожими параметрами Ceed and Hyundai i30

The secret of merchantability

Immediately study the pedigree. South Korean Hyundai "Ay 30" collected in the Czech Republic. He entered the local market in 2007. Needless to say, that was not the best time, because the crisis did not contribute to the increase in sales ...

Читать далее о сравнении автомобилей Ceed and Hyundai i30-->Хотя на этом фоне «кореец» КИА Сид безденежные времена пережил очень даже неплохо и вошёл в топ-20 самых продаваемых легковушек (13-я позиция). Секрет преимущества КИА над Хендай в этом случае лежит на поверхности: with a striking external and technical similarity Sid cheaper.

Car model:LOOK THIS CeedHyundai i30
Producing country:SlovakiaCzech Republic
Body Type:hatchbackhatchback
Number of places:55
Number of doors:55
Engine capacity, cubic cm:15821582
Power, l. c./about min .:115/4000116/4000
Maximum speed, km / h:188184
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:11,512,8
Type of drive:frontfront
CAT:5 MKPP4 automatic transmission
Fuel type:diesel fueldiesel fuel
Consumption per 100 km:city ​​5.7; highway 4.2city ​​7,6; highway 4.9
Length, mm:42354245
Width, mm:17901775
Height, mm:14801480
Clearance, mm:150150
Tire size:195/65 R15185/65 R15
Curb weight, kg:13671403
Full weight, kg:18201840
Fuel tank capacity:5353

Plus KIA has established the production of its Sid in Kaliningrad. So, the car has become "its" and is more adapted to local conditions and roads. But there is, of course, a stream from Slovakia.

The fact that the KIA made the weather in its "weight category", and figures show. For example, in 2009 in Russia about 19 thousand Sidov were sold. This is almost four times higher than sales Hyundai i30. Moreover, Sid gave odds to the "gods" - the running version of Mitsubishi, Mazda, Toyota.

So what happens - there is no sense in comparing these cars? Is the choice of LOOK THIS Ceed or Hyundai i30 obvious? Do not rush to conclusions. To keep the intrigue, we note that the “Czech” has always tried hard to catch up with the opponent.

KIA upgrade

Well, even after the triumphant appearance on the market, KIAvts did not rest on their laurels and continued to experiment, releasing Sid in 2010 after restyling.

So dressed up

So, what do we now most often deal with? The car can be found in two body styles: hatchback and wagon. The car is equipped with a 1.6-liter engine, which gives out 126 "horses". (Previously, the engine was 122-strong). Gearbox - five-speed mechanics. It is also possible version of the machine at four stages. The car was “dressed” with a stylish grille, the optical features were corrected, the tumans were driven into the rectangles, and the color gamut was expanded.

The appearance of the car LOOK THIS Ceed

Ergonomics: degree increased

Salon now meets passengers in the new decoration. Inside increased degree of ergonomics and comfort. The central console has been modified, the steering wheel has become more comfortable and more pleasant to the touch.

Improved dashboard. Even in the standard version, it has become more stylish and understandable from the point of view of graphic elements. Irritating to many orange, the backlight color was replaced with red. In the expensive versions - in general, space: the panel displays full information about the state of the car, the speed mode, the amount of fuel absorbed, the time of the trip, etc.

Салон автомобиля LOOK THIS Ceed

And the model was equipped with climate control in two zones. Many of the functions in the new Side optimized. For example, to switch gears now just need to press a button.

No more shaking

What else? Designers improved the suspension. Now KIA passengers are tightly protected from shaking on a bumpy road. Improved experts and sound insulation. More engine and wheels do not "dance" on the driver's ears.

"Sewn up" engineers and some fundamental options innovations. For example, an automated system appeared that connects the protection when the wheel slips and the electric power steering. There is an assistant who will facilitate the task of moving on the rise.

"The thirty" in the style of BMW

Pluses KIA is available. But if you compare it with a competitor, who will be the winner of the duel Hyundai i30 and LOOK THIS Ceed? Above, we have already said that in fact our rivals are twins. And it is. Therefore, we will not intentionally list the technical characteristics of the Hyundai i30 - they largely duplicate the qualities of Sid.

The appearance of the car Hyundai i30

But if you delve deeper, it is impossible not to notice a certain similarity with the BMW Hyundai. There are poorly captured relevant features. They do not make the weather, but give “Ayu” charm, style. Therefore, the exterior is probably more fashionable than Hyundai. But the interior after the "upgrade" advantageous from the "Russian Korean".

We note one more thing: behind the comfortable sofa and in general more space in the Hyundai. But the luggage compartment more capacious in Sid.

A little bit from the Japanese, a little from the Germans

However, both cars Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% did not feel shy and borrowed some elements from twin machines.

Like a bride

So, a “Japanese melody” passed through the KIA. He is like the bride at the wedding: there is something alien in the dress. A little from Lexus (for example, the design of devices) and a little bit from Honda (steering wheel). A console resembles nissanovskie manners.

Inspired by others' successes

The Thirty, on the other hand, turned to the German side. Its creators, apparently inspired by the success of Volkswagen or the same Skoda. Here is an example: in “Ai 30” the lights are made in blue, and the luggage compartment is opened with the help of a logo handle.

Hyundai i30 car interior

"Ay" yes Sid - on the way

It would be great if even one of our duelists learned from the Japanese-German colleagues experience on the undercarriage. But, alas, for the time being the KIA, that the Hyundai are not driving so confidently. Especially cars with automatic transmission slow down.

Generally, if you look at the fight i30 and Ceed on the way, then Sid, of course, shows more drive. After all, he was originally conceived with a sporty accent, while “Ay” was made with the expectation of a calmer audience.

Safe moment

Separately, let's say about security. Cid scored five stars on the basis of crash testing in the framework of the European program for evaluating new cars and became the first "Korean" to achieve such a result. There were some expert questions to the consequences of a head-on collision, but in general, defense mechanisms received a high score.

Test drive car LOOK THIS Ceed:

"Ay 30" received a "top five" is not the first attempt. I had to modify the front panel, which during the impact could injure the driver's legs. By eliminating this risk, Hyundai raised his rating.

By the way, in terms of safety concerns of foot participants in the movement, the authors of the “thirty” showed a higher result than the Sid developers.

Basic set

And who is stronger in the range of goods - Sid or i30? In principle, the modifications of both machines are comparable. The “base” is as follows: ABS, heated seats, modern music, four pillows, a regular electronic anti-theft.

There is a difference in the details. For example, the most common "Comfort" from Sid includes Conder, and the same version of Hyundai boasts climate control. As if in retaliation, in KIA there is ESP.

Test drive the car Hyundai i30:

How much is?

Although the pricing policy drives models into one niche, it still provides for price overclocking. Thus, the cost of the standard version of "Czech" starts from 640 thousand rubles. Identical in the set of "Slovak" starts the run from 610 thousand rubles.

According to reviews ...

Here's what else can not warn: according to motorists, Hyundai is worse adapted to the hard road realities in Russia. Literally from the first attacks, the suspension begins to “freak out” ... Of course, the situation can be leveled out by changing it and some more parts and parts. But storerooms for Hyundai are not cheap, and by no means everyone will want to end up with additional expenses.

Case conclusions

As you can see, a vivid example of the fact that twin machines can hide a lot of surprises and turn out to be not as similar as it seems.

And yet, what to choose - Ceed or i30? KIA with a Japanese accent is suitable for young people and for people who expect to get a piece of adrenaline driving. But Hyundai, who borrowed seriousness from the Germans, is waiting for lovers of comfort, pedantic and sensible drivers. Also keep in mind that Sid will save, while "Ay" may require additional injections.