From the full-size van nissan nv made off-road monster

Из полноразмерного вэна Nissan NV сделали внедорожного монстра Nissan NV CargoX Van Nissan NV now it is suitable not only for the transport of people or goods, which, in fact, according to its automobile class, was originally intended. From it, significantly modernizing the power component and suspension, made such an all-track model that many venerable models of all-wheel-drive SUVs, if they could smoke, would do it nervously and aside at the sight of Nissan NV CargoX cracks down on impassable off-road for them. Almost all American films of the famous genre van type Nissan NV, used as a vehicle either for agents of special services, or for maniacs. In the ordinary life, this van is used for more prosaic things - the transport of things and people from place to place. But what tuning engineers did with the usual Nissan NVby turning it into Nissan NV CargoX, opens up new horizons inaccessible for the novelty.

The off-road giant resulting from a bold experiment is based on the platform Nissan NV 2500HD Cargowhich has a greater load capacity. Engineers have worked significantly with the suspension. The rear axle is not touched, but the front chassis was shoveled completely. Instead of an independent suspension, a beam was installed. CargoX is equipped with discs, shod in the "37th" off-road tires General GrabberX3, as a result, the novelty of almost eighteen centimeters was above the production model. Из полноразмерного вэна Nissan NV сделали внедорожного монстра Nissan NV CargoX The factory version of the car has a 5.6-liter eight-cylinder gasoline engine under the hood, but the power of this power unit tuners are not satisfied. Instead, they installed a five-liter diesel Cummins, borrowed from Titan XD truck. This motor is capable of a peak effort to demonstrate an honest three hundred and ten horses, the maximum torque of force is 752 Nm. Aisin six-speed automatic and 4x4 transmission also borrowed from - also from the Titan XD pickup. Engineers tuned the monster with a winch and LED headlights. What to say about the body? It has a huge cargo bay, which, according to engineers, is best to use to install all kinds of equipment that will turn the created off-road monster into an ambulance for tanks and other off-road vehicles stuck in hard-to-reach places. Из полноразмерного вэна Nissan NV сделали внедорожного монстра Nissan NV CargoX By the way, the eight-cylinder gasoline engine installed in the serial model van Nissan NV, appeared in the vehicle configuration only last year. It is installed only on Vans, designed for the American car market. Despite the fact that the tuners have created Nissan NV CargoXtaking the transmission and motor from the pickup Nissan Titan XDThe latter proved to be very bad in recent tests of structural strength, practically failing them. Tests were conducted on technology IIHS.

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