The exhaust system of the car allows you to get rid of

Exhaust system автомобиля – комплексная exhaust system непосредственно из камеры сгорания двигателя. В исправном состоянии она оказывает минимальное воздействие на работу мотора авто.

Exhaust system

The main functions performed by the exhaust system:

  1. noise suppression;
  2. the output of all exhaust gases for the car body (the ingress of these gases into the interior of the car often causes poisoning);
  3. reduction of exhaust emissions for environmental compliance.

The device of the exhaust system of the car

Modern exhaust systems play an important role in the design of cars, especially for tuned or sports cars, and also significantly affects the sound of the engine. Therefore, for example, doing tuning VAZ 2109 will be very correct to do serious work on the exhaust system. Very many tuned cars growl very severely, thanks to the competent tuning of the exhaust system.

device exhaust system автомобиля

The figure above is a diagram of the exhaust system, in more detail about which we now talk.

The exhaust system in each passenger car consists of:

  1. a collector, where exhaust gas is connected with all cylinder of a motor vehicle in a common single stream;
  2. a reception pipe that connects the catalyst and the manifold;
  3. resonator, through which the process of noise reduction;
  4. a silencer, which also plays an important role in noise reduction, using a special fiber as sound-absorbing material;
  5. intermediate (middle) pipe that connects the muffler with the resonator;
  6. flange for mounting the exhaust system to the engine;
  7. corrugation, which eliminates the rattling of the exhaust pipe on the body (bottom) cars.

exhaust system

The principle of the exhaust system

The operation of the auto exhaust gas system is carried out in this way: the fuel mixture is injected (injected) into the auto cylinders, where it forms toxic gases, which, under the action of high pressure, flow directly into the manifold and mix.

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In tuned or sports cars, such as the VAZ 2106 tuning, the collector is usually replaced with a spider. This device, which is also a collector, but has much less resistance to the flow of gases due to its design of smooth bends. The gases after the collector enter the catalyst through the reception pipe. The catalyst processes toxic gases into less harmful ones.

device exhaust system

"Spider" instead of a collector

Thanks to the catalyst there is a significant noise reduction of the engine, and the exhaust system itself gives a pleasant characteristic sound. After the resonator, which reduces (extinguishes) the noise level significantly, the exhaust gases flow through the middle pipe into the silencer, and then are outputted outside.

Exhaust system создает сопротивление потоку поступающих отработавших выхлопных газов, что влияет на работу остальных узлов автомобиля. Значение уровня противодавления обязательно должно соответствовать заданным параметрам в эксплуатационных инструкциях к данному транспортному средству и определяется исключительно производителем.

Exhaust system and care

Signs of a faulty exhaust system:

  1. if during the movement of the car he is accompanied by a loud roar;
  2. dramatically increases the fuel consumption of the car;
  3. manifested unstable car operation;
  4. there is a permanent loss of power;
  5. soot is formed on all the details;
  6. the cooling system of the car stops due to the increased temperature of the combustion of the fuel to cope with the cooling.

All the above signs confirm that the exhaust system is faulty. As a result, the process of exceeding the limiting indications of the value of the back pressure occurs. Therefore, your car needs repair of the exhaust system.

Most often, these effects are the cause of mechanical damage to components. On the stable operation of the car can say a violation or discrepancy of the diameter of the exhaust pipe recommended by the manufacturer.

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Exhaust system автомобиля

The exhaust backpressure of an auto system may be a result of the fact that the gas pipeline is made with a lot of sharp bends, or it has been welded from separate segments (each weld gives more resistance).

Car owners should not forget that rust has a negative effect on metal parts of cars.

Чтобы избежать коррозии необходимо знать device exhaust system своего авто. Из какого металла она состоит, ржавеющего или нержавеющего. Не стоит допускать, чтобы в систему отводящих газов попадала вода, особенно в резонатор и глушитель. Иначе здесь начнет скапливаться конденсат и различные химические активные соединения, реагенты и соли. Следует избегать резких перепадов температур, особенно опасно, когда эти перепады возникают часто.

Timely prevention and repair of the exhaust system will help save your nerves and finances. At the slightest suspicion of a malfunction of the system, immediately contact the service station.

But the video, which demonstrates how, with the help of tuning the exhaust system, you can increase the engine power of a Porsche car from Germany by 15%: