Datsun will expand the model line of the crossover and

Datsun расширит модельную линейку кроссовером и хэтчбеком

From February 2016, Datsun will begin selling its new models. This is a seven-seater crossover and another hatchback. These innovations will be officially demonstrated to a mass audience at the Indian Auto Expo Auto Show, which will occur in early February next year. These will be models ready for serial sale. Compact Hatchback created on the joint French-Japanese platform CMF-A, and if someone saw a conceptual model Datsun redi-GO at the motor show a year ago, he would immediately understand from which prototype the novelty grew. By the way, Renault Kwid, which has a crazy popularity in the Indian car market, was also produced on the same platform. Datsun расширит модельную линейку кроссовером и хэтчбеком No details about the new compact hatchback from the Datsun while the Japanese do not disclose. But most likely, under the hood he will have a Quidowski engine installed. We are talking about a 0.6-liter bezmotorchik about three cylinders, which can at the peak to give the efforts of fifty-four horses.

In addition to the compact hatchback, Datsun developers at the same Indian auto show will demonstrate the concept new crossover GO-cross. He was first shown to the public a couple of months ago at the Tokyo Auto Show. The Japanese have already decided to mass-produce the new SUV, but the time when this process will begin is not voiced yet. Datsun расширит модельную линейку кроссовером и хэтчбеком Кроcсовер Datsun GO-cross will have two body modifications. One five-seater, the other - seven. A new crossover based on compact minivan Datsun GO +, and it will cost much more than its ancestor. Speech about the availability of version 4x4 Japanese led, but at the moment there is no reliable information on this matter. Datsun расширит модельную линейку кроссовером и хэтчбеком The Japanese revived the Datsun auto brand with one goal: the production of low-cost cars for developing automotive markets in the same developing countries. Therefore, there are a lot of Datsuns in India, South Africa, Russia and other underdeveloped countries. But Russian version of Datsunov differs from the world, because our Datsuns are made on the basis of the Lada Grants and Kalina, and the models oriented to other countries are based on the past-generation Nissan Micra platform.

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