Mercedes benz s-class - status, speed, comfort

Here it is, the Mercedes Benz S-class. It’s more than just a car, it’s a car of the future that shows great opportunities. The truth is that a new Mercedes has recently come out, so this unit can be called the “old Mercedes”, but still we will talk about it, because after the release of a new one, there is an opportunity to pick up an old Mercedes at a good price, and the quality of this car is still high.

Of course, the basic parts of the car will not surprise you. It has 4 doors, under the hood - a 5.5 liter engine with a capacity of 388 hp, as well as in every car, there are four wheels :)

Mercedes Benz S-class

But still, some of the equipment of this machine can inspire.

Comfort in the Mercedes Benz S-class

In this car there are no different old-fashioned buttons, they are replaced by voice control: you just say what needs to be done, and the system will follow your instructions. For example, you can say "radio station 2" and immediately turn on the radio 2 and so on. The phone works in the same way, just say where you need to call and the call goes.

mercedes s-class

Satellite navigation can also be controlled by voice - just say the final destination. All this means that there is no need to take your hands off the wheel. But you can remove the legs from the pedals, because this car has a radar cruise control system.

It is possible to set a certain speed and the car will always go at that speed, and you can also set the tracking mode, and the system will follow the driving machine ahead - it picks up speed and we dial, it brakes and we slow down, but we always keep the same safe distance. Foot pedals may not touch at all. Even if the driving car ahead stops completely, the Mercedes S-class will also stop.

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Safety in the Mercedes Benz S-class

Impressive innovations in the field of security - the braking system on the Mercedes Benz S-class, when you press the brake pedal, the system makes the necessary efforts - just as much effort as is necessary to ensure that nobody drives in and, accordingly, that nobody drives in us.

Mercedes S-class

But the most impressive is waiting for us when darkness comes. As soon as it gets dark outside, the headlights turn on automatically. But that's not all, in this car there is an infrared camera, by turning on which you understand that you are driving the S-Class.

When you look at the monitor - you see much further than with ordinary headlights. This feature is not distracting, just take a look at the monitor with the devices, as well as in the rearview mirror. This is really amazing. In general, this camera is just the beginning.

Toys in the Mercedes S-class

It is here that the S-class realizes its potential. In this car, there is even a DVD-player, as well as inherent surround sound, which creates the effect of home theater. The Mercedes Benz S-class is the first car in the world to have a digital television receiver, thanks to which you can watch all digital channels and any current programs. Also pleased that all this modern technology is easy to use.

mercedes s class w221

Riding a Mercedes S-class is just a rest. You can choose the desired type of massage that you will do the driver's seat. This massager is a difficult name Bangkok Lady boy tronic.

As the tests show: during a ride on the S-class, a person makes 5-6 beats per minute less than in any other car, therefore, buying a given car will definitely live longer and help our planet to live longer.

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Let's do an experiment. What do you think, which of these cars was awarded the world's first environmental certificate from German green: a luxury Mercedes S-class sedan with a 5.5 liter V8 engine, or a Toyota Hybrid? So, it was a Mercedes.

The judges were amazed at how engineers ethically made this engine, how much recycled material was used, and how clean the engine burned fuel. So, we can confidently say that we are saving the planet when we drive this car.

But the video in the topic about Mercedes, about what it is passable: