How to check the car for accidents without any devices

Purchase a used car

Nowadays, the turnover of the domestic secondary automotive market significantly exceeds the similar sales figures for new vehicles. When buying a used car of the future owner, first of all, it is interested in its technical condition. One of the key points is to check the car for accidents. To date, there are several effective ways to establish the fact of participation of the vehicle in an accident.

Как проверить автомобиль на аварийность без каких-либо приборов

Car history

Learn all the ins and outs of the car allow various databases. A modern car enthusiast can “punch” the history of a car he is interested in both through the traffic police bases and in the insurance company. Thus, using the state number or the VIN-code, you can find out whether the car was involved in accidents, as well as find out about the presence of fines and restrictions.

Many potential buyers have a question, how to find out the history of the car, which was driven from the United States or European countries. It is for this purpose that such services as AutoCheck and Carfax function in the world wide web. These portals will provide detailed information about the vehicle, including a list of owners and data on accidents in which it participated.

Как проверить автомобиль на аварийность без каких-либо приборов

What can tell glass and fenders

At the moment, you can check the car for accidents with the help of modern devices. However, there are diagnostic methods that do not involve their use. So the necessary information can be obtained with a careful examination of automotive glass. First of all, you should pay attention to the labeling. Certain questions to the seller should arise in cases where it is different, which indicates the replacement of glass.

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Как проверить автомобиль на аварийность без каких-либо приборов

Another fairly informative site are fenders. If the fasteners are different, then most likely the fenders in the wheel arches were removed. This could be done for body repair.

Professional Tips

When buying a car, experienced specialists recommend paying special attention to the integrity of the paintwork, as well as to the body geometry. In the first case, the state of the paint may indicate the following problems:

  • repainted roof - one of the signs of "Changeling";
  • painting the hood and front fenders speaks of bumps in the front of the car;
  • repainting the trunk lid and rear wings - signs of damage to the rear of the vehicle;
  • damage to the paint layer on the bolts and other fasteners indicates the dismantling of the corresponding components.

Как проверить автомобиль на аварийность без каких-либо приборов

One of the important points of verification is the evaluation of the geometry of the body. Even the highest quality repair will not be able to fully restore it after damage. For a primary, visual check, you must crouch near one of the rear wheels and inspect the sideline of the car. Daylight should reflect from the body evenly and without refractions. The described steps will help in a timely manner to identify signs of participation of the car in an accident and prevent the purchase of a broken car, as well as the need for expensive repairs.