The right choice of flushing oil to clean the engine



Along with a variety of various chemicals that help the car owner to keep his car components in a working position, there is a special flushing oil through which every owner of movable property can independently clean the polluted engine. Naturally, it is not difficult to choose a high-quality and at the same time inexpensive solution, because dozens of various substances are presented on the shelves of auto shops. The entire range of flushing oils on the Russian market for the power unit has different characteristics and properties.

How to choose flushing oil

We offer to familiarize with the main criteria for washing the power unit.

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The need for washing the power unit

If a vehicle owner goes to an auto shop to get good flushing oil for an engine, he should know a few tricks that will help him choose a truly worthwhile product. However, before listing the recommendations regarding the purchase of a solution, you should understand whether it is really necessary to periodically flush the power unit from contaminated oil, dirt and dust. As practice shows, during the operation of the power unit, its components heat up, for their normal functioning oil is constantly supplied, and, after some time, the engine is covered with sludge and carbon. Together with all of the above, small metal shavings are attached to the engine block, which appear from the rubbing parts of the unit itself. Naturally, not all of these harmful particles are deposited on the power device of the car, much of them linger in the filter or completely dissolved in oil. But even in such circumstances, the engine becomes clogged, the mass of deposits of dirt and waste of working parts increases, increasing by the time the end of the life of the previously filled oil comes. The unit loses its properties almost ideally as it cleans, and the power unit must be cleaned with special flushing oil before pouring the next batch of new oil.

It looks like a dirty engine

The photo shows the so-called oil sludge

Why do I need to clean the engine?

Some car owners believe that the motor is the most powerful component of any car that does not need additional maintenance, in particular, in periodic washing with special solutions. However, as practice shows, sometimes it is not enough proper operation of the engine, of course, every motorist should follow a regular change of oil and fuel, acquiring only high-quality petrochemical products. But even with proper care in the process of operation of the power unit there are pollution, high-quality gasoline, as well as more budget, leaves carbon. Of course, it will not be so significant, but still, the motor will have to be cleaned. Service center employees recommend purchasing a flushing agent for the engine each time it is planned to change engine oil. In some cases, you can do without regular flushing, however, if the owner of the car is faced with the situations described below, then such a procedure will be simply necessary for him. Flush the engine if:

  • Used car is purchased with hands. The new car owner does not know how often consumables were replaced when the lubricant and oil changed;
  • the car owner decided to replace the mineral oil with synthetic oil or vice versa. The problem is that different types of oils have poor contact with each other, which can cause unpleasant unforeseen situations. Before you add new oil, you should get rid of the old grease by thoroughly flushing the power unit;
  • unplanned car owner had to pour into the engine another oil. This happens when the level of lubricant is sharply reduced, and with it there is no substance needed for the indicators;
  • with increasing lubricant grade.
Clean engine inside

It is necessary to maintain the purity of the internal cavities of the motor.

All of the above situations should require the car owner to make a high-quality washing of the power unit with a special flushing oil. To date, there are several ways to independently wash the engine. The car owner himself must choose one way or another, who can proceed from the circumstances that have contributed to the need to carry out this procedure.

Methods that promote major engine flushing

To date, every motorist can resort to one of the three known methods of washing the power unit. As practice has shown, all of the following methods do not harm the engine and at the same time require only minimal costs. In order to flush the engine, you will need regular oil, special flushing agent or a five-minute solution.

Since each of the methods has its own advantages and peculiarities, before proceeding with the implementation of the conceived, the process of each washing method should be considered in detail.

The first method, which requires the motorist to use conventional oil, is to be able to clean the power unit with simple engine oil, which in its composition has various kinds of cleaning additives. The substance used in everyday life to lubricate moving parts will help flush the engine. To thus free up the power unit from the accumulated carbon deposits, you should pour the engine oil in the car and drive it only 3 thousand km. In addition, the car owner will have two times during the run to change the filter unit. Immediately, as soon as the old oil will be removed, and the old filter will replace the new device, the owner of the car can not change these consumables in the car as much as the manufacturer needs. However, master professionals recommend using this method only when the engine is slightly littered or the car owner wants to clean the engine for the purpose of prevention.

Waste oil drain

Oil must be replaced

The second method involves the use of special flushing oil, which can be purchased at any auto shop. It is advisable to use it when replacing the engine oil. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% From a simple oil, this type of substance is distinguished by the presence of a significantly larger number of various cleaning additives. If the car owner purchased the flushing oil, flushing can be done immediately after the waste oil is drained. As a result of this manipulation, it is necessary to start a car and let it work for at least half an hour. It is worth considering that not all engines will be cleaned with the same speed, this indicator is influenced by the brand of purchased flushing oil. As a result, after the procedure, the engine becomes much cleaner, flushing oil is removed from it, and in its place a suitable motor substance is poured to lubricate the components. At the same time it is best to change the filter device. Most often, the engine can be cleaned with flushing oil with average pollution or a planned change in the type of oil used.

A five-minute solution does not have a specific composition, this phrase refers to virtually all existing additives that motorists add directly to the engine oil before its planned replacement. To use this method of washing the power unit, you need to add to the crankcase acquired in the automobile shop any additive. With the additive poured in, the engine should work for at least 10–20 minutes. It should be noted that for each substance this time period is not a single standard, it is best to familiarize yourself with the instructions in advance and do everything according to the described recommendations. It must be remembered that overexposing the cleaning solution in the engine is not recommended - this may adversely affect the device being washed. Most often, those additives that are part of any "five-minute", have aggressive properties that can adversely affect the glands.

Experts recommend resorting to the acquisition of special additives only if the engine is very dirty. Due to the presence in the "five-minute" of strong chemically active substances, the car owner can damage the gaskets and seals, all non-metallic elements of the engine can be at risk. Choosing this method of cleaning the power unit, it should be remembered that it will not completely drain the used oil out of the engine, this rule applies to additives - some of the solution will get into the new engine oil, thereby deteriorating its properties.

List of the most popular washing agents

In order to buy high-quality flushing oil or a special cleaning additive, you just need to select the most suitable solution from the list of substances.

The first flushing oil is ENEOS; it is the product of a large Japanese manufacturer of various lubricants. As part of this product, there are elements that contribute to quick and high-quality cleaning of the power unit, the walls of the engine not only get rid of soot, but for some time become covered with an invisible protective layer that resists pollution. Keep the solution in the power unit should be no more than 10 minutes. The manufacturer claims that ENEOS flushing oil does not affect gaskets and cuffs, which are made of rubber and metal.

ENEOS Flush Oil

One example of good flushing oil

Flushing oil TNK Promo Express has good properties. Its feature is considered versatility, since TNK Promo Express is capable of cleaning both gasoline and diesel engines. An important advantage of this flushing oil is the ability to remove pollution without touching the crystallized sediments, which are located in the cracks of the old power units. TNK Promo Express can qualitatively remove the remnants of mineral motor oils from the engine.

Among the additives, the substance Liqui Moly Oil-Schlamm-Spulung is very popular. Most likely, its distribution should be due to the presence of more benign chemistry in the composition. Flushing from the Finnish company RVS Master Motor Flush proved to be excellent. It spares the engine from carbon deposits and sediments in a gentle way. Gulf in the power unit additive RVS Master Motor Flush, the car owner can ride on it about 50 to 500 km. Such a substance is advisable to use only with critical contamination of the motor.

Flushing the engine from RVS Master

Flushing the engine from RVS Master

EL TRANS Cleaner Oil System is considered one of the most aggressive cleaning agents. It can be kept in the engine no more than 10 minutes. In the case of a longer finding of the additive in the car, the car owner will have to purchase new gaskets and seals. It is possible to use such strong solutions only when lubricant permeability in the channels is violated or the motor is very dirty. It is worth noting that this type of oil is better to wash off a few minutes earlier than later.


Even the car owner who takes care of his car and the condition of his power unit must periodically flush the engine with special flushing oils. Recently, even for "normal" money, you can buy low-quality motor oil or fuel. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly monitor the condition of the engine and, in the event of a significant layer of dirt and oil, try to make washing one of the known methods. Before proceeding with the cleaning of the motor, it is recommended that you read the instructions for the washing solution.