Changes to the sda entered into force

amendments to the SDA New changes in the rules of the road in our country have become binding since yesterday. Now, if you obtained the rights quite recently, without a corresponding sticker on the “Novice driver” sign on the rear window of your car, you risk to get an administrative fine of five hundred rubles. If, having changed to winter tires, you didn’t stick a sign with the letter "Ш" in a prominent place, you will give the five hundred again. Joy is only for motorcyclists, who are now allowed on country autobahn to accelerate to one hundred and ten kilometers per hour. Regular amendments to the SDA  nothing critical of themselves is not. Hand on heart, it was quite possible to do without them. Well, now the driver with the experience of managing his vehicle for less than two years will paste a yellow triangle on the rear window, with a black exclamation point sticking out in the center. Nothing will change. A novice inexperienced driver can be seen without a sticker in his driving style. And on the track and drivers with experience sometimes behave as if they had bought the rights at the nearest storage shed. This previously not mandatory, but the recommended measure and without the adoption of amendments has always acted on responsible drivers who have recently received the right, who hung out the “Novice driver” on the rear window, involuntarily straining those who follow in the stream. Newbies no longer have the right to engage in towing cars and trailers, but a newcomer at the wheel would hardly agree to such an important step without this law even if necessary - it would be possible to find a common language with one machine, not like with a "trailer". Внесенные в ПДД изменения вступили в силу "Pereobut" in spike now need to show the sign "W", but in winter there is such a fool who will go on the icy track in summer tires? Is that a suicide, but we like the psychiatric rights do not give out. Drivers of tractors, asphalt pavers and other "tortoise-like" equipment with a speed of no more than thirty km per hour are now obliged to hang a red triangle in a yellow frame from behind. But unless, having seen an asphalt skating rink, one of the drivers can assume in it a more significant speed? Here are the signs “Carriage of children” and “Deaf driver”, really needed, however, as well as the white triangle with the letter “U”, limited by the red frame on cars with driving instructors when their students are driving. If these signs are not used, again give me five hundred. Внесенные в ПДД изменения вступили в силу Motorcyclists and mopeds driving their two-wheeled vehicles for less than two years, according to the amendments, cannot carry a single passenger behind their backs. This, by the way, is quite good. Because you often see jerks with girlfriends behind their backs, dissecting at dangerous speeds and without helmets. But the amount of a fine of five hundred rubles is unlikely to be able to stop a young man who bought a motorcycle from the temptation to ride his girlfriend with a breeze. Perhaps the most interesting innovation is the ability to obtain or change a driver's license, including international law, in addition to traffic police, also in the MFC - multifunctional centers, or centers of the "Single Window". Ideally, this should facilitate the process of obtaining the document. And how it will be in reality, it is difficult to say, given that sometimes in our MFC you can’t get through without a driver's license.

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