How to choose a car for a girl? top 5 tips

Representatives of the weaker sex is always difficult to please with a gift. If you decide to give her a car, the responsibility increases several times. It is necessary to ask in advance about how she sees her future car. How to make a choice and donate what you need, try to figure it out.

Council number 1. First you need to choose the brand of car, get acquainted with its technical characteristics. Since buying a car is often not necessary, then this question should be approached deliberately. Basically, the female gender, in view of the ease of control and level of comfort, suitable automatic transmission. With this type of transmission is much more convenient to gain driving experience. In addition, in a big city, where there are frequent traffic jams, the automatic transmission has shown itself from the positive side.

Council number 2. No need to buy an expensive gift because of its color. Fashion is changeable, and repainting cars is expensive, so we focus more on classic colors. Remember that dark colors are less visible on the road, so preference should be given to white, yellow and other more noticeable.

Council number 3. Also, the gift should be financially oriented. It does not make sense to buy too expensive a car if you later fail to provide its service or purchase an expensive spare part, but these concerns will still fall on your shoulders. Moreover, if there is no driving experience, it is better to buy a relatively inexpensive car and not fall into stress due to possible scratches.

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Council number 4. As for the size of the car, it must be remembered that it is more difficult to drive a large car, and it eats much more gasoline. It is better to buy a small subcompact - on it and drive more maneuverable, and it “eats” much less, and it will not take much parking space.

Council number 5. Before making a purchase, talk to the seller of the car about possible discounts, terms of sale and after-sales service. Learn about auto insurance and registration. It is possible that the auto show provides such an opportunity.

The range of cars is quite wide, ranging from domestic manufacturers and ending with foreign offers. Virtually every car passes tests that should not be discounted. Watching the video on how cars are tested, create additional selection criteria.

The main thing is that the car brings only the happiness of movement and the feeling of freedom behind the wheel, and the gift becomes meaningful and most memorable.