The best insurance companies in ukraine


In the insurance market you can find many companies offering their services. Despite the fact that the most reliable option would be to contact a company that has credibility, many drivers in pursuit of savings stumble upon attackers' agencies, which at a low price offer to quickly issue a policy.

Ukrainian insurance companies

In order to avoid such situations, drivers are advised to examine the rating of insurance companies in Ukraine to find out where and why it is best to conclude an insurance contract.


Читать далее, какие страховые компании Украины лучше-->В Украине, как и в большинстве государств, компетентность страховых фирм оценивается по следующим показателям:

  • gross and net premiums;
  • amount of payments;
  • assets;
  • amount of capital and so on.

The following companies are the most reliable and executive - the reason why they occupy a leading position and attract many customers.


The insurance company is focused on individuals, as well as small and medium businesses. Every year the number of branches increases, which allows a car enthusiast anywhere in Ukraine to quickly get into the office. The priority direction of services is auto insurance for CASCO and OSAGO, medical, property insurance.

The site of the insurance company Knyazha

Prince отталкивается от потребностей клиентов, совершенствуя решения в области страхования. Компания руководствуется опытом работы Vienna Insurance Group, которые 180 лет работают на этом рынке.

The agency has reasonable prices that are formed in accordance with the real financial situation, as well as constantly working on the service, which makes Knyazha an excellent choice for the driver.

Almost in any city and village of Ukraine there are branches where the client can count on consultation, receiving compensation in case of an insured event. Medical and emergency staff work around the clock.

“Knyazha” is glad to each client: not only defending his interests, but also listening to the claims and wishes. Reasonable prices and friendly service allowed the company to rightfully take first place, offering perhaps the best product on the market.

Insurance company "Unica"

The organization has existed for about twenty years, during which it managed to become one of the best European firms. In Ukraine, the group is represented by 26 branches, 88 insurance clearance points and 281 insurance agents. All services are backed by numerous licenses and affordable prices, which makes life more stable and easier for customers.

Unica insurance company

“Unica” entered the Ukrainian market almost ten years ago, currently ranking second in the country. The company provides all types of movable and immovable property, health and life insurance. The network has over a thousand employees serving approximately 1,200,000 insurance policies. Unica has many partners throughout Ukraine, including 22 banks.

UNIQA Insurance Group is recognized as one of the best companies not only in Austria, but throughout Europe, with more than 22,000 employees. It occupies a leading position in the market, providing its customers with reliable services and high-level services.

Ukrainian insurance group

During the short period of its existence, the company managed to achieve noticeable results, which puts it in third place in the rating. More than 700 employees work in 100 branches, adopting many years of experience of foreign colleagues. USG is a modern and dynamic company that has fully foreign capital. The company sets itself the goal of providing every willing citizen of Ukraine with insurance policies, justifying the trust of customers and providing only the best services.

Since 2008, the company has become a member of the Vienna Insurance Group, fully representing the interests of the European insurance market leader. Such cooperation increases reliability and convenience for customers.

Ukrainian insurance group

Ukrainian insurance group работает во всех основных направлениях, оказывая качественный сервис. Безупречная репутация и высокое положение фирмы в ТОПе говорит о перспективности. Компания стремительно участвует в развитии страхового и экономического рынка Украины. УСГ основана в 2000 году и уже более пятнадцати лет предлагает качественный сервис Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% to its customers.

Universal Insurance Company

For 25 years, Universalna has been providing reliable services and gaining the trust of customers. Every year they occupy high places in the ratings due to their characteristics: the volume of reserves, a guarantee fund and capital, a large share of auto insurance, the level of payments and, of course, the location of policyholders.

UIC provides many services in the main areas. Their activities are characterized by favorable conditions, reliability and affordable cost. The company seeks to build long-term relationships, therefore, maintains its reputation. Universalna cooperates with leading European partners, including 7 leasing companies, 17 brokers, 30 banks, 100 car dealers, more than four hundred filling stations and several thousand branches of Ukrainian mail.

Universal Insurance Company

Offices of Universalna are located in Kiev and regions of the country, providing access to customers. High professional qualities and level of service allows them to develop rapidly, opening new offices, of which there are already more than 300. During the year, the company prepares more than 500,000 insurance policies - clients are attracted by democratic cost and reliability. Fast service and free delivery of documents throughout the country allows UIC to attract more and more citizens.

The advantages of the company are:

  • quick response to the insured event and timely compensation for damage;
  • reasonable prices and many discounts;
  • round-the-clock support by the operators in the contact center;
  • high work performance - the policy is created immediately upon request, which allows you to quickly issue an insurance package for the client;
  • full staff ready to support, as well as independent property valuation experts as partners;
  • solid and executive solvency - every year the amount of payments exceeds 1,700,000 hryvnia.

ROM Ukraine

PZU has been operating for more than 22 years and is a member of a large European insurance group that includes about 600 branches with over 16,000 employees. The company offers its customers more than 200 insurance products in all niches of services, guarantees reliability, timely payments and high-level service.

Insurance company PZU

The company falls into fifth place in the ranking, bypassing dozens of competitors. PZU has a category "A" and a stable outlook in the disciplines "credit rating" and "financial reliability rating".

A low financial burden guarantees a quick response in case of an insured event, and a low reissuance rate of policies means that the company provides favorable conditions for customers to answer all requirements.


In addition to the mandatory motor vehicle liability insurance, experts advise citizens to insure their property and health additionally, since the indicators of the number of car thefts and real estate damage are quite high, and in case of an accident, getting help from a qualified doctor can be difficult. Contact should be in companies that occupy high positions in the rating, which speaks of their reliability.

When an insured event occurs, the client of the company should contact its representative. It is important to carefully follow the requirements that are specified in the insurance contract, since in case of violation of the terms of the company compensation will not be provided.