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By right, the light BMW SUV X3 2003-2010 year gathered a huge crowd of fans from around the world who are crazy about the model of these years of release. It can also be said that the series, released during this period of time, is a “happy medium” for fans of Bavarian crossovers. In particular, the BMW X3 is a car that has already become a legend in its lifetime. Although it is not as popular and large as its fellow X5, it is much more beloved and more compact than the compact X1. Buying a used BMW X3, you can save a lot and, knowing that the Bavarian lovers, do so. This crossover has established itself as a reliable and sturdy car, but there are also nuances. We will analyze them in the given article.

BMW X3 car

BMW X3 car

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BMW X3 - all the pros and cons

Buying a used BMW X3 is very profitable, as mentioned above, but there is one small “but”. The fact is that this crossover is not as popular among car thieves as the X5 (car thieves know a lot about cars). If we add here the fact that for the criminal lads, small and low-power (compared to the X5) BMW X3 is completely out of place, then among the true "gangster" cars that can rush the rider from the pursuers at any time enters But the apparent lack of brutality in the BMW X3 has played a different role. This car immediately fell in love with the representatives of the weaker sex, because it was women who discovered the beauty of the compact dimensions of the X3. And a used BMW X3 crossover, formerly owned by a woman, is simply a super option, because who, and the ladies, take care of their cars better than men. At least, if we are talking about cleanliness inside the cabin and timely repair from professionals.

Specifications of BMW X3 2006-2010
Body Type:wagon
Length / width / height, mm:4570/1855/1675
Type of drive:full
Trunk volume, l:480-1560
Volume of fuel tank, l:67
Curb / gross weight, kg:1740/2250 1805/2350
Engine capacity, cm3:2996 2993
Max power, hp:272 218
Max speed, km / h:232 220
Acceleration time is about-100 km / h, with:7,2 7,4
Fuel consumption, l / 100 km:7,2/13,4 6/9,7

Let's start with the fact that the BMW X3 crossover is based on the basis of the wagon of the same 3rd series. Therefore, the car exists only in the 5-door version of the body. As for the range of engines, here the choice is better: 6-cylinder volume of 2.5 and 3.0; 204 hp turbo diesel

BMW X3 engine range

With the engine in the standard is a 6-speed manual transmission, although you can get to order and 5 automatic transmissions.

After 2005, the line of these crossovers replenished. There was a 2-liter version with a 150 hp petrol and diesel engine.

The year 2006 brought new changes. Became more powerful engines with 6-cylinder. Petrol 2.5 liters received 218 hp, and 3.0-liter 272 hp Changed and options with a diesel engine. The 3.0-liter version with a turbo diesel received 218 and 286 hp. As for the gearbox, it has become a 6-speed.

Evaluation of used BMW X3 experts

Today, in the Russian market for used cars, the BMW X3 is more likely to be sold previously in the new state. But there are options brought from Europe or from overseas, so to speak, without any personal data. What copies are better and more correct to buy? Dealer options are preferable, of course, because their biography is much easier to track down. And the equipment of these options is excellent. All of them are staffed generously. So, for example, the most affordable BMW X3 was sold with ABS, 4 airbags (as of 2006, as many as 6), a leather-lined interior, a good car stereo and much more. Ergonomics has been superbly done, and the quality of the finish deserves all praise.

BMW X3 car: вид сбоку

BMW X3 car: вид сбоку

It is believed that the body of the BMW X3 is very resistant and it does not take corrosion soon. Only here the chrome-plated parts do not differ in such stability, and after a few years they become rusty. Traces of corrosion create the impression that the car has been in an accident and has been restored carelessly. Such options should be immediately deleted from the list of candidates for the purchase.

You should also know that the petrol 6-cylinder versions with engines of 2.5 liters and 3.0 liters are characterized by increased fuel consumption. And over time, this wolfish appetite will only increase. Although the manufacturer looks at it from a philosophical point of view, considering that such an alignment is in the order of things. As for the technical inspection, it is recommended to be carried out every 20 thousand kilometers. In real conditions, the oil, according to a signal from the onboard computer, should be updated in the range of 18-25 thousand km. BMW X3 may not like and Russian gasoline, from which often fail candles with platinum electrodes (they cost 750 p. Thing). Failures can occur with the throttle control unit. In this case, the power unit of the car is twitching, and does not want to slow down.

BMW X3 car: вид сзади

BMW X3 car: вид сзади

Timing BMW X3 is made to glory. All engines are equipped with a chain that will require adjustment or adjustment only after 250 thousand kilometers. Although the timing control system itself cannot boast of such a record operating period. It is likely that after 100 thousand kilometers of run, the system will scandalize.

The solenoid valve of the Vanos system (costs about 4500 r) on the used BMW X3 may be to blame for the feverish operation of the engine, which is due to hardened or worn seals of the actuating hydraulic cylinders. Danger to the engine can present and broken pump, as well as a thermostat.

Fewer turbodiesel problems. The service life of the turbocharger is 250 thousand km and more. The nozzles with a fuel pump will approximately the same amount. Crankshaft pulley torsional vibration damper on versions with 6-cylinder and 4-cylinder engine with 150 hp stratified already to 200 km of run. In order to buy a new damper, you will have to part with 14 thousand rubles, and it is advisable to change this part every 100 thousand km so as not to end up with a “trough” on the road. It is recommended to update more often and glow plugs (cost 1000 each). One broken candle can cause a breakdown in the computer (an electronic control unit costs 20,000 rubles).

The 3-liter diesel version of the BMW X3 suffers from intake manifold flaps, which are destroyed after 150 thousand kilometers. As for the exhaust manifold, it is steel, but cracks after the same run.

Test Drive BMW X3:

The combination of manual transmission with a diesel or gasoline engine raises no objections. Only the glands eventually give a leak, but this is in the order of things. The clutch “lives” up to 200 thousand km, and its replacement will be inexpensive - 1,450 rubles. If it is longer to drive on a clutch slip, you can damage the dual-mass flywheel, which is already 35 thousand rubles.

Modifications of the BMW X3 with automatic gearbox are also subject to wear parts. The box itself is capable of serving 280 thousand km, but the torque converter and friction clutches may fail earlier. Repair of these components is estimated at service stations at 40 thousand rubles. The hydraulic control unit and the oil pump are also at risk.

Razdatka after 120 thousand km depressed. It stretches the chain. Suspension bearings of the propeller shaft (rear), which cost 3,200 rubles each, cannot withstand more than 50 thousand km. As for the front cardan, after 130 thousand km of run, it will have to be changed entirely due to the failure of the crosses. This procedure cost in the service station will be 28 thousand rubles. If you do not change the front driveshaft for a long time and drive with the “drove” crossings, it will have a bad effect on the handing out and the main gear, which after the restyling has become much more reliable.

The suspension arms of the BMW X3 consist only of metal components. After 60 thousand km of run, the stabilizer bar should be replaced, and after 120 thousand km, the shock absorbers themselves change (they cost 3,500 rubles each). Ball joints and hub bearings change to BMW X3 after 100 thousand kilometers.

The steering rack is able to hold 200-250 thousand km, although there will be backlash and knocks in the meantime.

The transmission after restyling has become more reliable, but the electric drive of the multi-plate clutch is still its weak point.

Experts advise to pay attention to the battery BMW X3. If there is a “bug” on its positive terminal, instead of the standard squib, then the car has been in an accident.

Battery BMW X3

Battery BMW X3

It turns out that the real problems with the BMW X3 begin only after 200 thousand kilometers. So you need to pick up a used crossover, respectively, with this period.

Something else or what changes made restyling

The BMW X3 has a large and comfortable trunk. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%, which is separated from the cabin neat horizontal curtain. It upsets that there is not in the underground not only a full-fledged spare wheel, but even dokatki, but only a repair kit for tires.

The rear sofa of the crossover is designed for two passengers, although the third one will fit there without difficulty.

BMW X3 car interior

BMW X3 car interior

On the general background, black door handles look a little alien. But in general, the design does not cause complaints, and the ergonomics are flawless. Everywhere an ensemble of sturdy finishing materials, assembled with high quality.

Restyling 2006 almost did not make changes to the front panel. Is that decreased the diameter of the steering wheel and there were nice inserts that simulate metal and wood.

The body on the contrary, after restyling changed. He became noticeably nobler and more refined, due to the modified bumpers painted in the main body color. A little more brutal was the grille, which increased the nostrils. Behind you can find out the new BMW X3 by LED lights, which also appeared after the 2006 restyling.

Front body elements BMW X3

Front body elements BMW X3

In short, the restyling of 2006 and 2010 made changes, but the car is 100% recognizable, because the continuity with its predecessors is obvious. Everyone's favorite “treshka” became a bit more brutal and more aggressive, significantly increased in size, and the range of gasoline engines was replaced mostly by units with turbo-charging.