How to change the valve stem seals

At the station, the masters believe that replacing the valve seals without removing the head is an ineffective preventive measure. Usually the replacement operation in this form helps to get an incomplete picture of the health of the valve mechanism. However, if the cause of the malfunction is in the poor quality of these seals, then this replacement can be dispensed with.


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  • 2 What determines the wear caps
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Valve system operation

The job of caps is to seal the combustion chamber from the engine oil. For cars with low mileage, there is no such problem; questions about compaction start after about 100,000 km.

how to quickly check the valve stem seals

Valve stem seals

The structural arrangement of each cap (valve stem packing gland) does not allow for quick and easy replacement. Although they relate to consumables. It will be necessary to use the oil cap remover.

They are located on the intake and exhaust valve stem gas distribution mechanism. The upper part of the valve is located in the oil mist formed during operation of the camshaft. Plates of the intake valve are surrounded by fine droplets of fuel, and the exhaust - heated exhaust gases.

The blocking of the interpenetration of these systems is tight seals. If the tires on them become non-plastic, then the elements cease to perform their functions. Oil from stocks is not removed in full, and penetrates the combustion chamber. As a result, its consumption increases, and smoke from the exhaust pipe appears.

What determines the wear caps

The main signs of wear of the oil wiper caps are pollutant deposits on the heads of candles, a small but constant oil consumption, gray smoke, with a sharp depressing of the accelerator pedal. Therefore, to bring to such a state the engine is not worth it.

how to check the valve stem seals

Appearance of different seals

You need to understand that in a minute the valves make from hundreds to one and a half thousand working cycles in an aggressive environment. Therefore, wear necessarily occurs, no matter how durable material for their production is used.

The maintenance of long-lasting oil scraper caps is supported by the use of high-quality engine oil.

Как поменять маслосъемные колпачки

Replacing the shaft seals on VAZ cars begins with the removal of the air filter and the valve cover. Next, set the car to a neutral gear and scroll the crankshaft until the marks on the casing and camshaft sprocket match. Thus, the pistons in the fourth and first cylinder, will be in the top dead center.

how is the replacement of the oil seals without removing the head
Step 1. Open access to the caps
what are the signs of wear of the oil wiper caps
Step 2. Use the puller to dry out
how to change the oil caps for free
Step 3. Take out the crackers
as in the garage to change the valve seals
Step 4. Remove the springs and washers
How to change the oil caps neatly
Step 5. Remove the caps
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At the lock washer fixing fastening of a star of a camshaft, we straighten whiskers. We loosen the threaded tension of the bolt, without unscrewing it completely. Next, you need to loosen the chain tensioner, and then you can remove the star from the camshaft. Then the fastening bolts of the canister closing the camshaft are unwound, and now access to dismantling the caps is open.

To prevent the valve from moving, a copper or brass bar is inserted into the plug hole. The metal of such a rod must be soft, so as not to scratch the cylinder.

Before checking the valve seals visually, they need to be obtained using a special rassuharivaniya mandrel. Holding the spring with it, we carefully pull out the crackers with tweezers or forceps. Then remove the spring and washer under it. We stretch the cap with the pliers. Do not use a screwdriver, as it is put on a fragile metal-ceramic sleeve, which can crumble and become unusable due to such actions

what the oil cap remover looks like

Cap remover

In place of the old gland, you can put a new one. The assembly is carried out in reverse order. After completion of work, crankshaft must be rotated before placing the second and third cylinders in the upper point, and then replacing at this position. Having installed all the valve seals, and closing the camshaft with the casing, you need to adjust the tension on the drive chain, and do not forget to adjust the valve clearance.


The replacement can be carried out independently and save a few thousand rubleswho will request for this work at the station. However, a special rassukharivatel will be required. You can buy it, borrow it or make it yourself. No other special equipment is required to perform this operation.