Features of the choice of alarm with auto start


At the present time, an increasing number of car owners are completing their cars with modern electronic devices, many of which are focused on improving the comfort and ease of use of the car. One of the latest generation of modular devices is alarm with auto start. The device of the new generation not only protects the transport from fraudsters and robbers, but also, thanks to the automatic start system, allows the driver to start the car remotely, turn on the air conditioner in the car or the heater of the cabin.

Car alarm

Modern alarm systems provide reliable protection against theft.

С повышением спроса на приборы безопасности среди владельцев транспортных средств, растёт и предложение производителей. Рынок переполнен разными вариациями устройств защиты для машин, поэтому нужно разобраться с особенностями и вариациями предложенных товаров заранее, чтобы приобрести именно тот продукт, который максимально будет соответствовать вашим требованиям.Читать дальше о выборе самой дешевой сигнализации с автозапуском -->

Vehicle characteristics that affect the choice of alarm

The first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing a security system of a vehicle is the type of engine of your car. If you have a diesel one, then the protection for your car is selected individually, since this motor can be troubled to start in the winter.

The second nuance is the gearbox. The owner of the transport with a manual gearbox must specifically select the type of protective device that will not contribute to the rapid discharge of the battery.

The third point that must be considered when buying a product - is a remote or automatic type of engine start. In security systems with automatic engine start, you can pre-program the device for a specific mode of operation. Different models of anti-theft systems provide a specified set of modes, in classical models there is a mode of starting the engine at a certain time of day. Newer models allow you to start the engine when the temperature on the street or inside the cabin drops to the level noted by the vehicle owner. Models with remote engine starting method are also in demand. To start the engine, you must press a button on the key fob from a distance of about five hundred meters from the car. This should be taken into account when choosing this type of product.

Особенности выбора сигнализации с автозапуском

The owner of the vehicle when choosing an anti-theft tool for his car, it is necessary to focus on aspects such as product assembly, feature set, signal coding method.

The greater the set of functions of the security system and the wider the completeness of the goods, the more functional and expensive the alarm will be. However, such opportunities may complicate the installation of protection on your car, additional functions exacerbate the operation of the device.

To transmit a signal from the vehicle to the owner, trinkets, sensors, GSM module, sirens are used. Alarms with automatic start are equipped with a GSM module and radio sensors.

At present, there are three types of signal coding: interactive and dynamic coding, signal transmission via mobile communication.

The most economical option is a device with dynamic coding. The alarm units located in the keyfob and the car identify each other using a code change algorithm. The low price of such products is due to the availability of a license, small block sizes and cheap coders. Among the shortcomings - there is the possibility of security hacking using a grabber code.

Car anti-theft system with interactive coding is more expensive than the previous version, but it has its advantages. The exchange of signals between the car and the key fob occurs with the help of unique codes. Such models today are virtually inaccessible for hacking.

Means of protection with dynamic and interactive coding have a common drawback - their radius does not exceed one and a half kilometers. This defect is absent in anti-theft systems with GSM modules. They transmit data from the machine to the owner from any distance via mobile signals. Currently, these are expensive products that are related to the latest technological developments. Although such security features have their drawback: the quality of the mobile signal.

The owner of the car, who wants to protect his car from hijackers and robbers, as well as to gain anti-theft tool with automatic start from an inexpensive series, can purchase a device with dynamic coding.

Alarm rating with auto start by manufacturers and models

From year to year more and more among car owners are in demand alarm with auto start. The modern sales market offers a huge range of different models. Today, there are several manufacturers of security systems that are distinguished by reliability and uninterrupted operation and are leaders in the sales market. The most popular manufacturers are Starline, Scher-Khan and Pandora. All of them have in their assortment anti-theft tools for cars with any type of engine, they can offer models with automatic and remote engine start. As for the price category, the models from Scher-Khan are more affordable.

Starline and Pandora can offer low-priced models with standard equipment, but models with additional features work using the interactive encoding method and are priced much more expensive. Scher-Khan practically does not use this coding method in its models. In the rating of alarms, a special place is occupied by the manufacturer Sheriff. This manufacturer of anti-theft devices attracts car owners with a wide range of different modes and low price. Sheriff uses dynamic security coding.

Consider the rating of alarms with auto start for budget vehicles.

Car Alarm Sheriff ZX-755

The model range of Sheriff ZX is characterized by simplicity in work, reliability, has a range of up to two kilometers. Such products attract the owners of cars for their price - we can say that this is the cheapest version of the anti-theft device.

Car alarm Sher-Khan Logicar A

The next place in the ranking is occupied by Sher-Khan Logicar A. This is a model that has excellent guarding qualities and has protection against signal interception. The range of up to one and a half kilometers. Reliable and functional.

Car alarm Starline A91 Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru

From the manufacturer Starline model Starline A91 is in great demand. It is distinguished by interactive signal coding, attracts customers with reliability, functionality, protection from burglars and an affordable price.

Car alarm Pandect X1100

Pandect X-1100 is one of the not very expensive, but high-quality models from a well-known manufacturer of anti-theft products. It is intended for installation on cars equipped with digital CAN-tires, but can also be installed on ordinary vehicles.

Car alarm Pandora DXL 5000

Of the expensive models, the Black Bug Super security system is in demand among car owners. The production module has a large number of measuring devices, an immobilizer, a lot of functions that ensure the safety of the user. Such models are installed on high-end machines that require serious protection. Pandora DXL 5000 is one of the most expensive models of the manufacturer and one of the most expensive anti-theft systems on the market. The model is easily installed on the machine, has full support for CAN-bus. It can be said that this is a highly intelligent security system.

Let's sum up

Most vehicle owners want to buy a car alarm for their car, which will be efficient, comfortable and reliable in operation. To buy high-quality and affordable alarm with auto start, it is necessary to draw an analogy between suitable devices to protect the vehicle. Before buying such a product for your car, analyze it by the following parameters:

  1. The range of the remote.
  2. Having the function of starting the engine at a certain time.
  3. The presence of an instrument for measuring the temperature of the engine and the passenger compartment.

These characteristics are basic and most important in choosing a protection system for budget cars. If there is a financial opportunity, it is better to opt for an inexpensive anti-theft system with a dialogue type of signal coding. Its price will be slightly higher than for a device with dynamic coding, but the level of protection of your car will increase several times.

And one more tip: buy goods only at those points of sale that you trust. When buying a product, pay attention to the availability of documentation for the product and warranty card. Buying goods at certified points of sale will protect you from buying a low-quality anti-theft device for your car.