It's time for ford fiesta

Настало время Форда Фиеста Where did the German auto developers make omissions, but for the first time in seven years their most popular car Volkswagen Golf in the global car market sold less circulation than the American Ford Fiesta. Yes, yes, for seven years in a row, the Volkswagen brand was in the first place in the world in terms of sales of the Volkswagen Golf. Deservedly bought this car, no words. In Russian, even stable phrases appeared like "reliable as Golf", "take Golf, you won’t lose," and so forth. World sales statistics. And the independent statistical agency JATO publishes its annual report, in which not the German Golf, but the American Ford Fiesta crowns the “topochka”. Mourning ribbons can decorate the map of Germany.)))

It can not be - Volkswagen Golf gone to minus! Approximately such thought content was visited by every fan of this German brand after the release of JATO statistics. And the moral of that fable is known: do not lose prices for good reason! People need a cheap brand and with unquestionable high quality! The same company adheres to the Chinese company Lifan, providing their cars at reasonable prices. And, God sees, in five years, all of Russia, with the exception of the Kremlin brethren, will be cut into lifan. Cheap and cute. When chronically no money, not to fat.

So, Ford Fiesta won. This competition comes from the very appearance of a rival on the market. Over the past year, the subcompact American hatch in the global car market already bought 47 623 times. This is about one thousand more than the mark of the German mark. Although the Germans do not see in this event something criminal. The whole thing is, they say, that a restyling version of the Golf is being prepared for the release, most likely, this is the reason: people just did not buy the “outdated” model in anticipation of the upgraded version. But as a restyled Golf appears on the market, then immediately all the points above the "i" will be placed. After all, between us, girls, speaking, does not pull the Fiesta on the Golf, oh, it does not pull.

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Another interesting event of last March is the statistics of sales of European car brands, which for the first time in history climbed to the second position, directly above the Americans, settled on the third step. In the first place, of course, the Chinese. Dumping the market with quality goods, you can gradually capture it. This is an axiom.

In the Russian car market, too, everything is not bad. Statistical organizations for the sake of the Kremlin write that the people have gotten the cars under the string, buying as much as ten percent more cars than in March of last year. How this happens when the wages have not grown, and it is time for the majority of Russians to think, and it is not clear what they will eat in the near future. More precisely, just understandable. Who ordered the music, and wrote it. Most likely, as it was already more than once, government purchases saved the statistics. Officials bought themselves new cars, not people. And the extras just picked up this information and presented it on a silver platter, without specifying. Bought the same, but who bought it is not considered.

By the way, restyled version Volkswagen Golf demonstrated last fall. Of the innovations, in particular, the 1.4-liter engine was replaced by a 1.5-liter compressor engine, which understands what the Miller cycle is. The car can now recognize the gestures of the driver, which he must first show that he remembered.