Tuning bmw e60 to improve performance

The BMW 5 Series in the back of the E60 is a powerful premium car, everyone knows what a BMW is, so we will not dwell on this for a long time. Today we will talk about how to make a car out of a great car even better. The BMW E60 was produced from 2003 and the production of this version ended in 2010. The pricing policy of this car is quite gentle. Such a machine can afford every more or less wealthy people.

Tuning BMW E60

During the production of this car, many tuning studio did their original tuning the BMW E60. Despite the fact that it has been quite a few years since this car stopped being produced, this car still looks decent. But if you make tuning, then in general this car prices will not. Always look great unique cars.

Implement your wishes in the car

What is good about this car is that it is very convenient to tune it, it is easily disassembled and assembled, unlike some cars. In this car, you can easily improve the body by installing additional body kits, put a spoiler. The car will have better aerodynamics, and it will look more modern. In addition, you can even install various door sills, they will change the design of the car for the better.

bmw 5 tuning e60

If you install the right skirts, the car will even have the best performance in the management. But anyway, significant improvements in performance with the help of skirts and spoilers are not achieved. Basically, this is for an original and harsh appearance.

As for the real body kits, which really improve the performance - these are ready-made kits from AC Schnitzer, which include the bumper, air intake, thresholds and diffusers, there is also a spoiler that will be mounted on the trunk and other trifles.

Tuning BMW m5 e60

Doing tuning the BMW 5-series, it makes sense to toned taillights, they will look more stylish. It is possible to install light-emitting diodes, which, as never before, underline the individuality of a car and highlight a car in a stream. As for the tuning of the body, you can make a sticking, for example, a gold or silver film. There are beautiful options with carbon film. All these films make the car more original, and also they keep the paint on the body.

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External tuning BMW E60 may include exclusive airbrushing, drawings on the car also make it more original, you can make beautiful figures on the hood, the roof and anywhere else as the owner wishes. In addition to originality and uniqueness, the car will be protected from theft, usually airbrushing cars do not steal.

Spoiler not only as a design element.

Very often a spoiler is installed on the trunk during tuning of the BMW E60. If you put a professional spoiler, the car will have the best aerodynamic characteristics, improved handling and aerodynamics. Usually spoilers are made of fiberglass.

чип-tuning the BMW E60

Каждый tuning the BMW E60 не обходится без установки кованых или литых дисков 18-го радиуса. В техническом плане 18-е колеса отлично подойдут для данного автомобиля. На photo BMW M5 E60 (tuning) you can see how the car has seriously changed, if it has beautiful wheels.

tuning bmw e60 spoiler

Modernization of the cabin in BMW

Initially, the functionality of the BMW saloon is very good, and in general the BMW saloon is considered one of the best salons on the automotive market. In the cabin of the standard E60 there is an electric package, a high-quality audio system, a multimedia system, GPS, climate control, in general, everything that a modern premium car cannot do without.

Tuning salon bmw e60

But since we decided to make tuning the car, and we already figured out the body, then it’s time to improve the interior, there are also many interesting possibilities for tuning. Here the first thing you can put leather covers, with original elements, interesting stitch and other details. All these little things will make the car more elegant and original.

Further, a very unusual element in tuning the BMW E60 are the curtains, they look great on all cars, not only on jeeps, therefore, they will become good on such a sedan like BMW 5. Blinds protect from the bright light of the sun, as well as create a home comfort. Curtains better to choose from high-quality and expensive material, it will give the car more expensive.

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BMW 5 e60 tuning

As for leather seat covers, this is a very important element of every expensive car, they are durable, creating the feeling that the leather seats were originally installed in the car. And of course, these covers for a long time will keep the seat in proper form. Famous automotive leather covers are covers President brand, which look expensive, and they are quite durable, and most importantly - there are original models.

There is a wide range of car covers. Therefore, depending on taste, you can choose the most suitable color. To date, there are even very rare colors of car covers, for example, ivory or charcoal black. There are also variants of covers in which 2 different colors are used, they will make the chairs unusual and playful. Further Photo tuning BMW E60where you can see how the interior of the car was originally made:

Tuning BMW E60 cabin

Improvements to the engine and technical characteristics

5-ka BMW in the back of the E60 is equipped with a serious safety kit, this includes airbags, various stabilization systems. In security, it is better not to change anything without the proper experience and knowledge. And in general, as they say, the brakes were invented by cowards, and all these safety systems came up with even larger panties, so we will not focus on this.

Powertrains for BMW 5th series are different: both diesel and petrol. For example, in the top-end M5 there is a 10-cylinder atmospheric gasoline engine, which makes a very cool sound, bringing great pleasure to those who drive this car.

Tuning BMW E60 photo

Many owners of BMW 5-ki in the back of the E60 do not satisfy the technical capabilities of the motor - you always want more power, more dynamics and less fuel consumption, so they come to the conclusion that you can force the motor.

Tuning the engine is desirable to do in the tuning studio, so that this work is entrusted to professionals, you can install a turbine or a supercharger. Take, for example, a gasoline engine with a capacity of 192 liters. with. and a volume of 2.5 liters, if you put on it a special compressor for the BMW G-Power, the power of the machine will increase and will be 250 liters. with.

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BMW M5 E60 tuning photo

If we are already engaged in the improvement of the engine, then it is also necessary to make the cabin noise insulation, because the engine will work louder so that there is not much noisy in the cabin.

Chip tuning

In order not to bother much about tuning the engine, you can immediately pay attention to the chip tuning of the BMW 5 Series in the back of the E60. Chip tuning will make the engine more powerful, and fuel consumption will decrease.

Chip tuning BMW e60

Even idling will be adjusted optimally, thanks to such changes the car will start better, and in the process of chip tuning other shortcomings that were made at the BMW plant will be corrected.

Chip tuning is especially successful if it is carried out for diesel power units. A special chip is inserted into the motor, with the correct program, which is created for each motor individually, it will use the capabilities of the motor as efficiently as possible.

bmw 5 e60 forest

For diesel engines, the increase in power will be 50-60 liters. with. and the torque will also increase by 80-100 Nm. Improving a car is an art, every owner can have his own tastes, preferences and fantasies, but there is one quality of car that all motorists want to increase - the dynamics of acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h. This is the indicator of the machine.

If initially the car accelerates in 5 seconds to a hundred (if you take the top M-ku), then after improvement this indicator can be slightly improved, but as a rule, the E60 will not accelerate much faster due to design features, but the potential of the car is simply enormous.

But what is the sound of the BMW M5 E60, enjoy: