Replacing freon in the air conditioner do it yourself

The tightness of the air conditioning system in the car, the device is quite reliable, but over time the leak occurs in almost all cars.

Causes of freon leak

There are several causes of freon leakage. In order to prevent the breakdown of the air conditioner, it is necessary to replace the freon in the air conditioning system in time. You can carry out this procedure on a specialized service or replace it yourself with your own hands.

Causes of poor cooling of the cabin

The first reason is the contractility of freon in the system. The second reason is freon leakage through microcracks in the radiator, or leakage through the joints of various pipes.

Replacing freon in a car with air conditioning

Replacing freon in a car is not a difficult process. But there are some points that should be taken into account even until the moment when the freon cylinder itself is connected to the filling port for refueling the air conditioning system. First you need to determine the location of the leakage of freon. 

 And to do this without a special device is impossible. Then you need to decide whether to vacuum the air conditioner or not worth it? If the replacement of freon requires a complete replacement, then just be sure to evacuate! After this procedure, all the accumulated condensate will be released from the main system, Condensate badly affects the operation of the air conditioner, and often becomes the first reason for the failure of the air conditioning compressor.

Then you need to know the brand of freon, which will be refilled into the system, and know exactly the brand of oil that is designed for this type of compressor. If all the same freon changes completely, you need to check the purity and conductivity of the fluid inside the tubes. If the tubes are coked, then replacing freon will not bring you much benefit.

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 That's where the question starts. Whether to go to the service station or still try to do everything with your own hands and forces.

Independent replacement of freon

A cylinder with freon of the required brand and an adapter for it purchased at the car shop should be inserted into the port for filling the air conditioner. Then smoothly open the valve for the supply of refrigerant. Press the gas pedal several times, it is necessary that the refrigerant is evenly distributed on the air conditioning system. If there are no leaks in the air conditioning system, then after such simple operations, the temperature in the cabin will gradually fall.

A little about the difficulties in the procedure of filling the air conditioner

For the air conditioner is equally bad if the amount of freon in the system is more or less than it should be. In these cases, the air conditioner begins to work with loads, and can fail. The exact amount of freon can be poured only on the service stations that have special equipment with the necessary sensors. Condensate is a rather unpleasant thing. If it is not removed completely then an air conditioner compressor may exit. As a rule, such parts are not restored, but require complete replacement. Buying a compressor is quite expensive. Therefore, to cock the pros and cons. And decide whether to get help at the service station or to fill the freon yourself.