Range rover sport 2013 supercharged pleases the eyes, body

Today we will talk about a car that impressed me enough for its power, speed and size. When you go behind the wheel of this car, you understand that before the world was perceived in a completely different way.

range rover sport 2013

The moment came when I got behind the wheel of the 2013 Range Rover Sport in the Supercharged version, this is the most powerful version of the sports range, the engine of 5 liters works under the hood and gives out power of 510 horses, such a device accelerates to a hundred in 6 seconds. As for a jeep weighing 3 tons, this is an unrealistically excellent result.

Of course, I found out later that there are competitors to the Range Rover Sport - this is the Porsche Cayenne and Mercedes ML-class, they also have excellent engines there, and the acceleration speed also be healthy.

The sound of the engine on Range is just very good to hear, it roars so pleasantly, and when you push the gas to the floor, it starts to scream very loudly, and the driver and all passengers drown in the seat. As soon as I got behind the wheel, I carefully inspected everything, the interior of this range is very pleasant, but nevertheless it was made in the style of sport and this is only a plus.

Generally, this Range Rover Sport 2013 I came across white, it was in perfect harmony with the burgundy color of the skin in the cabin. A great combination, but I think that you can choose the skin color for every taste, there are many options, however, until the engineers collect exactly what the customer wants, it can take a lot of time, so it is advisable to choose a car among those that are in stock staffed, so to speak, waiting for their customers.

range rover sport 2013

After I examined the salon, instrument panel, GPS-navigator, gear knob, I realized that I already wanted to ride on this monster, and as soon as possible. I buckled up, the manager sat next to me and looked at me in surprise, and then said that I had to drive carefully, because problems might arise, the insurance company’s franchise costs 5,000 euros. But I understood that everything would be very good, I’m going to drive carefully, and my reaction is very good.

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I pushed the gas on the slegonts, after the automatic transmission knob was switched to drive mode, and the car went slowly but very nicely. A pleasant sound pleased the ears, it was warm in the car, as the heater with heated seats worked. I was in a shirt, I took off my coat before I got into the car so that it would not hold back my gestures.

Slowly I drove up to the road, the traffic was noticeable, it was quite tolerable and there was a place for a normal ride, there were opportunities to cool it down.

I missed almost everyone who was driving along the Moscow Highway, then immediately left himself, calmly pressed the gas pedal and the car began to accelerate pleasantly, it was felt unreal power, after all, 510 horses doing their work under the hood. From all sides, around me - there were cars, it was cramped at first, but then a small space formed for a step forward, I immediately pressed the gas harder and my 2013 Range Rover Sport began to roar at once. Then I realized that this car is going :)

range rover sport supercharged

Then, I managed to change lanes to the second row, it was already more comfortable to drive there, after which I settled down and started driving more confidently, the gas was more often in the “floor” position and the car was flying, I was circling other cars. When there were dumb situations, I slowed down, drove around those who are slow, and then again pressed the gas to the floor.

It is very pleasant to drive a car with all-wheel drive, it simply and clearly goes on a slippery road, it never drove me, even at a speed of 120 km per hour.

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Also, I remember how other drivers peep and drive very modestly when I fly by. Then I crossed the Moscow bridge and I turned off the road and turned under the bridge and left the highway again, this was the test drive route, I did not let anyone through the exit, I just quickly left and pressed the gas to the floor, and in the mirrors I I did not see anyone behind me.

Of course, this car accelerates very quickly, and most importantly, the sound of the engine is awesome for other drivers. Even in the cabin, it is great to hear, despite the sound insulation, I imagine what the people and drivers heard, and they were shocked by how I was going.

I was driving fast, but I didn’t accelerate more than 120 km per hour, because it was dumb, there were still a lot of cars and I had to go around them all the time, so I had to be always careful and react quickly to the situation, but I would say that in this Range Rover 'e excellent visibility, everything is seen perfectly, both in front and behind.

range rover sport supercharged

The general's landing makes itself felt, when you go, you see in advance the possible trajectories of your movement, it's cool to be at your best. As for the mirrors, they are quite large and everything is perfectly visible in them, especially what is behind them. And the most important advantage is the automatic transmission, it is she who makes driving a car very comfortable, that the driver is not soaring, she just drives and enjoys.

I drove very quickly, and very soon returned to the car dealership while I was driving, I constantly noticed how everything gave way to me, which is very nice. By the way, when you go on the road on it, you also feel very pleasant feelings, the car still goes gently, of course this Range will not pass on impassable off-road, where the GAZ 69 will pass, but on normal Russian roads, the 2013 Range Rover Sport is going with a bang.

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As for the price of Range Rover Sport, it is very acceptable, in my opinion, for this car, 84,000 euros is not such a big money for such pleasure, for example, the price of Mercedes Gelendvagen is about the same. By the way, I also forgot to say that this Range consumes about 20 liters of 95th gasoline per 100 km, which is not very little. But again, it does not scare, if you count, it is only 300 UAH. (1200 rubles) per day.

Therefore, my verdict is a great machine, and it was in the Supercharged configuration, because I really liked and touched the engine power and fast acceleration to the heels of it. All this is very impressive, so after a 5-liter driving on a 3-liter change is not very much hunting. Yes, and this sound, his words can not convey, and it happens only on super-powerful engines.

By the way, time goes on and new technologies do not stand still, so a new Range Rover Sport 2014 has recently appeared. Of course there are differences, the new Range has become lighter, which means faster, new chips have also appeared and the interior has changed. But visually he began to look not so tough as his predecessor, and began to resemble more Range Rover Evoque. Therefore, it is difficult to say how much the new Range Rover has become better.

But the video from the exhibition, where the Range Rover Sport Supercharged 2013 was presented: