Koreans presented a restyled hyundai santa fe 2017 at the

Корейцы представили рестайлинговый Huh-id 2017 на чикагском автосалоне

The first crossover of the Hyundai brand that made it famous all over the world, Santa Fe, has gone through another update. The restyled model line was presented at the Chicago Auto Show. In America, it will be 5.6 and 7 seater Santa Fe. Five-seater - Santa Fe Sport, the rest - "classic" Santa Fe. In the sports version of the Korean crossover as a result of restyling, another grille appeared, both front and rear optics were modified, the exhaust pipes were no longer round, but trapezoidal in shape. Changes, in fact, a little. They are much more in the "classics".

Корейцы представили рестайлинговый Huh-id 2017 на чикагском автосалоне

Dorestaylingovy Santa Fe

In Russia Huh-id with three rows of chairs is called otherwise - Grand Santa Fe. In the restyled version, today we see a modified grille, which looks very much like the appearance of a rapierist mask. Vertical LED foglights appeared in front, the taillights did not appear to have changed, but inside they had additional compartments. The car received new sets of 17 and 19-inch casting. In the color palette added new color motifs, mainly the blue spectrum.

In the cabin of Santa Fe Little has changed after restyling, except that some buttons on the main console have been swapped. But the new electronic "body kit" appeared enough. The basic audio system now comes with a 5-inch screen. Three-row configuration  Hende Santa Fe  already equipped with a multi-seven-inch touchscreen. Multimedia is controlled by the Android Auto operating system. The package Santa Fe Sport it is not included by default, but it can be ordered as an option.

Корейцы представили рестайлинговый Huh-id 2017 на чикагском автосалоне

"Sports" Santa Fe

Salon Santa Fe can be trimmed under a frosted tree, this is also an option. Attached is an additional USB port, which is displayed on the third row of seats. Another good option available for all kits Huh-id 2017 - This is a navigator with an eight-inch screen.

Koreans have added new ones to the standard options of the rear view camera type. These are front optics, which can highlight turns and automatically switch from low to high beam and vice versa. These are helpers during braking, which automatically turn on when an obstacle such as cars and pedestrians appear on the path, assistants to control traffic on a road marking, cruise control, who can automatically slow down and stop the car or, on the contrary, add gas. In terms of security, Koreans include restyled Santa Fe 2017 the category of very reliable cars worthy of compliance with all modern safety standards.

Корейцы представили рестайлинговый Huh-id 2017 на чикагском автосалоне

Under the hood, Santa Fe Sport two engines are installed: a 2.4-liter, 185-strong aspirated and a 2-liter, 240-horsepower V4 engine with a turbine. Santa Fe picking equipped with a 3.3-liter 290-strong "six". As a transmission, the automatic goes by default, the crossover is available for order with both front and all-wheel drive.

Santa Fe Sport we have implemented under the name Santa Fe Premium. All its versions have a 4x4 drive. 2.4-liter 171-strong aspirated can work with both mechanics and automatic. The two-hundred diesel engine in the engine range will only work with an automatic transmission. Sold SUV with a starting mark of 1 760 kiloruble. In america for Santa Fe Sport four-wheel drive asking for 27 thousand dollars (about 2 million 150 thousand rubles for our money).

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Hyundai Grand Santa Fe we can buy from 1 million 674 thousand rubles. In America, for Santa Fe AWD 2017 will have to pay from 2 580 thousand rubles to our money.