Six-wheel gelendvagen and other 6-wheel all-terrain vehicles

In this article we will consider such a wonder as a six-wheeled jeep. We will understand the history of the creation of this type of transport, in technical characteristics, variations. And, finally, we will find out whether it is worth buying such a jeep at all and which one is best to choose. After all, the choice of such machines is large enough: six-wheeled Gelendvagen, Toyota Hilux 6x6, Hummer and others.

From trial prototypes to production models

The issue of increasing the number of wheels was often faced by engineers who deal with the problem of increasing vehicle throughput. Not without reason, during a powerful technical breakthrough, in the second half of the 20th century such popularity appeared on multi-wheeled vehicles.

ZIL 4972

Among the six-wheel samples, the following Soviet samples immediately come to mind: ZIL-167 E - all-terrain vehicle for traveling in the Far North, ZIL-4906 or, as it is also called, “Blue Bird” - a search and rescue complex vehicle. As well as ZIL-4972, which was created on the basis of the previous two samples. These are three significant examples of the Moscow Likhachev plant. But there were others who were engaged in similar developments.

By the way, bad roads, swamps and big snows in Russia and the world have been and always will be, which means that this direction of the automotive industry has been and will continue to develop in the future. The domestic auto industry is not standing still and is actively developing, as evidenced by the six-wheeled Petrovich and Trakol cars, as well as the eight-wheel XPEN. Abroad, the course is also being developed for multi-wheeled cars, however, this is widespread in countries with a difficult climate, for example, in the USA or Scandinavian countries. Modern six-wheeled all-terrain vehicles can boast of light weight, increased comfort and relative availability for the average buyer.

Lemon Cruise Crosser

The car from the French company Citroen saw the light in 2007, was developed jointly by Citroen and Sbarro. The appearance of this machine contributed to several events. First of all, this is raising the hype around the large Citroen C-Cross SUV produced at that time. Which, by the way, is an exact copy of the Mitsubishi Outlander.

Lemon Cruise Crosser

However, the French decided to play beautifully and timed the release of the new pickup Cruise Crosser to the historic occasion. The fact is that exactly 85 years ago the world's first motor rally on the Sahara was organized. It took place thanks to Andre Citroen. The column was formed from five semi-tracked vehicles.

The chassis device of this all-terrain vehicle is unique and therefore interesting: the moment from the middle and front axle is supplied from a mixed diesel-electric installation. The third axis, in turn, is activated from an additional electric motor and only in difficult conditions. The peculiarity is that this electric motor can work independently of the main one, which makes an electric car out of the car.

The cargo space is opened by tilting the tailgate and the steps, which are located between the wheels of the second and third axles. The Cruise Crosser is a full-fledged pickup truck, with a second row of seats, so it can fit a large company inside. The interior will impress even the most sophisticated average man - the salon is upholstered in leather, there is a DVD player, navigation. Everything you need for long journeys in the desert. However, there is a problem for those who are interested in this instance - the French company has developed only one prototype. But do not despair if you are interested in this type of transport and want to buy something similar for yourself, then read on, we have something to please you.

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Hummer H2 The Ultimate Six

Practice shows that often extra pairs of wheels are “hooked” by tuning masters. This sample called The Ultimate Six, perhaps, can be called the best variation of this implementation. The car was released in 2010 on the basis of the American Hummer’a H2 by a company called 213 Motoring, which is the American subsidiary of Calwing, a Japanese tuning center. If, of course, in such circles the word "branch" is walking.

Hummer H2 The Ultimate Six

The addition of the third wheel pair does not carry significant gains in the traction characteristics of the car, since the torque is not transmitted to the additional axle. However, the creators have tried their best. They redid the brakes, suspension, body, exhaust, and, of course, the interior. Inside the interior is now trimmed with leather, Alcantara, there are chrome elements, as well as precious woods. Of the newfangled chips, Japanese masters (or still American) installed a multimedia complex with support for multiple monitors, as well as several mini-bars.

The exterior will also delight with its luxury: twelve headlights, an exclusive body kit, an abundance of chrome-plated parts and, specially designed for this car, 30-inch alloy wheels. Typical kitsch jeep for noisy parties and big companies. Moreover, the addition of an additional wheel pair allowed to increase the already huge Hummer’s body. This can not please those who want to buy this copy. The cost of the Hummer H2 The Ultimate Six varies from 210,000 to 240,000 thousand dollars and is currently available on the market.

Volvo XC60 Dalbo Edition

The German company Dalbo Fordonsteknik, the automaker, produces peculiar Volvo XC60 Dalbo Edition pickups. Many people call them "devilish." Most likely because of the specific appearance - in the appearance of these cars there really is something demonic. However, this, judging by sales, only increases demand. Especially at home, the company has very good performance in this parameter.

Volvo XC60 Dalbo Edition

This concept car is based on the XC60 crossover from the same manufacturer, but it is assembled from the CX90, a larger car. The first model left the assembly line in the near 2012 and quickly became popular among buyers thanks to numerous special orders from various large organizations and individuals.

It is interesting that this car, Volvo XC60 Dalbo Edition, is used by Volvo itself. The pickup is assigned to the headquarters of the Swedish concern in Gothenburg and serves mainly for videotaping. This means that all modern Volvo commercials were filmed using these cars.

The car did not receive a significant increase in flotation or driving performance, but thanks to the third additional axis, the manufacturer decided to increase the load capacity, ride and stability. It is such a car on the market in the region of 100 000 euros. In terms of US currency, it is approximately 109,000 dollars. The price is high, however, less than what the Japanese Japanese ask for their clever Hummer.

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Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6

Without any hesitation, this is the most popular six-wheeled SUV among all its fellows. Google after the request "six-wheeled SUV" first of all gives this particular sample, the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6 × 6. The date of its creation is exactly the same as that of its Swedish counterpart Volvo, 2013 is the model year. However, the characteristic distinction of the “strict German” from the “devilish” pickup is its increased maneuverability.

Mercedes G63 AMG 6 × 6

It is on this important characteristic of any SUV manufacturers have focused. What goes without saying, because it was not the Mercedes fans who developed and assembled it, not the fans who tried it. There are rumors that the idea of ​​developing such a car was filed by the leadership of the armed forces, however, according to the official version, the car began to be made by order of the Arab sheikh.

Filling 6-wheeled Gelendvagen impressive. He was chosen as the heart of a 5.5 liter V8 engine, whose maximum power is 536 liters. with. that allows you to accelerate the car to "hundreds" in just 6 seconds! If it seems to you that this is not fast enough and you say “yes, my baby will accelerate twice as fast”, then remember that the weight of this SUV is about 4 tons, which is more than significant.

Maximum speed does not shine with high numbers - only 160 km / h. But such a car and should not compete in the sprint, his element - it is the dunes and dunes. And there, with a clearance of 45 centimeters and wheel disks with a diameter of 37 inches, it has no equal. Six-wheeled Gelik has 5 locking differentials that allow you to go through even very deep holes and “pull out” the car from all sorts of swamps.

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6

Powerful outside six-wheeled Mercedes is also exclusive inside. In the cabin, by the way, fit 4 people. And, as it should be expected, with the increase in the characteristics and comfort of the car, its price is also increasing. The company hung the price tag on this model at 457 thousand dollars. Despite such a high figure, the production of this monster of the desert and off-road is in full swing. Mercedes plans to pull the conveyor up to 30 copies a year.

Dacia Dustruck

A year ago, in 2014, the company Renault, or more precisely, the engineers of the Romanian branch Dacia and Renault Technologie Roumanie conceived the release of their six-wheeled SUV. And although the Romanians decided to make the task as simple as possible by simply upgrading the base Renault Duster, still, you should not discard this copy, it exists and was developed, and therefore it is worth talking about it.

Dacia Dustruck

Specialists from Eastern Europe modified the rear part of the body (extended it to almost 6 meters) and added a third axle. That's all the changes that were made. The torque, obviously, remained distributed over the same two pairs of wheels as before. Little data about the car, so it is likely that the engine and transmission did not change. Obviously, Dacia Dustruck was just a tricky PR move for the promotion of production cars of this company. Only one copy of the pickup was assembled, the cost of which is unknown.

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Toyota Hilux AT38 6x6 2014 year

A completely different style and meaning laid in the next instance. Toyota Hilux - the most that neither is a real all-terrain vehicle without any reproaches and conventions. Although in essence “Toyota” it is named only nominally. It was developed by an Icelandic company with the characteristic name ArcticTrucks, which is engaged in the design and assembly of large-sized equipment. Although, initially the company was a local subsidiary of Toyota.

arctic trucks hilux 6x6

At the moment, about a hundred cars with 6x6 markings have been already produced. Cars were made specifically for the drive and conquest of the Far North, Greenland, Iceland, Russia and Canada. The popularity of this office adds the fact that it was on their car leading Top Gear a couple of years ago, completed a successful trip to the North Pole.

It is possible that this instance became a high-quality off-road vehicle was the development of an average bridge based on a Mercedes-Benz bridge, or perhaps its relative efficiency with only a standard three-liter turbo diesel (only because for a car weighing almost three tons such an engine size ) We do not know. However, one thing is for sure: the Icelandic developers had an excellent version of a six-wheel SUV with rigidly switched four-wheel drive and, which is also important, with a reduction gear.

Toyota Hilux AT38 6x6

The carrying capacity of this concept is 2 tons, which is not very much, as for a heavyweight. Ground clearance is 23.3 centimeters, and the diameter of the disc wheels - 44 inches. The assets of the manufacturer will include the following facts: the status of the automaker in Russia, the ability to assign VIN codes to their vehicles and issue their own TCP.

The production of this model is small-scale, which is logical, given the current demand for these cars and the price the company is asking for the product - in terms of rubles it is about 6 million. Not that this is too much, but for the average man in the street - a fairly large amount.

Toyota Hilux AT38 is the best fit for the description of a classic all-terrain jeep intended for Arctic operations and Antarctic races. In this model range, there are also high-quality eight-wheelers, there are also worthy four-wheel representatives.

In general, this industry is actively developed and finds its fans among the fans of automotive. There is a demand, which means that production will not stop. Especially, considering the fact that humanity has not yet sufficiently increased its population to build wide and qualitatively smooth highways across the globe. And, judging by the dynamics of growth in the number of people, this will not happen too soon, which means that demand will exist for a long time, and we will be able to enjoy these automotive mastodons.