Fasten a car trailer to your car

Drivers who need to have a trailer in their car, after its purchase, face difficulties with its fasteners. In this article we will talk about all the nuances of fasteners trailer to the car.

For a start, it is necessary to issue a trailer in the traffic police, in 2017 there was a law on the design of the hitch, but we will not dwell on this yet.

Крепим прицеп автомобиля к своему авто All trailers, whether universal onboard platforms, or models of boat trailers, are attached to the car by a drawbar, which manufacturers produce in the form of the letter V or I. Such designs are the best for driving a car with a trailer. When fastening the trailer to the car, you must have a reliable hitch. Reliable hitch is a guarantee of safe traffic on the road for you and for all road users.

Fasten the trailer to the towbar of your car

• It is necessary to raise the drawbar so that the trailer is comfortable to lower the hitch on the ball; • Put the car on the handbrake (mandatory); • After installing the trailer on the trailer hitch, fasten it with clamps or a lock 4 • Ensure that the trailer fastens securely to the drawbar (lift the trailer and make sure that it does not jump out of the trailer hitch ball); • Connect the "chips" stoplights and turn signals;

Крепим прицеп автомобиля к своему авто


That's basically all that needed to be done. Drive through a couple of laps, while turning the turn signals, press the brake. You will need an assistant to help determine that all light signals are working properly.

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Крепим прицеп автомобиля к своему авто

After several test rides around the yards, making sure that everything is securely fixed and everything is working properly, you can safely go on the “high road”. Good luck on the roads!