Chevrolet tracker entered russian dealers

Chevrolet Tracker поступил российским дилерам

Yes, General Motors has curtailed most of its sales in the Russian car market, actually leaving it for the period of economic turmoil. He left only the top models, which, regardless of any conditions, still buy only a limited circle of successful people. These models include the Tahoe, Camaro and Corvette. However, the auto giant finally decided to launch in Russia crossover trackerApparently, based on the considerations of the fact that we traditionally have a demand for fairly large and affordable cars. Tracker, collected by the Belarusian brothers, from among them. Its official price is one million one hundred eleven thousand wooden, but until the end of September 2015 it will have a discount of almost half a million rubles.

By class Chevrolet Tracker has in the closest neighbors Opel Mokka, a representative also recently officially deserted from our market the German mark. Chevrolet Tracker поступил российским дилерам Chevrolet Trekker, proposed for our motorist, is represented by three trim levels. The front-wheel-drive, LS, has a 1.8-liter, 140-horsepower engine under the hood. This equipment is sold from the starting price of 1111 kiloruble. What we have inside for such a sum: ABS, four airbegs, heated front seats, air conditioning, adjustable driver's seat in all four directions, and passenger seats in two directions, sixteen-inch cast steel wheels, a radiometer, CD and MP3 reading, electric side mirrors not heated.

The second equipment, LT, will cost the buyer almost a hundred thousand more. It is also front-wheel drive, under the hood of the same 1.8-liter engine with manual transmission. For the fact that it costs hundreds of thousands more expensive, the side mirrors were added to the package, the steering wheel was trimmed with leather, and radio control buttons, cruise control, light sensors, 16-inch aluminum casting and parking sensors were placed on it. Those who wish, having thrown twenty kilorubbles on top, can purchase a rear-view video camera, a multimedia system, which can be controlled from the steering wheel, however, like a telephone integrated into the steering wheel. And if you even throw a hundred thousand wooden, you can get all-wheel drive and "automatic". Chevrolet Tracker поступил российским дилерам Top in lineup Chevrolet Tracker LTZ equipment, will be sold from 1 266 kilorubles. Under the hood there is a 1.4-liter, 140-powerful engine boosted with a turbine. It works with manual transmission. In the standard version, front-wheel equipment. It also includes 18-inch light-alloy casting, multimedia system and rear-view camera, the EUR and Start / Stop.

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By adding a hundred thousand when ordering, you can get all-wheel drive equipment, with a 1.8-liter engine and "automatic". But in this configuration, the Start / Stop system will no longer be available.

Do not forget that all the nearest "colleagues" in the class have not yet been sold out from the dealer warehouses. for Chevrolet Trekker: Opel Mokka can still be bought from seven hundred thousand rubles. It is clear on the special offer, which also lasts until the end of September.