Replacing fluids in the steering system hyundai santa fe cm

Drain the old oil in Gura on Santa Fe

Over time, the fluid in the power steering system loses its properties, and turning the steering wheel becomes difficult. There are cases that the power steering starts to “howl” when turning the steering wheel. Do not rush to the service station, order expensive parts. Try to change the liquid in the GUR. This task is not difficult, the benefits will bring much more than you suspect. To replace the fluid, you will need:

- screw jack-2 pcs;

- wheel chock (shoe);

- pliers;

- car stand;

- capacity for technical waste;

- plug for GUR tank (polyethylene);

- rags;

- a syringe and a hose for it;

- oil for GUR brand -03100-00100;

- Turn on the first gear, if you have an automatic transmission, put the selector in the "P" position. Install wheel chocks under the rear wheels.

- Raise the front part of the car with jacks until the wheels are off the ground and put the car stand under the front part of the car.

- Open the hood and unscrew the lid of the power steering reservoir.

- As far as possible, pump out the fluid from the power steering reservoir using a syringe and hose.

- Remove the edges of the clamp with pliers, and drain the liquid into the container. Plug the hole in the tank with polyethylene. If necessary, you can simply remove the tank by pulling it upwards through two latches.

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- Turn on the starter, and turn the steering wheel a couple of times left and right until it stops. After such manipulations, the old oil will come out of the hose.

Some motorists simply change the oil while not pumping it out of the power steering tank. They simply replace it with a new one. The operations are the same. Only the assistant turns the steering wheel in different directions, and the performer adds oil to the tank. In this case, you will need no more than two liters of oil for a full replacement.

Experienced craftsmen say that it is right to add oil, i.e. fill fill Since in this case there is no likelihood of damage to GUR. In the absence of oil in GUR, the pump starts to whistle and fails.

- Install all removed parts in reverse order.

Filling in the tank power steering on the Hyundai Santa Fe

Here you need the liquid itself for GUR and rags.

The working fluid of the hydraulic booster is PSFFIII.

  • Check the fluid level by setting the car on level ground;
  • GUR tank you will find in the right side under the hood;
  • At a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, the level should be in the range of "COLD", between the marks "min" and "max";
  • If the engine temperature is about 80 degrees, then the level is in the "HOT" range. Between the "min" and "max";
  • If the fluid level is below the “min” mark, open the fill plug;
  • Add liquid to the required level;
  • Close the reservoir cap tightly.
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Source: Hyundai Santa Fe Instruction Manual, Third Rome Publishing House, Art. 60