Repair cracks on the windshield

No driver will be able to guarantee one hundred percent protection of the windshield from damage. Having noticed a crack or a chip on the glass surface while moving, you need to immediately stop, put paper on the problem area and tape it over with tape.

If you are driving with a stove or air conditioner turned on, blowing the windshield - turn them off as soon as possible. This eliminates the temperature difference between the environment and the interior. Drive at low speed, minimizing vibration. Try to go on a good road - the body will be less “curled”. Do not save on the tow truck, if the crack went from the driver's side, worsening the view.

As soon as you reach your destination, determine the configuration, as well as the size of the crack. Never postpone the repair of cracks and chips on the windshield for later, since such defects tend to develop rapidly.


  • 1 Repair glass or completely replace
  • 2 What you need for repair
  • 3 Order of repair

Repair glass or completely replace

Non-alternative replacement is carried out if:

  • item released with a factory marriage;
  • the glass shattered into several pieces;
  • cracks are longer (more than 20 cm);
  • structure of cracks branched.
Photo multiple cracks on the windshield

For repair of cracks on the windshield, which has extensive damage, it is better not to take

If your glass is devoid of the features described above, it is suitable for repairs. But the owner of the transport takes the final decision independently, taking into account economic efficiency, time and labor.

Repair is considered the most economical and practical way to remove small cracks and even deep chips. Practicality is not always obvious, since the criteria for a particular situation, the transport and its owner will always be different. You can only list a few theses that can influence the final choice - to change or repair damaged glass. If there is a chip on the surface, considering the costs, it is better to repair it. Cost-effective windshield repair will also be when there is a linear crack of up to twenty centimeters and rays no more than three centimeters. If we consider the financial side of the issue, the repair will be the best option when it costs less than 50% of the cost of the new part with the cost of installation. Taking into account that the glass for foreign cars is very expensive, it is advisable to repair linear cracks of unlimited length.

What you need for repair

Photos of a set of tools and materials that allow you to repair car windows

With the help of a special kit, the repair of car windows is much easier

The final list of tools, accessories and materials needed to carry out repairs is as follows:

  • polymer (другие названия – оптический клей, смола). Имеется в составе любого ремонтного комплекта. Коэффициент прозрачности приближен к показателю стекла. Хранится в жидком состоянии, но стоит его расположить под прямыми ультрафиолетовыми лучами, polymer начнет быстро отвердевать. Края сколов или трещин будут склеиваться. На рынке имеются универсальные polymerы, использовать которые можно одновременно для сколов и трещин. Исходя из состава, их разделяют на одно-/многокомпонентные. Оптимальное решение — выбор polymerной смеси с минимальным временем затвердевания. Так вы сможете обеспечить максимальное удобство ремонта при минимальных затратах времени;
  • injector and bridge. Used to ensure that the mixture as accurately as possible filled the desired area. Based on the material construction are plastic and metal;

If you do not repair auto glass to order, it is better to prefer plastic, as cheaper

  • diamond drill and drill. Use a drill with the function of adjusting the speed and the ability to connect to a regular power supply network of transport. Instead of a drill, it is better to use a milling cutter on a flexible shaft from a drill (if there is such a possibility);
  • pump. С его помощью откачивают воздух из трещин. При заливке polymerа инструмент создает дополнительное давление;
  • UV lamp. The impact of its radiation causes the adhesive to harden. Choosing a lamp, pay attention to the supply voltage and the area of ​​illumination;
  • flashlight and mirror. They should be used in order to accurately determine the boundaries of the defect and assess the effectiveness of the work performed. For example, you can determine the presence of air bubbles in the polymer;
  • scriber. Special tools used to remove small pieces of glass and expand the damaged area;
  • razor blade (нож, скальпель). С их помощью удаляются остатки polymerа;
  • kurvimeter. Измерительный прибор, используемый для определения длины трещин. В зависимости от длины каждого дефекта рассчитывается стоимость ремонтных работ и количество требуемого polymerа;
  • safety devices. You can use masks, glasses, gloves, rags and anything else that may be required when doing work.
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Repair procedure

By itself, repairing car windows with your hands is always a tedious, time-consuming process that requires accuracy and utmost attention.

Photo of a car enthusiast making car glass repair with their own hands

Do-it-yourself car window repair is a tricky task, but a doable task.

The process consists of a series of operations. We suggest to get acquainted with their sequence below.

  1. Initially, we conduct a thorough inspection, the results of which make up an assessment of the extent of damage. For this we use a mirror and a flashlight flashlight.
  2. Remove stress at each end of the crack, thereby preventing its growth. At a distance of 1-2 millimeters from the visible edge it is necessary to drill a hole. So that the glass does not crumble around the drill, observe a quiet mode of operation of the equipment, do not increase the speed unnecessarily and do not press down the part. With a slight push, the crack “breaks through” to the resulting hole. If repairs are carried out in winter, it is necessary to prevent the formation of condensate inside. The optimal solution is to set the temperature to 5–10 degrees higher than on the street. Thus, moisture can evaporate from the surface. Do not use fan heaters or hair dryers, as the instantaneous temperature difference only hurts.
  3. Blow and clean the cavity, dry it. Do not use flushing because stains will appear in the cracks. But if a lot of dirt has accumulated - will have to be washed. Degreasing with alcohol will help prevent the appearance of defects on the surface.
  4. Установите injector and bridge на проблемное место. Как показывает практика, выход моста надо ставить на изначальное место удара. Мост прикрепите присоской к стеклу, проследив за тем, чтобы положение гусака соответствовало профилю дефекта. Используя мост, подавайте состав в трещину. Как можно точнее выберите его объем, предотвратив тем самым выход избыточного количества смеси из области повреждения. Затем по шлангу, прикрепленному к мосту, закачайте воздух, используя pump. Давление самостоятельно распределит клей в проблемной полости — он попадет даже в труднодоступные места. Если же не удалось заполнить полость до конца с первого раза, надо поставить мост на другое место и дополнительно заполнить дефект polymerом.

    Photo of the installed bridge for windshield repair

    The bridge with the injector allow you to repair the windshield with high quality and neat

  5. Having filled the internal space of the chip, crack, dismantle the bridge with the injector and perform their washing / cleaning. Without waiting for the complete curing of the polymer composition, remove its surplus from the crack or chipping.
  6. After connecting the UV lamp over the treated area, continue to repair the car windows in other places, if necessary. The polymer should harden (approximate time can be viewed on the package). If there is no lamp, provide glass access to sunlight. In this case, the hardening time increases at least 3 times.
  7. When the resin hardens completely, polish the surface. So you will achieve a uniform thickness in the repaired place and the defect-free part of the glass.
Auto glass polishing using grinders and special paste

Polished glass allows you to hide the place of repair of automotive glass

Solar refraction will be minimal at the borders of the repaired areas. The operation will hide the repair site at least 75, maximum 90 percent.

Защищайте глаза и руки, не дышите парами polymerного материала, не допускайте прямого контакта клея с окрашенными деталями транспортного средства