How to pass inspection

Innovations 2014 года предполагают обязательное предоставление действующего талона техосмотра при заключении страхового договора на автомобиль. А без страхового полиса ездить нельзя и вдобавок не поставишь транспортное средство на учет. Поэтому после приобретения машины необходимо как можно быстрее решить вопрос о прохождении технического осмотра. О том, how to pass vehicle inspection мы и расскажем в нашей статье.


  • 1 Procedure for passing inspection
  • 2 What you need for passing inspection
  • 3 Inspection Features
  • 4 Cost of maintenance
  • 5 Useful tips for passing MOT
  • 6 Innovations

The procedure for passing inspection

inspection procedure

Technical inspection of the car is carried out by appointment.

It must always be remembered that there is a preliminary record for a vehicle inspection. Telephones of district service stations are freely available at any autoportal. It is necessary to prepare in advance all the necessary documents and make payment for the specified details. After that, you can go to the place of passage of technical inspection. The duration of the passage of the vehicle inspection is usually about a few hours. Successful completion of the maintenance is confirmed by a diagnostic card, in which the checked parameters are indicated and there is a mark about the serviceability of the vehicle. The validity period of the inspection coupon completely depends on the year of production of the car and complies with the 3-2-2-1-1-— scheme, that is, a new car MOT is given for three years, then twice for 2, and when the car is older than 7 years need to pass every year.

What you need for passing inspection

The owner of the car must have the following set of documents for the inspection:

  • driver's license;
  • identity document. This is usually a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation or a temporary certificate issued by the internal affairs bodies in case of his loss. Citizens of other countries provide a residence permit or their national passports;
  • certificate confirming the registration of the car;
  • a medical certificate of the established form (valid for 3 years) from 2011 is not required;
  • a document giving the right to own or operate a vehicle, a technical pass and a technical passport;
  • tax receipt for car and state fees for issuing a coupon. According to the law, pensioners, disabled people of all categories, Heroes of Russia, Heroes of the Soviet Union, holders of the Order of Glory and public organizations of persons with disabilities may not pay the state duty;
  • a valid policy OSAGO (autocitizen) since 2011 is not required;
  • If there is an advertising image on the car, then the vehicle owner’s agreement with the advertiser should be presented.

Documents are not accepted filled in pencil, as well as having postscript or strikethrough.

how much is the technical inspection of the car

The cost of technical inspection is formed from the state duty (the same throughout the Russian Federation) and directly the cost of instrumental control (depending on the region)

Inspection features

The list of points for passing the inspection can be viewed on the website of the traffic police or the local autoportal. It is also possible to pass MOT in one of the private technical centers. In 2011, a law was passed that established new rules. To pass the inspection, there is no need to present a medical certificate and an insurance contract of CTP, and you can directly inspect a car at any station you like.

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Cost of maintenance

How much is the technical inspection of the car - the question is also very relevant. The current Tax Code of the Russian Federation establishes the state duty for carrying out inspection in the amount of 300 rubles. The total cost of the whole procedure will consist of:

  1. State fees (has a fixed value in all regions of Russia).
  2. Payment for the implementation of instrumental control (determined independently in each individual region).

To undergo a technical inspection procedure, the owner of the car will need to pay about 800 rubles.

Useful tips on passing MOT

Before carrying out the maintenance procedure, all fines and receipts should be collected. They can be paid directly at the station. It is necessary to take a certain amount of small bills with you, since the automatic machines for receiving money do not give you change. It is important to have a fire extinguisher available (you need to check its expiration date), an emergency sign and a first aid kit. Addresses of registration in the certificate of registration of the car and passport must be the same. Particular attention should be paid to the work of the turn signals, headlights and dipped beam. You can independently check for leaks in the car brake fluid, engine oil and inspect the condition of the hoses.

It is mandatory to check at the service station:

  • total steering play;
  • CO emission rate;
  • sound signal;
  • the work of front and rear wipers, turn signals and washers;
  • the reliability of the handbrake and braking forces of the rear and front axle;
  • the work of the brake light, fog lamps, tail lights and headlights and dipped beam.
how to pass vehicle inspection

At the stations of technical inspection especially carefully check the condition of the light devices.


Not so long ago, certain changes were made to the rules of technical inspection. Now new vehicles are transferred to the new owners along with the current TO coupon. This allows the car buyer not to pass a technical inspection for three years from the moment of using the car. Also, the approved bill provides the ability to do car repairs at the station of technical inspection. Car owners have the right to independently choose the location of the MOT. The place of registration of transport will not matter now. In addition, the list of required documents for the procedure is reduced.

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