Rating of low-cost suv service


In fact, any act requires an analysis of its consequences. At least, when a purchase of half a million rubles is at stake, it doesn’t bother to think about what such an acquisition may later take. For example, if your goal is a crossover, then calculating the cost of maintaining it in the future is both important and reasonable. After all, this brand of cars can not be attributed to the category of cheap. Expenses, in addition to fuel and rubber, will be taxed on transport, parking, washing. Do not forget repairs and service. It does not interfere, in this regard, even in advance to prepare for themselves an estimate of the cost of maintaining a particular model offered by the market, in order to choose a reliable and inexpensive crossover in service.

best cheap crossovers

Cost-effective crossovers

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Two domestic applicants

If we put in the forefront which crossover is the cheapest to maintain, then here, of course, out of competition are two domestic models: the small SUV Lada 2121 (4 × 4) Niva and UAZ Hunter.

Both cars have a solid production history. But looking back on this story in Soviet times was somehow not out of hand - everything changed dramatically and the current reliability of these machines is much higher, the one that was 30 years ago, and for the lack of which these models were scolded.

lady levels hock

Non-modern workhorse

But the cost of servicing the submitted Russian models is extremely small. First, there will be no problems with spare parts. Secondly, the qualification of service personnel is higher and cannot be, it has been practiced for decades. Moreover, given the high prevalence of models, often repairs are performed by the owner of the car. So it turns out with the initial cost of Lada 450-500 thousand, brake pads in the future will cost no more than 700 rubles, and a set of shock absorbers - 2500, not more.

inexpensive UAZ Hunter

Spare parts for Hunter expensive

With Hunter, the situation is about the same. Here, the cost is even cheaper - it will not reach 450 thousand. But the parts will cost a bit more expensive. The same pads - under 800 rubles., And shock absorbers - 3 000 rubles.

What do we have for such a price !?

With Lada - four-wheel drive, 4 different engines and two manual 4-and 5-speed gearbox to choose from. With Hunter, the situation is almost the same. These two models coincide and are backward from the century. When you consider these two models, you realize that the concept of “design” is not applicable to them, in principle. These are just workhorses for moving from one locality to another. Such machines are bought only where life has stopped, and they know nothing about the offers of Korean and Japanese manufacturers.

Three low-priced models from Korea and Japan

KIA Sportage

kia sportage cheap crossover

The most inexpensive to maintain KIA Sportage

Of the SUVs offered by the global auto industry in Russia, the most inexpensive to maintain Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru - KIA Sportage. One can say even more - this is the best choice for Russian roads in terms of the most reliable / reasonably cheap. Its initial price will not exceed 550 thousand, given the wide choice of configuration - just 6 petrol and diesel engines, with a volume of 1.6; 1.7 and 2 liters, and 3 different gearboxes - 6-speed manual and automatic and 7-speed type DCT. At the same time - excellent indicators of efficiency and design. The driver’s safety level according to international tests is not less than 90%.

The first TO KIA Sportage does not cost more than 6.5 tons – 3 thousand cheaper than its competitors.

Honda CR-V

honda-cr-v crossover

Compact model for outdoor recreation

The second “foreign” model in the rating is from Japan, it is even specifically called the “compact model for outdoor recreation”. This is the Honda CR-V.

The assembly of this machine is carried out immediately in 9 countries of the world — this is not an indication that the problems with the service are practically excluded here. On the car put one of the three engines - gasoline and diesel volume of 1.5; 1.6 and 2.4 liters. Unique model of its 9-speed automatic transmission. It is not surprising that over the past 5 years, from 2012 to 2016, the number of CR-V sold worldwide has steadily increased and reached from 280 thousand in 2012 to 360 thousand in 2016. The overall rating of the driver's safety rating is not lower than 93%.

The first TO-CR-V will also cost 6-7 thousand rubles. The second is about 12 thousand.

Honda Pilot

honda pilot low-cost crossover

Reliable and cheap to maintain Honda crossover

Honda has delegated one more representative to our rating of reliable and cheap crossovers in service - Pilot. This is the middle class car and the largest represented by this manufacturer. It is not surprising, therefore, that Pilot maintenance will also be higher, although it is at a minimum for machines of this class - MOTOR No. 1 - no more than 10,000, MOTOR No. 2 - no more than 13.

This car is equipped with a V6 engine on 3 liters with a capacity of 249 liters. with. and a 6-speed automatic transmission. The car has four-wheel drive, and its interior is designed for 8 seats. Especially for the Russian market at the Pilot was increased to 20 cm clearance and increased insulation.

When it comes to finding SUVs with a low price for future service, it is always a search for “in the unknown”, a search among conflicting characteristics. After all, if the SUV, then it is increased reliability and safety. So, firstly, the increased initial cost, secondly, the increased cost of spare parts, as a result, the third - the increased cost of repair.

But if we set ourselves the task of finding a car with an extremely low cost of maintenance, then the problem can be solved, this will, as always, help Russian developments, or “play” on the desire to capture the market by foreign manufacturers. In general, there are options, just need to carefully calculate everything.