Sample filling notification of accident

The number of cars on our roads is growing every day. Unfortunately, the number of accidents increases after this. Today, road accidents are so frequent that insurance and police officers simply do not have time to cope with the challenges. And all because even the smallest collision requires a full inventory and is subject to registration. That is why the system of self-registration of the accident participants was introduced. Now it is not necessary to call the traffic police, as it is possible to fill in a notice of an accident right on the spot. Therefore, every car owner is obliged to have such a document in his car.

Sample Filling Certificate of Accidents

Inspection of damage after a collision


  • 1 Features clearance accident without the participation of traffic police
  • 2 Filling starts from the outside.
  • 3 The second part of the form is the back side.
  • 4 Accident Notification: Fill Point Sample
  • 5 Cases in which you can issue a notice
  • 6 When multiple vehicle collisions occurred
  • 7 Why are there limitations?
  • 8. What are good notices and their filling without traffic police.
  • 9 When is it better to wait for traffic police

Features clearance accident without the participation of traffic police

Each driver will be useful information on how to properly fill out the accident notice. You can see the sample fill below. In order not to be mistaken in writing, you can even carry it along with the notice.

Notifications are provided by the insurance agency where the vehicle was insured. Issued together with the insurance policy in two copies. Or you can download them on the Internet. It is important to know that after filling in, the owner is obliged to transfer the form to the insurer within 15 days. The form itself consists of two sides. On the outside are indicated general information. On the inside - the detailed circumstances of the accident.

Filling starts from the outside.

It looks like a set of two dozen graphs. They are filled. In some you need to tick. In others enter information. Here are the following points:

  1. Place and date of the accident.
  2. number of injured / dead.
  3. Whether the examination was carried out on the state of intoxication.
  4. Material damage.
  5. Data about witnesses.
  6. Whether the registration was carried out by the traffic police officer.
  7. Items with data on the vehicle.
  8. Information about the insurer.
  9. Damage data.
  10. Remarks.
  11. The circumstances of the incident (plus a few sub-paragraphs).
  12. Signatures of drivers.

    The form of the notice of the accident

    Sample filling the back of the notice

The second part of the form is the back side.

It describes in detail the circumstances. For this provided lined area sheet. At the bottom are the notes to the design. The list of items is as follows:

  1. What kind of vehicle is described.
  2. A place to describe the circumstances.
  3. Indicating who was driving.
  4. Information about the other participants of the accident, if there are more than 2 of them.
  5. Information about damage to foreign property.
  6. Can the vehicle move under its own power?
  7. Note.

Accident Notification: Fill Point Sample

We draw your attention to some points on the front of the document:

  • at point 13 of the form, the place of the first strike should be specifically indicated, but not damage;
  • in paragraph 14 prescribed noticeable faults. It is necessary to clearly and briefly indicate all damages, including the slightest scratches and chips. To characterize the deformation site, you can: crack, scratch, dent, chip paintwork (LCI);
  • clause 15 “Remarks” indicates what was missing in paragraph 16, that is, if the other party disagrees with the data or there are unspecified circumstances of the incident;
  • Paragraph 16 states that you need to describe the maneuvering of your car and the circumstances leading to the accident.
  • Paragraph 17 is reserved for the scheme of the accident. Draw a picture of what happened and indicate the direction of movement of objects before and after the impact. Reflect fixed elements, traffic lights or road signs, if any. Enter the name of the street. Designate the places of falling parts flown away, braking and skid marks;
  • in paragraph 18 put the signature to confirm the absence of disagreement.

    How to fill in an accident notice

    Back Fill Instruction

Cases in which you can issue a notice

In fact, there are several serious restrictions on the design of forms yourself:

  • should not be affected in case of accident. Generally none, even if it is not the drivers or owners;
  • can participate no more than 2-3 x cars.
  • the amount of damage should be less than 50 thousand rubles for the regions, and less than 400 for Moscow and St. Petersburg;
  • all participants in the incident have a CTP policy (not expired).

When several vehicle collisions occurred

It is necessary to fill in the notice with the participant who was at the time of the collision from the front side, and then fill in another notice with the driver moving behind your car. If, due to a push from behind, you hit a moving vehicle in front, then in p.15 you need to specify it. It is worth remembering p.4where it is necessary to designate: car brand, personal data, series, policy number, place of residence, telephone, vehicle registration number, insurance name

Why are there limitations?

Many circumstances should be investigated only by competent persons. For example, in the case of victims, a medical examination is required. A number of incidents must be investigated by the police. They can be both administrative and criminal in nature.

Both parties must agree to self-design. Regardless of whether they consider themselves guilty or injured. Damage may incur a third party. For example, the city administration, if there is damage to the city property. For obvious reasons, to participate in the design she can not. Each party must have a valid insurance for the affected vehicle.

Fill in the accident notice

Self filling notice

What are good notices and their filling without traffic police

The first plus is obvious: you do not need to wait for anyone. I do not want to stand in the cold until the morning. Especially, if the consequences are scanty. For example, just a couple of scratches on the bumper. Even if there is more damage, and both sides have come to a common opinion, it makes no sense to wait for someone else. Immediately after registration, you can continue on your own transport.

Inaccuracies are permissible, but not too large. If the insurer does not understand something, he is obliged to ask questions to the presenters within 5 days. The information itself from both participants should not differ.

When is it better to wait for traffic police

Not always involved in the accident drivers agree with each other in the estimates. In this case, it is impossible to fill in the accident notification form correctly. Data will differ from each other. All controversial points will have to leave for the police. The insurer can help to eliminate the discrepancy in the estimates. Its representatives appeal to the scene of the accident and without traffic police officers. But again, have to wait some time.

Cases are different, sometimes one side can be misleading, so when filling in, you need to be confident in your assessment. Sometimes it prevents the stress of the experience. Or weather conditions. When the engine is not running in the winter to fill in the form will be difficult. And it is advisable to do this without errors, in order not to waste time on corrections.

There is another nuance that is not related to the process of filling the form. The insurer company needs time to sort out the situation. By they have 15 days for it. Accordingly, they can postpone the repair of the vehicle to this date. Employees check the data provided and update them with the client if necessary. Although the disadvantages of such forms seem to be weighty, in fact, self-completion still has more advantages.