Japanese announce new generation of suzuki jimny

Японцы анонсируют новое поколение Suzuki Jimny

Despite its size and not at all brutal appearance, usually characteristic of all-terrain models, compact Japanese crossover Suzuki Jimny is in great demand in many countries of the world, including Russia (meaning the period before the economic crisis, now demand has significantly subsided). Talks about the imminent release of this car in the new generation have been going on for a long time, and today the details that the car Internet portal Auto Express has shared are known.

According to the information published on this thematic resource new generation Suzuki Jimny will begin to massively go with production lines no earlier than two years. The new generation of the compact crossover will have the same frame structure as the previous generation. However, there are significant changes: if earlier Suzuki Jimmy had a 4x4 plug-in drive, then the new generation will be equipped with a permanent four-wheel drive with center differential.

Under the hood New Generation Suzuki Jimmy developers will use a 1.2-liter ninety-horsepower Dualjet or one-liter three-cylinder engine with a turbine, able to demonstrate the power of a herd of 111 heads. Current generation of compact crossover Suzuki Jimmy driven by a 1.3-liter 85-horsepower engine.

Японцы анонсируют новое поколение Suzuki Jimny

In the Russian dealerships today Suzuki Jimny sold at a price of 1 100 thousand rubles. We are talking about cars with mechanical transmission. If we talk about models with automatic transmission, then the prices for such configurations start from 1160 thousand rubles.

As mentioned above, the demand for these cars in our country, suffering from sanctions and the economic crisis, subsided noticeably. According to the logic of things, when the model is not bought up, the manufacturer removes it from sales. But with Suzuki Jimny this has not yet happened, despite the fact that over the past year, Russians have bought only 311 of these compact SUVs.

Японцы анонсируют новое поколение Suzuki Jimny

The concept of a new generation of Suzuki Jimny

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The fact is that for the Suzuki model Suzuki Jimny is fashionable. It was from her began selling car brand in our country. And to abandon it would be a “politically” not quite correct decision, although it is definitely dictated economically.